Thursday, February 28, 2008

Backchat 28 February 2008


We kicked off today's jampacked show chatting with Patrick Downing from the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa(WESSA)

Patrick explains that the society aims to promote public participation in caring for the Earth. They wish to contribute to conserving the Earth's vitality and diversity by:
-promoting sound environmental values and sustainable living
-integrating conservation and development
-encouraging individual and community action
-securing the protection and wise use of natural resources to name a few.

They ran programmes such as Blue Flag Beaches in the Western Cape, the Keysers River Restoration Project, Environmental Impact Assessments and Monitoring.

For more information on the Wildlife and Environmental Society of South Africa contact 021 701 1397 or visit


We were then joined by Dini Sobukwe the son of apartheid activist Robert Sobukwe discussing the Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe Trust which will be launched in Graaf Reinet on the 1st of March 2008.

Robert Sobukwe was born and grew up in Graaf Reinet. The Trust thought it befitting of his memory that the launch of the Trust be held in the uMasizakhe Methodist Church where he attended his formative school years and worshipped.

The event will provide an opportunity to introduce the Trust and restore to the community Sobukwe's life and legacy.


We were then joined by Madam Mayor of Cape Town Helen Zille.

Issues around Cape Town, such as zenophobia and the street renaming process was discussed. Madam Mayor elaborated that the problems surrounding drugs is rife in the City and the community of Cape Town should stand together in the fight against drugs, to make Cape Town a better and safer place for all.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008



Today we were joined by SAEP: South African Education and Environment Project discussing their work in the communities of Philippi, Samora Machel and Nyanga East.

Jane Kalayna and her students were in the studio today. The students were two former students in their gap year project and two currently in the project.

They explain that their gap year project are meant for township high school graduates only. They aim to devote their time doing community service at high schools such as Sinethemba high school, and they give back the skills what they have learnt at SAEP to the community.

For more information on the South African Education and Environment Project please contact 021 685 3282.


Major Carin Holmes then joined us from the Salvation Army today. The army will be celebrating their 125th year of existence in Southern Africa with celebrations for the up and coming year.

The Salvation Army which was founded by General William Booth in 1865 and in his lifetime established armies in 58 different countries.

The celebrations of the 125th year anniversary kicks off on Sunday the 2nd of March 2008 at the V&A Waterfront on the exact spot where the Salvation Army pioneers first set foot in Africa in 1908.

For more information on the Salvation Army contact 011 718 6745.


We were then joined by Brian February form Scouting South Africa discussing scouts.
The scouts are celebrating their centenary in Southern Africa this year.

According to February the scouts are found nationwide ans well as internationally.

They have recently changed their emblem and branding.
For more information on Scouting South Africa contact 021 683 3910

Monday, February 25, 2008

Backchat 25 February 2008

Today's show kicked off with a chat to Jack Mahoney from The Ark City of Refuge.
Mahoney explains that the The Ark City of Refuge opened its doors in 1992 in response to the extremely high rate of homelessness and unemployment in the Western Cape.

Over the years about 35000 people have walked through the gates of The Ark City of Refuge.

Among the people that attends The Ark City of Refuge are street children, the desitute and abused, the terminally ill, drug addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes, HIV/AIDS sufferers and abandoned senior citizens.

For more information on the The Ark City of Refuge contact 021 8433927


The vibrant musician Leslie Kleinsmith then joined us in studio.Kleinsmith who has been involved in South African Cabaret and on the Jazz scene for almost fourty years will be participating in the Cape Town International Jazz Festival.

It will be the first time that Kleinsmith will be performing in the Cape Town International Jazz Festival and will share the stage with other music legends such as brazillian Sergio Mendes, Jimmy Dludlu, Zola and Wanda Baloyi.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Backchat 22 February 2008


We kicked off todays show chatting with Nigel Britz from the Strandfontein Sports and Recreational Council.

He explains that in Strandfontein sport is used as a means of bringing the country together, he elaborates that many sports are offered by the Strandfontein Council such as cricket, soccer, netball and softball.

They will have the annual "Tournament By The Sea" at the end of March and this year the Strandfontein u/19 team will contest in the Metropolitan Premier Cup better known as the Bayhill Cup at Erica Park, Belhar.

For more information on the Strandfontein Sport and Recreational Council contact 021 959 3643

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Backchat 21 February 2008


We started off today's chatting with Charles Maisel from Black Umbrellas.

He explains that Black Umbrellas is an organisation that has designed a Small Micro Medium Enterprise(SMME) model that counters the common problems faced by Small Micro Medium Enterprise's.

It's believed that there is a 90% failure rate for small enterprises and has one of the lowest levels of entrepeneurial activity in the world.

Black Umbrella's works with each individual Small Micro Medium Enterprise on financial targets and provides continuous mentoring with regular job training.

