Friday, October 31, 2008

Business Against Crime
Today on Backchat we were joined on the line by Dr Annelie Rabie from Business Against Crime Western Cape. Business Against Crime objective is to make South Africa a safer place in which to live and work in. For more information you may contact 021 592 5217 or visit their website at

Play and learn group
We also spoke to Ruwayda Hull from the UWC Community Rehab Project. They have established a new play and learn group and Ruwayda is the co-ordinator of this project. For more information you may contact 021 371 1707

Sisters Incorporated

We also spoke to Mishka from Sisters Incorporated. Sisters Incorporated is an organisation that offers a home for abused women and pregnant teenagers. For more information you may contact 021 797 4190 or visit their website at

Soil for Life

Our last interview for the day was with Des from Soil for Life. Soil for Life is based in the Mother City, and they teach people to grow their own food for the purpose of living a healthier life For more information you may contact 021 794 4982 or visit their website

Matric motivation from Ms Phumla Satyo.

Ms Satyo is the Director for the Further Education and Training Curriculum which includes the curricula for Grades 10 to 12 schools.

This is the first National Senior Certificate Examination based on the National Curriculum Statement.

45 696 candidates will be writing the Senior Certificate examination in the Western Cape. Some candidates have already written Foreign languages such as French, German and Arabic as well as Computer Applications Technology and Information Technology.

The majority of the learners will start their examinations on Monday, 3 November with English Home Language Paper 1 and English First Additional Language Paper 1.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Today on Backchat we were joined on the line by Benjamin from Zenzele Training Development.

Zenzele is a non-profit organisation based in Khayelitsha which provides training programmes using combinations of technical and business modules, for historically disadvantaged people in the Western Cape.
For more information on the organisation, you may contact 021 361 1840.

We also had an interview with Andreas Spath and Andreas spoke to us about Uncounted.

Uncounted is a feauture length documentary film about how Americans were cheated during the 2004 and 2006 elections and the documentary will be shown at the Labia on Orange cinema in Cape Town.

Tickets will cost you R20 and can be reserved by calling The Labia on 021 424 5927.
For more information on the documentary, visit

Monday, October 27, 2008

South African Education and Environment Project

Today on Backchat we were joined by Zandile and Isabelle from the South African Education and Environment Project(SAEP).
The SAEP started as an environmental education project at a school in Philippi but has now evolved to include more educational programmes around Cape Town. For more information you may contact 021 685 3431.

Resources Aimed at the Prevention of Child Abuse (RAPCAN)

We were also joined on the line by Moefeeda Salie-Kagee from Resources Aimed at the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (RAPCAN).
RAPCAN focuses its attention on the prevention of child abuse.
Their aim is to combat the pattern of abuse which affects the lives of children and adults everywhere. For more information you may contact the organisation on 021 712 2330

Trauma Centre for Survivors of Violence and Torture
Our last guest in studio was Miriam from the Trauma Centre for Survivors of Violence and Torture.
The Trauma Centre is a Cape Town based human rights organisation that heals survivors of violence and torture.
For more information you may contact 021 465 7373

Friday, October 24, 2008

Today on Backchat we were joined by Mareldia and Ursula from the Cape Flats Development Association (Cafda). Cafda is a non-profit organisation that provides different services to the Cape Flats communities. For more information you may contact 021 706 2050.

Three learners from Imperial Primary School joined us too. Kim Barnes, Lyle Jonas and Elrene Roelfse form a Hip Hop fitness group called Hot Shots. They’ve recently achieved honors at the South African Fitness Sport Aerobics Championships. They will be off to Dubna Russia soon and if anybody want to assist them with regards to funding, you may contact Denise Abrahams on 021 397 7748 or Imperial Primary School on 021 376 1105.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Today on Backchat we spoke to Rita from GETNET.
GETNET is a training institute that plays a dynamic role in transforming the relations between men and women and empowering women. For more information you can contact GETNET on 021 697 5355.

