Thursday, April 30, 2009

CPUT Project Management raising funds for Amy Biehl Foundation

We an interview with Siya from Cape Peninsula University of Technology. A group of CPUT Project Management students have chosen the Amy Biehl Foundation as their project. They have to take a product, research it, write a marketing plan, do a promotion and get media coverage. They did a marketing plan to grow the sales of Amy’s Bread, produced by Premier Foods and sold at Pick ‘n Pay stores in the Western Cape.

The Foundation earns 4% of the sale of each loaf of Amy’s Bread which goes directly to the programmes we run in the townships. They will be running promotions at various Pick ‘n Pay stores this weekend and would really appreciate an interview to tell the public about their project, the bread and their promotions.

For more information contact 021 462 5052

Life Zone Soccer International

We had an interview with Jeremy Smith from Life Zone Soccer International. Its vision is to impact children and youth in our community and in our nation, who are being oppressed by poverty, crime, gang warfare, violence, abuse, immorality and other social disorders, with positive activities, transforming relationships, refreshing care and good values.

For more informatio contact Jeremy Wyngaard on 082 485 4662

New Light on dinosaurs

We had an interview with Dr Roger Smith from Iziko Mesum. He will describe the latest detailed knowledge about dinosaurs from recently discovered and well preserved footprints, on Thursday April 30, at 8 pm at SACS School, Newlands. Entry is R20.

For more infomation contact 021 762 1779

Kronendal Music Academy

We had an interview with Dwyn Griesel from Kronendal Music Academy. Its vision to promote diverse musical activities for children and youth that foster cultural integration. Provide quality teaching. Make musical activities available to the disadvantaged.

Create a resource centre for musicians through which to network.

Enrich the cultural life of Hout Bay- especially for young people - through music education, performance and collaboration. Identify and utilise local talent.

For more information contact 072 249 3095

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ours Was Dawn

We had an interview with Monde Wani, director of Ours Was Dawn. Through acting and singing Ours Was the Dawn tells the heartwarming story of two people who have been staying in a shack for a long time. In their excitement when they receive houses, they share their life stories of hope for the democratic elections, their struggle, and the challenges traditional husbands face when their wives want to become business women.

For more information contact 021 410 9986

Director Monde Wani
Presented by Artscape
A project of the Artscape Indigenous Arts Programme
Preview: April 25 @ 16:30
April 25 @ 19:00
Sunday April 26 @ 18:00
April 28 to May 2 @ 20:15
May 2 @ 15:00
Duration: ± 1 hr

UWC hosts Leadership Seminar for High School Principals

We had an interview with Lindi Kamsser from the University of Western Cape. She told us about the UWC hosts Leadership Seminar for High School Principals which is taking place tonight.

Matriculants are about two weeks away from writing their June Exams, which is a critical foundation for their final exams and also for their applications to University.
Picture taken from a website
The University of the Western Cape has received thousands of late applications in the resent past, which were unfortunately declined. It is therefore vital for education writers and other media partners to start encouraging the matriculants to apply on time.

The University is currently building relationships with the Headmasters of all the schools in the Western Cape and will be hosting a leadership seminar with the aim of improving society by ensuring that learners are all well informed about their choices and that they are all given equitable access and a fair opportunity to Higher Education.

For more information contact 021 959 2625/2627

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Social Grant extension

We had an interview with Bukelwa Voko from Access. She told us about debates they had with other political parties concerning the extension of the social grant.

For more information contact 021 761 0117

Mighty Five Star FC

We had an interview with Elvis Mongezi Hermans from Mighty Five Star FC. Its vision is as follows - To become the best football team in the Western Cape while focusing on development of talents through education.

