Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bebson de la Rue and his band Tyronix

We had an interview with Bebson de la Rue and his band Tyronix who are all from Kinshasa underground poetry in the Democratic Republic of Congo. They also gave us a taste of their performance. These demonstrated their creativity by using whips and musical instruments.

Sportright empowering disadvantaged youth to play rugby.

We had an
interview with Pierre Kruger from Sportright. Sportright is a non-profit organisation which an initiative of young Stellenbosch sportsmen, Pierre Kruger and Hendrik Moller, a sport scientist. They decided to do something which would truly empower the disadvantaged youth, particularly those who attend school in poorer areas where there are few, if any, opportunities to play rugby

For more information call Pierre on
072 210 9593

Monday, September 29, 2008

Congolese Development Association Non Profit Organisation

We interviewed Kabemba M Bin Ngulu from Congolese Development Association Non Profit Organisation. The Congolese Development Association is striving towards promoting and support the civil society in working with the South Africa communities to make all the basic commodities by the people in the DRC. In fulfilling this mission, the Congolese Development Association is striving to build with SA communities a framework on future collaboration in skill development and training, food processing, medication, agriculture, engineering and mining.

For more information please call Kabemba
073 865 5504

Seatla Non-profitable Organisation helping immigrants

We had an interview with Lebo Setshoge from Seatla Non-profitable Organisation. Its vision is to improve the standard of living of African immigrants and tackle the issue of xenophobia among local citizens through campaigns in the areas they reside.

For more information call Lebo on 083 997 9922

Moira Henderson House – Haven night Shelter

We had an interview with Richard Mgoza from Moira Henderson House – Haven night Shelter. The organisation's basic aim is to provide shelter, support, care for the homeless and assistance to get them back to society (to live normal independent lives) as soon as possible. We try to help reduce the number of people leaving on the streets by providing shelter, counselling / guidance, support, skills training, job placements(through networking with other NGO's, recruitment agencies, etc

For more information call 021 461 2533

Friday, September 26, 2008

Lopes teaching Langa children Capoeira

We interviewed Marcio “Beleza” Lopes who is a Capoeira teacher. Capoeira) is a folk art that ritualizes movement from martial arts, games, and dance. It emerged in Brazil some time after the 16th century in the regions known as Bahia, Pernambuco, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, and São Paulo. Participants form a roda or (circle) and take turns either playing musical instruments (such as the Berimbau), singing, or ritually sparring in pairs in the center of the circle. The game is marked by fluid acrobatic play, feints, and extensive use of groundwork, including sweeps, kicks, and head butts. Less frequently used techniques include elbow-strikes, slaps, punches, and body throws. Its origins and purpose are a matter of heated debate, with the spectrum of argument ranging from views of Capoeira as a uniquely Brazilian folk dance to claims that it is a battle-ready fighting form directly descended from ancient African technique.

Lopes is a Capoeira teacher who teaches children capoeira from Langa at the Love Life Centre. Lopes towers over his nine year old students as he starts with fun warm ups that nonetheless require stamina.

For more information call 083 506 6026

Thokozani Brothers

We interviewed Mhlangabezi Masizana from Thokozani Brothers. Our Mission is to care for the youth and children at risk, to care for the youth, to develop our youth emotionally and spiritually, to protect children and the elderly from criminals and abuse.

We want to have a fully equipped centre in order to empower our youth in a happy and comfortable environment and having them ready and prepared for their years ahead. Being role models as well for poorest communities and taking care of orphans and vulnerable children, especially those who are HIV infected

For more information call 021 361 8916

Bontheuwel Community News

We interviewed Patrick Rudolph from Bontheuwel Community News. Bonteheuwel News, as a grassroots publication, aims to build a reading culture, a participative community, a more caring and tolerate society, but above all, to build a newspaper that reflects the needs of all South Africans. Bonteheuwel News aims to help to alter the communication environment in a way that builds infrastructure and foster the emergence of media reflecting the experiences and perspectives of the previously marginalized.