We were also joined in studio by Wezi from Abalimi bezekhaya.
Abalimi is an urban cultural and environmental action association operating in socio-economic neglected townships.
SEED (Schools Environmental Education and Development) is a sub-project of Abalimi and works at transforming learning environments through Permaculture.

SEED has grown out of the harsh Cape Flats Primary School Environment and is now rolling out a national programme that incorporates this school-based work.
For more information, you may contact the organisation on 021 371 1653

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Organ Donor Foundation

Today on Backchat we spoke to Philippa Douglas, the Executive Director of the Organ Donor Foundation.
The Organ Donor Foundation is a non-profit charity that addresses the shortage of organ donors in our country.
On Saturday, thousands of people around the world will take part in The World’s Biggest Walk, which will raise awareness for organ donation.
For more information you may contact the organisation on 021 426 0198
We also had a chat with Adriaan Gie.

Adriaan is the brainchild of is an online industrial auctioning platform which was launched this month., will introduce revolutionary new trading methods

We were also joined in studio by Pieter Van Dalen from Copperheads. Copperheads is the City of Cape Town’s metal-theft task team which investigates metal theft or syndicates. If you would like to contact Copperheads, dial 0800 22271

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gold Peer Education Development Agency

Today on Backchat we spoke to Ruche Jackson from Gold Peer Education Development Agency.
Gold Peer Education was formed to deal with the increasing incidents of HIV infections in youths. The organisation plays a key role in transforming under-served communities. For more information you may call Gold Peer Education Development Agency on
021 685 5038.

help2read-Edith and Alex

We were also joined in studio by Edith Sithole and Alex Moss from the help2read organisation.

The foundation helps children who find reading extremely difficulty.

This is an organisation that makes reading more fun for these kids.

For more information you may contact the organisation on 021 671 0824.

Project Phakama

We also had an interview with Caroline Calburn from Project Phakama.

Project Phakama is an international arts education exchange that creates site-specific theatre with young people.

There will be a Benefit performance of the award-winning play Karoo Moose.

Proceeds will go to the Theatre Arts Admin Collective, which is an initiative to make operating theatre companies more affordable and Project Phakama forms part of this initiative.

For donations or for more information, you may contact Vicky Stark on 082 786 4240 or visit the website at

Monday, October 20, 2008

Home of Hope- Richard Brooke

Today in Backchat we spoke had an interview with Richard Brooke, from Home of Hope in Table View.
The Home of Hope is a voluntary association that creates a much needed support system for the local social worker and a place of safety for children.

They provide places of safety for children who were abandoned in dustbins, violently abused, or raped.

For more information you may call Richard Brookes on 021 556 3573

Khayelitsha Youth Zone Festival
We also had an interview with Sebelo.

Sebelo is involved with Hip Hop and will inspire Festival goers at the Youth festival.

The Khayelistsha Youth Zone Festival takes place at the OR Tambo Hall on Friday 24 October till Sunday 26 October.

Festival goers will be spoilt for choice, with topics ranging from entrepreneurship to taking on the environment, speakers include NGO Ashoka – addressing festival-goers on ‘Becoming a Young Social Entrepreneur’ – and Angus Whitty speaking on making models from recycled plastic. For more information about the festival you may contact Sebelo on 073 212 1444 or for more information on the festival you may contact Greta Wilson on 083 497 7236

Friday, October 17, 2008

Rose Mpahlwa

We interviewed Rose Mpahlwa. Rose works at the Du Noon clinic. She does home visits to assess the social and health status of HIV patients awaiting anti-retroviral treatment. She also works with TB care and says she is grateful doing this work, as she always wanted to be a nurse. She also runs a support group for parents of HIV positive children. She says the biggest challenge surrounding HIV is the failure of people to disclose their status.

“If women disclose, men abuse, if men disclose, the women leave”

Rose says women were blessed when they are born because they produce children and are responsible for the home, the community and even the world.