For more information contact 083 474 1103

Friday, April 24, 2009

Cape Flats Uprising # 2 “Hip Hop Fund-Raiser hosted by Heal the Hood

We had an interview with Emille from Black Noise. He will be telling us about his performance at the Cape Flats Uprising # 2“Hip Hop Fund-Raiser hosted by Heal the Hood. Cape Flats Uprising is aimed at raising funds for school fees, transport and projects for youth participating in Heal the Hoods Hip Hop Projects on the Cape Flats.

On the first event raised funds to bus over 100 youths to events hosted in Mitchells Plain, Manenberg, Khayelitsha, Delft, Grassy Park and Athlone. They have also paid dancers school fees. A portion of the funds were placed as a deposit on a vehicle to assist with transporting youth to practice sessions on the Cape Flats. They have also created a break-dance/ b-boy syllabus and taught 10 dancers to teach. These teachers will be paid to teach in their communities.

For more information contact 021 706 0481 or 073 136 6140

Basketball in the township

We had an interview with Dumisani and Emma Horgan from Kahuthando, who is a basketball trainer in Khayelitsha. He will tell us about basketball in the township. Its vision is Kahuthando exists to educate, inspire, support and empower impoverished youth through fun sports and arts programmes.

For more information contact on 073 084 8984 or Emma Hogan on 079 256 0010

Economic Freedom

We had an interview with Victor Snyders from Economic Freedom. Its vision is; Seeing routes where you shall lead others follow is not just a motto but a way of doing business where we seek to redress social ills by creating pathways for lower income groups to develop business skills as a group through effective spending patterns with
This image was taken from a website
corporate who relay CSI to their community through sustainable partnerships.

For more information contact 021 5721 591 or 079 264 0866

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Today is World Book Day.

We had an interview with with Nazeem Hardy who is in charge of Marketing and Research in the Cape Town Central Library. He told us about World Book Day, which is today on the 23rd of April 2009.

The tradition of celebrating books and reading on the 23rd of April each year is, however, a long-standing one. Apart from the fact that the date coincides with the commemoration of St. George’s Day, a very special custom is practised in Catalonia and other Catalan-speaking areas of the world.

On this day roses and books are exchanged as a gesture of “a rose for love and a book forever!” In Spain the 23rd of April commemorates the death of Miguel de Cervantes, author of “Don Quixote de la Mancha”, deemed to be finest text in the Spanish language. In the English-speaking world the date has also been associated with William Shakespeare, April 23, 1616 being the date of his death and some scholars stating that it was also the date of his birth 52 years earlier.

The history of the celebration of the day in Spain is a particularly intriguing. The decision by UNESCO to internationalise this celebration confirms its commitment to the promotion of reading, publishing and the protection of intellectual property through copyright.
World Book Day in South Africa has been co-ordinated by the Centre for the Book since its establishment in 1998 and we are responsible for managing activities including a nationwide poster campaign whereby approximately 50 000 special posters are designed, printed and distributed with the assistance of SABC Education, SAPPI South Africa, the Printers’ College of the Print Industries Federation of South Africa and Allied Media.

The posters are provided particularly to schools and public libraries around the country, in preparation of the occasion itself. The slogan for this year’s World Book Day campaign is “Books Talk: are you listening?” and features our nation’s favourite television personality, Noeleen Maholwana-Sangqu! Posters can be collected from national depots around the country.

For more information contact 021 400 3933.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


We had an interview with Professor Nomvula Mtetwa, who is one of the founders of
Ezethu. A once-off performance of Indigenous Xhosa Ceremonial Songs & Dances isiXhosa Attire Exhibition & Modelling isiXhosa Cuisine will be available.
This performance will be taking place in Artscape tonight.

for more information contact 021 694 2571 or 082 478 8696

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Self Help Manenberg Catering Project.

One of our interns Myrna Lemmen visited Self Help Manenberg. She interviewed Patricia Adams from Self Help Manenberg Catering Project. She told us about the project. Its vision is Catering IC's doing contract catering for students and staff at Ruth Prowse School of Art. Job placements following Job-seeking workshops. Residents taking charge of their lives, formulating visions and achieving goals.