For more information 021 695 3782

Thursday, September 25, 2008


We interviewed Nicolette Moses and Duncan Buwalda. Duncan Buwalda who is part of the play “Hinterland”. Hinterland is an historic comedy-drama about two South African icons: Legendary colonialist Cecil John Rhodes, and ANC founding father Sol Plaatje. Did the pair meet when besieged in Kimberley during the Boer War and, after initial misgivings, form a bond of friendship? A touching, bittersweet look at South African past, and present.

The play Hinterland will be on the Baxter Theatre Centre on the 28th of September 2008

Tickets : R30
Book through Computicket

For more information call
021 680 3960

Schools drama festival and Rhodes high and the part they took in the awards.

We had an interview with Trevor Engel who is a drama-teacher . Trevor was accompanied by his scholars, Sandisiwe Mdledle, Luthando Mzilikazi, Mlindi Kulashe and Heather Makonjwa. They are from
Rhodes high school in Mowbray.Rhodes high is one of the schools that took part in the schools drama festival. As the festival was dominated by Khayelitsha learners who won numerous awards, Rhodes high did not fail to shine. Mr Engel and his scholars told us about the festival and his school’s part in it.

Community Plough Back Movement

We had an interview with Professor Nomvula Mtetwa who is from
Community Plough Back Movement. Its vision is to promote and co-ordinate active citizenship through the development of learning communities.

For more information call 021 638 0484

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

South African Mobile Library Association

We had an interview with Mongezi Tamane from South African Mobile Library Association. Tamane told us about the new projects that SAMLA was setting up.

The Manenberg People's Centre

We interviewed Fizi from The Manenberg People's Centre. The centre is a three story face brick building which stands at the centre of the community and is situated within walking distance. It is easily accessible to all the people of Manenberg who want to access different services the centre has to offer.

So Fizi told us more about the centre.

You can find it at 2A Scheldt Road Manenberg
Cape Town
South Africa

More about Freewheelers Cycling Club

We had an interview with Trevor Knowlden from Freewheelers Cycling Club. Their main objective is to improve the quality of cycling in a previously disadvantage area which was not exposed to the sport of cycling in the past. We do not only to promote cycling but also fitness and sense of achievement in the community. We try to persuade disadvantage talented youth to move away from crime and substance abuse and encourage them to participate in a sport or to consider professional cycling as a career. We believe that this would improve the quality of cycling and life in our community.

For more information call 021 713 3634

More about “City at Peace-Cape Town

We had an interview with Luvuyo from City at Peace-Cape Town. City at Peace is a youth development organisation that uses the performing arts to teach a diverse group of young people about cross-cultural understanding, non-violent conflict resolution and leadership for social change.

For more information call
021 465 0408

Monday, September 22, 2008

Oxygen health of the Nation

We had an interview with Brad Bing from Sporting Chance. Bradley will be talking about the Oxygen health of the Nation, which is the 50 hour sport challenge in Cape Town. The event started on the 19th of September and participants will keep a ball in motion for an uninterrupted 50 hours, the aim being to highlight the importance of physical activity in children’s lives.

For more information call Brad Bing on
021 789 2539 or 082 479 2916

Thabo Mbeki’s resignation and what can one expect?

We had an interview with Professor Zwelethu Jolobe who is a political analyst from the University of Cape Town. As we all know our President Thabo Mbeki has resigned as the country’s President. Some describe the weekend we just passed as one of the mot turbulent in South Africa’s political history.

So Professor spoke about the resignation and what can South Africans expect in the future.

Friday, September 19, 2008

More about the album “Guilty”

We had and interview with Frankie T who is a musician. Frankie T will tell us more about his album “Guilty”. We also played some of the tracks from the album.

for more information about the album call 073 5465 806

Communities respond well to Tutu tester

We interviewed Nienke Van Schaik from the Desmond Tutu HIV/AIDS Foundation. For the past three months, the Tutu Tester a mobile clinic that travels to informal settlements in the
Western Cape, offering free health tests.