For more information on Black Umbrellas contact 021 448 9000


Then Nkosikhulule Nyembezi from Black Sash Trustjoined us discussing the 2008 Budget speech.
He explains that Black Sash works to empower marginalized communities and individuals to speak for themselves in order to effect change in their social and economic circumstances.

They have expressed their disappointements in the Treasury, saying that the Finance Minister Trevor Manuel failed to extend the Child Support Grant to 15.

For more information on Black Sash Trust contact021 461 5607 or visit

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Backchat 20 February 2008


Today backchat had a live feed from parliament, where we brought you the 2008 budget speech by Finance Minister Trevor Manuel.
We were then joined by professor Lieb Loots an economist from the University of the Western Cape. According to Loots the budget speech was not very different to previous budget speeches but seems that South Africa's economy is heading in the right direction.

A few useful things to mention from the 2008 budget speech is that steps to extend social security will take place, such as:

-maximum values of the disability and old-age grants will increase by R70 permonth from R870 to R940 in April 2008
-the child support grant will increase by R10 in April this year and then by a further R10 in October, taking it to up R220 per month.
-foster care grants will grow from R620 to R650 per month.


-cigarettes increases by 66 cents a pack of 20.
- a litre wine goes up 12 cents
-spirits increases by R2.17


And on a brighter note WE the BACKCHAT FAMILY would love to send our appreciation to Dietrich Weber from the Netherlands who tunes into our show via the internet and enjoys our programmes. We gladly appreciate it.
Keep listening

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Backchat 19 January 2008


Today we were joined by Chris Smith from the Cape Youth CAre.
He explains that the Cape Youth Care is an organisation that is community based which focusses on the upliftment of disadvantaged children and their families.
Smith heads the Cape Youth Care and has more than twenty years of experience in childcare.

Their mission is to design and facilitate programmes which will make significant differences in the lives of children , their families and the communities in which they live.

For more information on the Cape Youth Care please contact 021 531 6524 or visit their website at


We then spoke leopards with Quinton Martins the project manager of the Cape Leopard Trust.
The Cape Leopard Trust is a board of trustees, which includes scientists and conservationists. Their work involves several research projects involving leopards in the Cape and the rest of South Africa.

The trust aims to optimally facilitate diversity through simultaneously implementing conservation strategies, research projects and tourism activities.

For more information on the Cape Leopard Trust contact 027 482 2818

Monday, February 18, 2008

Backchat 18 February 2008


We started off today's show talking to Ria Grant the director of the TB Care Association. She explains the association is an support group offering advice and counselling to those affected by tubercolosis.

She explains the the rate of TB is extremely high in the Western Cape and children are affected by it hugely. They have groups helping in schools and in prisons.

If you are affected with TB or want more information about TB contact the TB Care Association on 021 692 3027


We were then joined by McCoy Mrubata the jazz great.

Mrubata was born in Langa in the Western Cape and has shared the stage with many jazz greats ranging from Hugh Masekela to Jimmy Dludlu.
After being hugely influenced by music legends Mrubata re-located to Gauteng where he still resides today.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Backchat 15 February 2008


Today we started the show chatting to Adam Letch and Sue Williamson who are both artsists involved in the Spier Contemporary Festival.

Adam who was born in England studied graphic design at Cape Technikon and completed his studies at the University of the Western Cape.

Sue Williamson was born in 1941 and is currently a practising artist and writer that based in Cape Town. She is a trained printmaker and works in photography and mixed media. She's currently a Artist Research Fellow at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington.

If you would like to see their art and oh those involved in the Spier Contemporary Festival visit the Spier Estate in Stellenbosch

**Belhar Outreach Forum**

We then spoke to Veronica Smith from the Belhar Outreach Forum.

The Forum as she explains offers HIV, drug and nutritional counselling. They also have daily soup kitchens feeding +- 300 people daily. They generate income through a food garden and sewing.

They are currently in urgent need of kitchen utensils and goodies.

For more information contact 021 952 0665 or 079 3933119


We then chatted with the director of the Environmental Monitoring Group (EMG) Steve Law.
He explains that the EMG encourages the development of environmental policies, practices and actions that lead to a deeper, more human and more sustainable relationship with each other and the natural environment.

The aim to disseminate information, analysis and alternative viewpoints into public domain
facilitate mutual learning, dialogue and effective action and demonstrate and share best-practice through building partnerships, facilitating action-research and promoting dialogue.

For more information contact 021 448 2881

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Backchat 14 February 2008

We kicked off today's show with psychologist Adrian Jacobson from the Family And Marriage Society.

Since it is the special day of valentine's day Jacobson said that the best thing we as civilians can do in this day and age is spread love.

FAMSA believes that the family is the nucleus of society, and when this weakens the stability of the entire community is negatively affected.