For more information contact 021 691 5924/5

De Poort Heritage Village

We had an interview with Francis Grave from De Poort Heritage Village. Its vision is to utilize a unique heritage to maximize economic benefit for the region. To create an exiting, different and inter-active heritage tourism and heritage craft venture which provides entertainment and education. To exploit inter-active heritage tourism to create sustainable SMME opportunities.

For more information please contact 021 863 2871
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Thursday, April 09, 2009

B the Future

We had an interview with Nathea Nicolay who is a Manager at AIDS Risk Consulting Metropolitan Employee Benefit. Nathea is the manager of AIDS Risk Consulting at Metropolitan Employee Benefits in Cape Town. She is an HIV and AIDS consultant specializing in statistics, financial management, impact assessments and strategic direction.

She does projections of the impact of HIV and AIDS on the formal business sector of South Africa, using various actuarial modeling techniques. Nathea has published articles in various financial and HIV publications and has written several papers on HIV and AIDS related statistics.

She told us about the Cellbook CellBook is proud to present the B the Future cellbook - an information booklet on HIV and AIDS which can be downloaded onto your cellphone. B the Future is one of the largest social initiatives to fight HIV and AIDS ever seen in South Africa, potentially reaching over 30 million mobile phone users.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Imitha Yelanga

We had an interview with Cordelia Woniwe and Siyamthanda from Imitha Yelanga. Its vision is to provide shelter, love and care for the children who are abused, abandoned and suffer from physical or mental disabilities.

For more information contact 076 592 8090


We had an interview with Xolani from Grassrootsoccer. Grassrootsoccer is a non-profit organisation which uses the game of soccer as a tool to not only up the children’s fitness, but also to educate them about diseases like HIV/Aids and how to stay free from the virus. They use African soccer stars, coaches, teachers and peer educators as role models during the 11 sessions which cover topics like good hygiene, gender equality, malaria prevention, avoiding drugs and alcohol and HIV/Aids prevention.

For more information contact 021 425 3257 or call Xolani on 083 687 1194 or log on to

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Born 2B drug free campaign

We had an interview with Ric Amansure from Africlinics. Africlinics is hosting a “Born 2B drug free” campaign across 40 schools, in areas such as Gugulethu, Tafelsig, Manenberg, Khayelitsha, Kraaifontein and Paarl. The campaign uses music and drama to educate learners about the dangers of drug abuse. Each learner at a school is given an armband and recites an affirmation to stay drug free. This affirmation will reach 50 000 learners across the Western Cape. Matric learners are given a lantern to burn when studying for their final exams.

for more information call 021 794 5286

Adonis Musati Project

We had an interview with Gayle McWalter from Adonis Musati Project. The Adonis Musati Project was named after a young Zimbabwean who died of starvation on the streets of Cape Town while waiting to get his asylum papers. This organisation formed at the end of 2007 in order to ensure that no refugee died of starvation ever again in Cape Town.

For more information contact 021 712 2713

Break-Thru Sports

We had an interview with Alicia Swain from Break-Thru Sports. Its vision is to see healthy, happy, involved young children, teenagers, parents and even grandparents. They believe that with the right encouragement and caring attitude they will see a healthy community. Their name says Break-Thru and that’s exactly what they want to see, they want "Break-Thru" in every area of these people’s lives.

For more information call 021 703 897 or 083 4949 471

Self Help Manenberg Focused Parenting Programme.

We had an interview with Alison Engelbrecht and Samantha Fagan from Self Help Manenberg Focused Parenting Programme. Its vision is helping the parent to become the teacher to prepare the child to be school-ready. Parent who can’t afford ECD services.