For more information call
021 650 6050 or 021 650 6966 or on Nienke's cell 071 685 3417
or email the Tutu Tester at

Protest against arms fair and nuclear vessel visit

We had an interview with Neil Marthys from Earthlife Africa. On the 20th of September the Anti-Coalition will calls for a mass protest outside the Arms Fair being held at the Ysterplaat Military Base.

For more information call Shaheed Mohamed Chairperson of AntiWar Coalition on
082 2020617 or Keenan Cairns on 076 387 0620

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Homesick South Africa fighting for suffering children.

We had an interviewwith Andreas Ebert who is the director of Homesick South Africa. Andreas will be accompanied by the CEO Cecil Beukes and volunteer Martin Boller all from Homesick South Africa. This is the question that has been raised repeatedly to us. There are already so many internationally active children’s funds.

As a matter of fact one can be satisfied to support one of those existing funds. However it does make a tremendous difference if one is fully committed to actively giving aid. Many of our sponsors and god parents are,
of millions of advertisement campaigns of all other aid organisations, for the first time financially or personally fighting for children suffering children. This proves that the personal contact can often achieve more than glossy brochures, big banners and expansive TV commercials.

For more information call 021 6866 200

Education for Africa

We interviewed Angie from Education for Africa. Education for Africa community learning centre is running a programme for learners, aged 15 and older, who would like to complete grades 9, 10, 11 or 12 or who wish to improve their matric results

For more information call Angie on 078 372 0078 or 021 692 4294 or Elizabeth on 084 302 1658

Selfhelp Mananberg's Business Support Project

We interviewed Theo Motto from Self Help Manenberg. Selfhelp Maneneberg is an independent Non-Profit Organisation. Selfhelp Manenberg has various programmes that help people further their studies and improve their Maths and English skills.

Its Central Programmes co-ordinates and provides leadership, management information, a research function and administration. The program aims are that the organisation is networked, well led, accurately informed and fully accountable. Their success is measured by their relevance, effectiveness and sustainability.

Its vision is a Manenberg that is a sustainable, peaceful, healthy and prosperous suburb of Cape Town. Today Theo told us about one of their projects "The Business Support Project"

for more information call 021 691 5924/5

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The transitional government in Zimbabwe

We interviewed Professor Zwelethu Jolobe who is a political analyst from the University of Cape Town. He will give us an insight about the current situation, power sharing talks and the deal which was reached stating Robert Mugabe a president of Zimbabwe with oposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai as prime minister of Zimbabwe. Thus forming a transitional government.

Student Constables needed in Grassy Park

We had an interview with Captain Sharon Lewis and Captain Booysen from the Grassy Park police service. The Grassy Park Police are looking for new student constables to join the in the fight against crime. Requirements are that you need to be between the ages of 18 to 29 years old, must have a senior certificate, a valid driver’s licence and no criminal record.Form more information contact Captain Sharon Lewis on 082 411 3120 or 021 700 3923 or Inspector Rachelle van Staden on 021 700 3909. You can also visit the station to fill out an application form. closing date for applications is Tuesday September 30.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Follow up on the imbizo

We had an interview with Woodstock police station spokesperson Hilton Malila. On the 12 of August there was an imbizo where Sergeant Malila attended with the community of Woodstock. The imbizo was about community and police to work together when fighting crime and the police’s service delivery concerns.

For more information call 021 442 3151 or 082 778 7344

“Street People” using football in moving off the streets to better lives.

We had an interview interview with Mark Williams who is the Vice President of Western Cape Street Soccer League. The WCSSL aims to use football as a means of involving adults and children that live, work and sleep on the streets (generally referred to as Street People), and children at risk (children who’s personal, social, economic and health circumstances make then vulnerable to a life on the streets), in positive activities that will assist them in moving off the streets to better lives.