Their vision is to establish an healthy, functional family life, the mission is to empower people to build, reconstruct and maintain sound relationships in marriages, families and communities.

For more information of FAMSA please contact on 011 404 2480.


Pat Connelly the founder of the Metropolitan Cup then joined us.

The Metropolitan Cup will be in its 20th year this year and is the premier competition in the U19 age group in South Africa.

He explains that recognised players such as Benny McCarthy, Matther Booth and current Bafana Bafan captain were all part of the tournament at one stage.

The tournament is held annually over an easter weekend 19th to 24th March at the Erica Sports Fields in Belhar.

The 2007 defending champions are the Bright Stars, this year we will see teams from South Africa, England, Germany and Ghana battle out who will be crowned the premier U19 champions of 2008.


Adrian Adams the school teacher who has been in the media for the past two weeks then joined us in studio.

Adams and Khayelitsha resident Mrs Stamper have been in a row involving a house that he bought last year after Mrs Stamper lost the house due a divorce.

He explains that ever since his attempts to move into the house he's been racially abused by Khayelitsha residents who does not want to accept hime into the community.

The battle over the house continues.

(Mrs Nozibele Stamper was attempted several times to join in the discussion after agreeing to the interview, she declined later.)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Backchat 13 February 2008


We kicked off today's show chatting to Ri Steyn from the Darling Trust. Ri explains the Darling Trust was founded South African satirist who is best know for his on stage person Pieter -Dirk Uys.
The Trust is a charitable trust that assist communities in the Swartland communities by empowering individuals to help themselves, mainly through participation in the sectors of education, skills development and health.

For more information on the Darling Trust contact 022 492 3384


Dr Paul Carey from the Stellenbosch University psychiatric department joined us discussing the on-going situation with regards to teenage drinking in the province.

Accoring to media reports more than a third of pupils in the Western cape are binge drinking, some being as young as ten.

Dr Carey says that there are many factors involved with teenage drinking such as socio and economic problems

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Backchat 12 February 2008

##United Sanctuary Against Abuse**

We kicked off todays show chatting to Leetan Donkerman from the United Sanctuary Against Abuse. He explains that the organisation was started by a group of factory workers at a time when domestic violence was considered a domestic issue which did not warrant police involvement.

Their members were encouraged to educate themselves around laws pertaining to Human Rights.

For more information on the organisation contact 021 572 8662


We were then joined by Mama Zelphina Maposela from the Emasithandane Children's Project. She explains that theEmasi Project is a home for orphaned and other vulnerable children in Nyanga, which is one of the poorer townships in Cape Town.

Mama Maposela aims to give those at her project a safe home.
Emasi has grown to more than 25 orphaned children and needs your help with donations.

For more information on the Emasithandane Children's Project contact 021 386 8194.


We were then joined in the latter half of the show by Lynette Jeftha from the Friends Day Centre.
She explains that the intellectually disabled learners need special care in order to develop to their maximum potential.
She highlights that having an intellectually disabled child in the home places a lot of strain on a family and therefore Friends Day Centre offer relief and support by ensuring that the affected child has a daily routine, out of the house, making matters easier for the family.

For more information contact 021 5115801

Monday, February 11, 2008


We kicked off today's show chatting to Bukelya and Sharon from the Aliance for Children's Entitlement to Social Security (ACESS).

They explain their the organisation is creates an alliance with almost 1200 children's sector organisations. Their members share a commitment realising a comprehensive, efficient and effective social security system in South Africa which is accessible to all poor children ensuring their socio-economic rights as guaranteed in the South African constitution.

Their members range across all nine provinces rural, urban, small or large

For more information on ACESS contact 021 761 0117

**The Trauma Centre for Survivors of Violence and Torture (TCSVT) **

Sarah Brown frm TCSVT then joined us explaining to us that their organisation aims to provide, informed, accessible, preventative and curative mental health services to individuals, communities and systems affected by violence.

They offer:
-Information and Advocacy
-Networking and Funding

For more information on the Trauma Centre for Survivors of Violence and Torture contact 021 465 7373 or visit


In the latter half of the show Nodiswa Bolina from the PASCap then joined us.

According to Nodiswa The Partners with After School Care Projects is a development organisation and a training provider aimed at strengthening the capacitiesof high poverty profile communities to address socio-economic and spatial equalities.

The development projects consist of:
-Urban regeneration
-Masikhule Sikhuselane
-HIV/AIDS Community Awareness
-Youth Substance Dependence Prevention
-HIV/AIDS Youth Educators Project
-Project Nonkqubela and
-Youth at Risk

For more information on the Partners with After School Care Projects contact 021 713 0754 or visit


Friday, February 08, 2008

Backchat 8 February 2008


We kicked off today's show chatting to award winning film director and producer Anant Singh.
Singh is the chairman of the new Dreamworld Film City which will be built in Faure on the outskirts of Cape Town, making the film industry of Cape Town more reliable and better equipped.