For more infomration contact 021 691 5924/5

Monday, April 06, 2009

Beyond the Moon

We had an interview with Silumko Koyana who is a choreographer from Beyond the Moon and Rev Bukhosibakhe Kentridge Sokoyi who is an operational manager for Nyanga Arts Development Centre. Township life comes alive in the Artscape Theatre on Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th April 2009 when the Nyanga Arts Development Centre (NADC) in collaboration with Artscape present Beyond the Moon, a two hour celebration of the evolution of the rich arts and culture traditions from the Nyanga community.
For more information contact 021 434 4951

Ryan Maron’s Cricket School of Excellence

We had an interview with Ryan Maron from Cricket School of Excellence. Ryan Maron is a former Western Province provincial player who plays club cricket in Holland. In his academy kids from all ages are welcome. In his school Maron offers personalized coaching to youngsters, Sunday morning cricket coaching and holiday schools throughout the year.
For more information call 021 761 6064 or 082 491 7506 or go to this website .

Friday, April 03, 2009

Tae Bo in Townships.

Interview with Andisiwe Silimela who is a Tae Bo instructor in Thusong centre in Khayelitsha. Thusong Center in Khayelitsha will hold Tae Bo classes every Monday to Friday from 5pm to 6.30 pm.

For more information please call Andisiwe Silimela 073 373 7411 or email her on

Ringo and Mathapelo will be performing in the Cape Town International Jazz Festival

We had an interview with a South African Music Award winning artist Ringo Madlingozi and Mathapelo who will be performing in the upcoming Cape Town International Jazz Festival this weekend.

Siphokazi and the Cape Town International Jazz Festival

We had an interview with a South African Music Award winning artist Siphokazi who will be performing in the upcoming Cape Town International Jazz Festival this weekend.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Inspirational Dance Company

We had an interview with Phillip Boyd from Inspirational Dance Company. Dance for All Youth Company (DFAYC) will now be known as the InSPIRAtions Dance Company (IDC), named after the late Phyllis Spira. This was announced by Philip Boyd, the CEO & Artistic Director of Dance for All. Phyllis Spira (OMSG) was Prima Ballerina Assoluta of CAPAB Ballet and the Assistant Artistic Director of the DFAYC up until her unexpected death in 2008. Spira’s legacy, her inspirational influence and her incredible contribution to dance both in the professional arena and in the community, will be perpetuated in and through this vibrant company.
For more information call 021 697 5509

Picture taken from a website

Zama Dance School

We had an interview with Arlene Westergaard from Zama Dance School. Its vision is to “Create a spirit of happiness and sense of self worth” in township children. Promotes dance as a source of personal fulfillment and as a potential career path, as performers, choreographers, dance administrators and dance patrons. For more information contact 021 638 6861

Amahlubi Heritage Council.

We had an interview with Anderson Makatise from the Amahlubi Heritage Council which is based in Nyanga.

For more information please contact Anderson Makatise on 072 253 0515

UCT RAG summer concert

We had an interview with Cameron Arendse who is the chairman of RAG. The University of Cape Town RAG summer concert will be held at Kirstenbosch Gardens on Saturday April, from 5pm to 6.30 pm. He told us about the Receive and Give summer concert.

For more information you can call 021 650 3525 or call April Mandelsohn on 083 210 0214

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


We had an interview with Dr Alan Marriot who will be starring in the new show called ALL IN THE MIND which will hit the On Broadway Theatre from the 6th to 27th April. In this two-part show Alan will demonstrate the most amazing feats, all with the power of the mind, bending the rules and changing reality, utilizing psychology, mind power, telepathy and trickery. In the second half of the show, you will get the chance to experience the awesome power of hypnosis. Give him a piece of your mind and prepare to be mesmerized!

Picture taken from
For more information call Doctor Alan Marriot on 021 687 2132.

City introduces SMS line for public to report faults.

We had an interview with Councillor Clive Justus from the City of Cape Town. The City of Cape Town has launched an SMS service that allows the public to report problems or raise queries concerning municipal water and sanitation. He told us about the SMS line.

Picture taken from a webstite

For more informatio contact the City of Cape Town on 021 400 1206 or 1303