For more information call 021 425 4420 or call the president of WCSSL David Abrahams on 083 640 6488

Friday, September 05, 2008

We had an interview with Azraa Darwood from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of South Africa. The Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa (HSFSA) is looking for kind hearted volunteers to assist various administration duties. The foundation is the non-profit health organisation established to reduce incidence of heart disease and stroke in South Africa

For more information call 021 447 4222

More insight on the Chrysalis Academy

WE had an interview with Nomfundo Matross from the Chrysalis Academy .ts aim is to contribute to youth development by developing social consciousness, values and attitudes, in young people, enabling them to achieve personal growth by providing them, through training, with knowledge and skills, to gain economic, moral and spiritual empowerment.

For more information call 021 712 1023

Under my skin exhibition and seven month experience in Sudan

We had an interview with Yazeed Kamaldien from Sudan Under My Skin Exhibition. “Sudan Under my Skin” is a photo exhibition comprising 35 images encapsulating the recent seven-month experience of Cape Town-based journalist and photographer Yazeed Kamaldien. Please note that this exhibition is also part of the official Cape Town month of photography which opens on October 2 2008

For more information call Yazeed on 082 682 2438

Thursday, September 04, 2008

More insight about Biblionef South Africa.

We had an interview with
Jean Williams from Biblionef South Africa. The mission of Biblionef is to provide the world’s neediest and most isolated children with books. Biblionef wishes to provide these youngsters with appropriate new books, not only to learn and to develop but also to enjoy.
For more information call
021 531 0447

Developing leadership and personal mastery through outdoor and wilderness based experimental training

We had an interview with Duncan Souchon from Educo Africa. Its mission is to develop leadership and personal mastery through outdoor- and wilderness-based experiential learning. Rooted in a belief in the therapeutic power of wilderness, the rich value of dialogue, deep reflection, and rites of passage methodology, Educo creates an enabling environment for people to grow, develop, heal, to enhance our relationship with self, with others and with the natural world.
Educo is a dynamic learning organisation that facilitates the healing, empowerment, training and development of people. We encourage deep personal transformation towards social change, a valuing of diversity and respect for the natural environment. Experiential learning, adventure-based activities, and developmental practice principles form the foundation of our programmes.

For more information call 021 761 8939

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

More details about the debate

We had an interview with Professor Andries du Toit who is a senior researcher from the University of the Western Cape. He is going to tell us about the public debate on the food crisis, land reform and Agriculture. This public debate was the first of a series of events hosted by PLAAS and Amandla about the future of farming in South Africa and Launch of a Status report on Land Reform in South Africa. This debate took place on the 27th of August 2008.

For more information 021 959 3755

Monday, September 01, 2008

: More insight about the Learning Cape Festival

We had an interview with Beverly Barry, CEO of Learning Cape. The month-long Learning Cape Festival’s run till September 8 includes careers exhibitions and workshops in Manenberg on Sat August 30 and in Khayelitsha on Sat September 6; Spring School 2008’s offering of a range of creative and cutting edge courses at UCT; FET College Open Day at all WC Colleges on September 6, following their month of free career assessment and guidance; a five-day series of free lunchtime debates at UCT, hosted by WC civil society organisations; with a major “wrap” event on the fifth day and much more.

For more information call 021 422 023 or 073 200 3868

WLC empowering black women

Interview with Noluthando Ntlokwana from Women’s Legal centre. The Centre has a vision of women in South Africa, free from violence, empowered to ensure their own reproductive and health rights, free to own their own share of property, having a safe place to stay and empowered to work in a safe and equal environment.

The Centre seeks to achieve equality for women, particularly Black women, through litigation. Where we have made gains, we will publicise those though advocacy and training.

for more information call 021 4211 380

The difference SASHA makes in animal’s lives

We had an interview with Dr Yvonne Robinson from Sunnydale Animal Sterilisation and Health Association. Its mission is to sterilise as many animals as possible, to reduce the misery caused by uncontrolled breeding in disadvantaged communities. Less animals born means less animals entering rescue shelters so fewer competing for the good homes available, and perhaps less crowded shelters.

for more information call 021 785 4748