Friday, July 18, 2014

Park Run

Robert McCallum from Parkrun in the Studio. Parkrun is an international project organizing free, weekly 5km runs all around the world. These runs take place in parkland surroundings and people of every ability are encouraged to participate. No matter if you have just started running or have been running marathons for years, you can join. In South Africa there are now 32 locations to go park-run. And until now there have been 1641 events and more than 60.000 runners!
On the webpage you can find information about different events and how to sign up for one. Here you can also find a photo gallery and information about volunteering.
Because Parkrun has official sponsorship deals, its possible to make participation free. And the sponsors representatives can often be seen running as well.
If you want to start your own Parkrun in your community, that is also possible. If you have the drive and determination the organization can help you offering assistance and support.
Parkrun in Rondebosch will be held every Saturday at 8:00 at the Rondebosch common with start and finish at park road. There is no costs or – even better – no time limit! If you want to join or need more information you can contact Robert on 0836510464 or send an email to Or as I said before you can visit the webpage

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