The studios which is priced at an estimated R450m will boost tourism in the Western Cape attracting many international directors and producers to the city.

The studio site will overlook Stellenbosch, Makhaza, Khayelitsha, Blue Downs and Eerste River.

Completion of the studio is expected in 18 months.


Doreen van Wyk then joined us from the Marion Institute telling us more about the organisation that she is involved with.

She explains that the Marion Institute has been in existence since 1916 and is named after Miss Marion Tryst . She elaborates that the organisation was established to protect young working women from prostitution.

In the 1940's the organisation opened its first nursery and until today is still in existence.

For more information on the Marion Institute contact 021 461 6208


During the second half of the show Vivian Mchitheka the programme manager of Mthawelanga Project joined us. The project which is based in Khayelitsha focuses on abuse prevention, research, empowerment, victim support, community development and life skills training.

The mission is to help communities cope with and take care of the increasing numbers of families and children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

For more information on the Mthawelanga Project contact 021 361 7863

Thursday, February 07, 2008


We kicked off todays show chatting to the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Western Professor Brian O ' Connell.

Professor was explaining the new life sciences building that is currently being built at UWC, he says that the building is going to cost about R500m and will be the second biggest in Cape Town. The building will be a home for all life science disciplines and will attratct more and more international scientists to work and teach at the university.

The builing is estimated to occupy about 412 students at one time and a common faculty facility will be a lecture theatre with about 200 seats.

The completion of the building is expected to be in June 2009 and will be an excitement for all who will be using it


The GOLD Agency then joined us. We chatted to Roz Pillay from the Agency. The agency was formed to pro-actively respond to the increasing incidence of HIV infections amongst the youth of South Africa.

For more information on the Gold Peer Education Agency contact 021 685 5038 or visit


Stand-up comic David Newton then joined us instudio today chatting about hos new offering called "Politically Incorrect".

Newton explains his show will take a look at the subject of political correctness in South Africa and universally.

David is well known in South Africa was a familiar fave on the travel show the Couch Trip, and was nominated as a stand-up comic of the the year for 2007 by the SA Comedy Awards.

The show will be taking place On Broadway from Tuesday 12 February 2008. Tickets are R70 per person and the show begins at 8h30pm.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Backchat 6 February 2008


We kicked off today's show chatting with Colleen Naidoo the founder of Colleens Place of Hope.
She explain the organisations aims to accomodate, educate, help with skills development, capacity building and reaching out to street children. They aim to enrich the lives of children who live in children's homes by giving them tutorial support, spiritual care, emotional support and family help

For more information about Colleen Place of Hope contact 021 376 5815


Homesick is an international childrens relief organisation whose focus lies in helping street children and former street children in South Africa.

They currently have the following projects in Cape Town.
#construction of Cape Town's childrens homes
#tuition and remedial teaching for former street children
#leisure time and educational activities for underprivileged children and
#prevention projects

For more information contact 021 686 6200 or visit

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Backchat 5th February 2008


We kicked off today's show with a chat to Naomi from te Goodhope Foundation.

She explains that the organisation is an NGO corporation which helps children and the elderly people.

For more information contact Colleen or Naomi on 021 699 1600


The Director of Biowatch Leslie Liddle then joined us discussing their joint partnership they will be having with the University of Cape Town in having a public discussion about how to control pests with less or reduced pesticide.

The keynote speaker at the public discussion is Dr George Ekstroem, and international expert on pesticeide control issues.

This event will take place on Wednesday the 20th February 2008
at 17h00
Conference Room 1,2, Barnard Fuller Building, UCT Medical School Campus, Anzio Road, Observatory.

For more info contact 021 447 5939

Monday, February 04, 2008

Backchat 4th February 2007

We started off the week with a chat to the Vanessa Strydom the programme manager of the Cosmetology Department of Northlink College.

She explains cosmetology is the study of skin, hair and nails. The service delivered by a cosmetologist is dedicated to hair-shaping, manicures, pedicures, application of artificial nails, special occasion hairstyling, shampooing hair, cosmetic application, body hair removal, chemical hair relaxers or straighteneers.

A cosmetologist can sometimes also be called a beautician, beauty specialist.
For more information on the Cosmetology course contact 021 931 8238.


Jody Abrahams, Camillo Lombard and Natalie Cervati the cast of the David Kramer Musical Die Ballade Van Koos Sas then joined us.

The energy of the three can be seen in the musical which is from a song that David Kramer wrote while visiting the Montagu Museum where he saw the skull of Koos Sas.

Tickets for show cost R80 and is currently running at the Artscape Theatre.