For more information call 084 366 4139 or 072 576 7824

Shikaya – Education for Democracy

We interviewed Dylan Wray from Shikaya – Education for Democracy. Its mission is to affirm and support the crucial role of teachers and education in developing a society based on human rights, democracy, diversity and peace.

For more information call 021 461 4239

Sithi level3

We interviewed Mishkah from Sithi. Over 1 000 teenagers (14 - 18 years) over the last 11 years have benefited from the Sithi @ baxter programme with highly successful results.

For more information call 021 680 3964

Beyond Expectation Environmental Project

We had an interview with Sinethemba from Beyond Expectation Enviromental Project. Its mission is to champion the change, effect the change in communities and be the courage of hope to the youth in relation to environmental issues and social ills.

They wish to aide the youth that are trapped in an environment dominated by grinding poverty like drug and alcohol abuse, HIV and Aids etc. We also wish to provide the learners that we are working with us in the Food Garden Program with Knowledge, the Skills and the Practical ways of establishing the Food Garden, so that they could even grow their own food garden in their homes.

They also wish to champion the change in regards to HIV/Aids in our Communities and the young generation need to take a stand and fight this malicious killer of the nation. They realised that there was a need to help the learners in Primary Schools with the literature because there seems to be crisis in this regards. They also wish to help the vulnerable and orphans children and the children that are HIV infected and affected with the necessary support, which is why they have established Masimanyane Support Group.

For more information call 021 371 9110

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Betty Mathibela of Thibela Designs

We interviewed Betty Mathibela. Betty Mathibela is a Ndebele woman who lives in Du Noon, close to Cape Town in South Africa. She never went to school and is illiterate, but this beautiful woman is skilful in designing and making beadwork products. She teaches 20 women to do beadwork that she buys from them and then sells at the Waterfront. She also provides with food parcels.

For more information call 084 945 0319

Sony Fevapitch 5-a-side soccer tournament

We interviewed with Neil Tovey who will tell us about the Sony Fevapitch 5-a-side soccer tournament at the Athlone Stadium on 18 and 19 October.

For more information call 082 990 4345

Arepp Theatre for Life

We had an interview with Gordon Bilbrough from Arepp Theatre for Life. Its mission statement is>To produce travelling edutainment, theatre presentations in schools, providing interactive, social life-skills and self-efficacy education to school-going youth, to develop resilience and enable informed choice.

For more information call 021 447 8551

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Koinonia Welfare & Development Program

We interviewed with Gertruida Lapoorta from Koinonia Welfare & Development Program. Its mission is to empower the unemployed.

For more information call 021 906 0900

Shoebox Homes

We interviewed with Sam Adams from Shoebox Homes. Shoebox Homes specialises in providing affordable and innovative furniture and structural renovations to best utilise small, overcrowded spaces.

For more information call 021 447 1414


We had an interview with Khuthala Manakaza from Artykraal. Its mission statement is=

To be able to raise the required funds sufficient to buy the necessary tools and equipment for the homes
To provide a platform for artists to perform and be able to expand
To mobilize sectors of society to work together-business, individuals, academia and grass root organisations
To become an annual entity on whose platform artists, designers and brands would want to showcase their talents
To work extensively with charity organisations providing hope through arts initiatives
To create an atmosphere favourable for advertisers
To become a growing and influential organization and extend our brand reach and exposure into an annual eventTo invest in people, young people who are committed leaders standing for end of violence and crime

For more information call 082 797 6203

Sijongephambili Creche

We interviewed with Lizzie Mathiso from Sijongephambili Creche. Its main aim is to keep children in a safe environment and surroundings and to protect them rape, ill-treatment and abuse

For more information call 072 1485 092

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Youth Philanthropy Programme South Africa (YIPPSA

We had an interview with Samantha Castle and Africa Kashe from the Youth Philanthropy Programme South Africa (YIPPSA). YIPSSA was established by Inyathelo - The South African Institute for Advancement in 2006. Since its inception the programme has observed the impact that has been made on and by participating learners, particularly the outstanding contributions made to charity organizations in their local communities. With 9 schools on board, and with the involvement of at least 5 learners at each school, the potential to “Make a Difference” is enormous. In 2007, it was calculated that, the lives of more than 7 000 people were positively affected through the services offered by those organizations supported by these schools.

YIPPSA’s focus is to strengthen the tradition of giving at schools by establishing a YIPPSA Social Committee at each school. These committees play a fundamental role in cementing the tradition of giving at each school and serve to inspire and motivate fellow learners to activate their social responsibility by contributing to fund-raising efforts and volunteering time at community organizations.

For more information call 021 465 6981

Monday, October 13, 2008

Vrygrond Community Development Trust

We had an interview with Natalie Freeman, Berry Bougaard and Elizabeth Everson from Vrygrond Community Development Trust. Capricorn community learning centre is an institution that offers education to the youth and adults in our community. They teach people how to read and write and give them a chance to further their education.

for more information call 021 701 3693

25th Anniversary of UDF

We interviewed Monsoor Jaffa and Mrs Pandy from the United Democratic Front.

The United Democratic Front will celebrate its 25th annivesary in Wynberg Senior Secondary School on Wednesday October 15. Guest speakers will be WC Education MEC Yousuf Gabruand former UDF executive member. Music, poetry exhibitions and drama will tribute to the struggle generation.

For more information call 021 762 9400

College of Cape Town

We had an interview with Beverley Mole from Gardens Campus College of Cape Town. She will tell about the College of Cape Town.

For more information call 021 462 2053

Friday, October 10, 2008

Little Giants

We had an interview with Paul Sedres and Erin Clark from Little Giants. The Institute for Music and Indigenous Arts Development (IMAD) will host
*The **Little Giants* in their 2^nd annual showcase concert at St
Cyprians School in Gorge Road, Oranjezicht. Artists who will make guest
appearances are *Robbie Jansen, Alvin Dyers, Spencer Mbadu, Wayne Bosch,
Duke Ncqukana *and* George Werner*. Tickets to the event cost R60.

For more information call 083 390 4529

Xhosa Karoo Moose

We had an interview with Chuma Sopotela who will be performing at the Xhosa Karoo Moose. Lara Foot Newton and the cast of Karoo Moose formed a company called Masambe. One of the first projects that they are undertaking is translating the original award winning script of Karoo Moose into Xhosa and touring communities and schools in townships, who would normally not have the opportunity to go to the theatre.

We are not charging the communities or the schools anything to do this tour, as we know that most of the community members are not able to afford going to theatre and seeing award winning shows.

This way the community and school children get to see this acclaimed production in their mother tongue!!!! For Free!!!!

Places that we will be touring include Red Hill in Simon's Town, Kayamandi, Paarl, Kraaifontein, Masiphumelele amongst others.

For more information call 021 447 3683

The Marion Institute

We interviewed Dorin Van Wyk from The Marion Institute's aim is capacity building in the new democratic South Africa.Our vision is to play an important role in nation building.Promoting programmes that seeks to integrate the community it serves, providing a safe, affordable and accessible environment for the community it serves.

Encouraging and empowering community participation in the management and activities of the center. Offering programmes that will facilitate the skills and confidence of users to participate in the affairs of the Institute (center) and the community.

Enhance active participation of South African youth in the mainstream economy by providing skills training. Our purpose is to provide the youth with a new sense of hope self-exertion, self reliant, and enthusiasm, developing young people into contributors and beneficiaries of a democratic Society by engaging other roll-players to achieve our objectives.

For more information call 021 461 6208

Kids of Mature

We had an interview with Petra Vandecasteele from Kids of Nature. The purpose of Kids of Nature is to guide people to become custodians of the Earth, by sensitizing adults and children to the beauty of our natural heritage. To build a generation of globally responsible decision makers. To boost African Renaissance, by paying tribute to the knowledge of the indigenous people who still live in harmony with nature.

For more information call 021 856 5683

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Ikamva Lisezandleni Zethu

We had an interview with Luyanda Kota from Ikamva Lisezandleni Zethu. IkamvaYouth believes in the equality of opportunities for all. It firmly believes in the transformation of social inequalities across South Africa and is particularly passionate about changing the educational disparities as this lays the foundations for persisting employment and income inequalities. The future is really in our hands.

For more information call 021 362 6799

Sports Coaches Outreach (SCORE)

We had an interview with Mpumelelo and Mandla from Sports Coaches Outreach (SCORE). To develop SCORE into a sustainable and professional organisation that can continue to build communities, by empowering people using sports and physical activity as a tool.

For more information call 021 461 0466

Think Twice

We had an interview with Grace Nkomo from Think Twice. Think Twice aims to envision and empower young people to make responsible decisions in the area of sex and relationships.

For more information call 021 762 2979

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Sonia Mzondwase Moyo Memorial Trust

We interviewed Joachim Pussen Tabengwa form Sonia Mzondwase Moyo Memorial Trust. Their mission is to serve the needs of different communities in urban and rural areas by providing socio-economic facilities and fixtures in order to uplift their standard of living.

For more information call 021 633 2276

Their address is
P.O Box 2114

Cape Town


Vibration School of Arts and Dance Classes.

We interviewed Cheslyn from Vibration School of the Arts. Vibration School of Arts is offering classes in freestyle and hip hop dance for youth from Mondays to Thursdays from 5pm to 6.30 pm at the New World Foundation in Grindal Avenue.

For more information call 021 701 1150

Cape Town Child Welfare’s training courses

We interviewed Penny Whitaker from Cape Town Child Welfare. The Cape Town Child Welfare offers arts and crafts training courses from Mondays to Thursdays at their head office in Gatesville from 9am to 2pm. Training includes candle making, soap and bath salt making, basket weaving, sewing and decoupage. After completing the course participants will be equipped to make these items from home for selling on flea markets or as gifts for friends and family.

For more information call 021 638 3127

Animal Rescue Organisation

We had an interview with Karen De Klerk from Animal Rescue Organisation. their misssion is to relieve the suffering of animals and provide Primary Health Care, Sterilisation and Education services to indigent and poverty stricken communities.

For more information call 021 396 5511

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Community Carnival brought to you by Prison Men’s Group

We had an interview with Peter Roman from Prison Men’s Group. The Prison Men’s Group of the Petra Life Centre in Rocklands will host a community carnival at Eiseleben Road Primary School in Rocklands on Friday October 10 and Saturday 11, with the theme, Save and protect our Youth. There will be stalls, bands and modeling shows.

For more information call 084 826 8993

Iliso Care Society

We had an interview with Vivian Zilo from Iliso Care Society. To take care and provide support to the victims and those affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Creating income generating programmes for the marginalised sectors of the community, especially women and youth and the formation and facilitation of support group for youth programmes and awareness about infectious disease.

For more information call 021 387 7423

Niall Mellon Townships Initiative

We had an interview with William De Villiers from Niall Mellon Townships Initiative. They want to support the family structure with the provision of decent homes and help to build sustainable communities. We aim to improve the quality of life for disadvantaged people living in the townships initially of South Africa by replacing shacks with low cost decent housing & providing community facilities including crèches. We aim to increase the spirit of volunteerism and philanthropy in South Africa and overseas through large scale volunteerism. Putting people in touch with poverty accelerates change.

For more information call 021 905 5551

Monday, October 06, 2008

Down Syndrome Western Cape Association

We had an interview with Esther Adams from Down Syndrome Western Cape Association. Parents with children diagnosed with children diagnosed with Down Syndrome and other intellectual disabilities, are invited to become part of the Down Syndrome Western Cape Association outreach programme. The programme provides social and emotional support to parents with children with intellectual disabilities.

For more information call 021 919 8533

Christina Scott

We had interview with Christina Scott who is an author. Christina Scott believes that preventing illness is far better than recovering from it, which is the theme of her new book, Staying Healthy, “the anchor’ of a series of health books for children, which she spent most of the year researching.

For more information call 021 689 6337

Sikho Sonke Youth Development

We had an interview with Moqseen Jacobson from Sikho Sonke Youth Development. Sikho Sonke has an unemployment registration desk for unemployed people. Anyone who has experience but no papers in the following fields: welding, electrical, carpentry, bricklaying construction can apply. People with a Grade 10 certificate can also apply for carpentry learnerships. Registration can be done at the office at Unit 1 and 2, Spes Bona Building, Harmony Square, Town Centre at a cost R10 each.

For more information call 021 391 7414

Friends of Vista Nova

We had an interview with Sandy from Friends of Vista Nova. The purpose of Friends of Vista Nova is to raise the necessary funds for the effective operation and maintenance of Vista Nova School. The organisation undertakes Corporate Social Investment fundraising drives, special events and mail appeals to raise the necessary funds needed for the school.

For more information call 021 689 4700

Friday, October 03, 2008

Michelle Batchelder’s art work

We had an interview with Michelle Batchelder who is an artist.Her new studio is at Tableview and she also offers weekly creative art classes.

For more information call Greta Wilson on
083 491 7236

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Ikhwezi Theatre Festival

We interviewed Ntombesizwe from Ikhwezi Productions. Ntombesizwe told us about the importance of one's heritage. She also told about the Ikhwezi Theatre Festival and the plays that will take place during the festival.

For more information 021 680 3980 or email her on

Zenzele Training and Development increasing unemployment opportunities in most disadvantaged communities

We interviewed Benjamin Ino fromZenzele Training and Development. Zenzele exists to increase the employment opportunities of disadvantaged South Africans living in the most underdeveloped and poverty stricken communities in the Western Cape. The organisation seeks to assist individuals and potential entrepreneurs in improving their employability and entrepreneurial sophistication, by unlocking and developing their God given potential. This is accomplished via an economic empowerment programme focused on self-help and aimed ultimately at making people self-sufficient.

For more information call
021 361 1840

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Jungle Theatre Company giving us insight about the play "Whale Show"

We had an interview with Lorraine from Jungle Theatre Company.Its aim is to provide accessible, educational, innovative and interactive theatrical events that address environmental and social issues and to support groups with the skills to create their own theatre events that deal with relevant issues. It also pledges to work in collaboration with other organisations that deal mainly with environmental and social issues.

For more information call
021 788 5641

NOAH caring for senior citizens

We interviewed
Dee from NOAH, a programme of Catholic Welfare Development. NOAH provides an integrated package of care for needy older people in the Western Cape with safe and affordable accommodation in the community, primary health care, advice and support, social clubs, centres and activities. Through our work we help older people to feel secure and happy, stay connected to their communities, retain their dignity and independence and remain healthy and active for as long as possible. NOAH is community-based and focused on individual needs. It is not an institution or frail care facility.

For more information call 021 447 6334

Sive Nathi home for physically and mentally disabled children.

We interviewed Gideon Dapula from Sive Nathi. To establish, maintain and conduct a homely environment for children with profound and severe intellectual and or physical disabilities irrespective of race, colour or creed. Only children between the age of one year and eighteen years old will be accommodated after the required reports are submitted. Each child has to be in need of care.

For more information call 021 905 6048

Animal Lovers set to fight draconian bylaw plan

We interviewed Clifton Roux from City Wide Forum. Today on the Cape Argus we saw an article written as “Animal Lovers set to fight draconian bylaw plan”. Animal lovers and welfare organisations are preparing to mount a legal challenge to proposed amendments to the City of Cape Town’s animal bylaws that will limit households to two dogs or two cats each.

For more information call 021 671 0238