Monday, March 31, 2008

Mamela Nyamza

We started our show with Mamela Nyamza a dancer choreographer. We spoke about her show which will be staged at On Broadway Theatre on Sunday 06 April 2008. We also heard that Mamela has been dancing since the age of 8 when she joined the ZAMA Dance School in Gugulethu, Cape Town. After school she trained at the Pretoria Dance Technikon, and received a scholarship to the Alvin Ailey American Dance Centre in New York where she spent a year. Upon her return to South Africa she joined the State Theatre Dance Company.
For more information about the show you can Glenda Eberlein on 021 424 1194

We then spoke to Antonet Narvana from Holistic Super. We spoke about ‘Zeitgeist’ a movie produced by Peter Joseph and it was created as a non - profit filmiac expression to motivate people to start looking at the world from a more critical perspective and to understand that very often things are not what the population at large thinks they are.
For more details about the movie you can call Antonet Narvana on 021 797 1857

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Healthy Weight Programme

In today’s show we spoke to Kashia Dickie from Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA).We spoke about SSISA’s 8-week Healthy Weight Programme that offers a holistic and healthy approach to weight loss. Using their experienced staff core, it offers participants a comprehensive 8-week programme that assists them on the path to a healthier lifestyle.
For more information you can call on 021 659 5600.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Shadley Lombard

Today we spoke to Shadley Lombard a self taught photographer, Shadley grew up surrounded by media covering the freedom struggle during the 1980`s. He is a trained television cameraman by profession who freelancers for some of the world’s biggest TV news agencies. In the past he concentrated on current affairs and news, and more recently, he has works on International and South African reality shows.We also heard that at the age of 15 he was given a break by the late John Rubython as an assistant to a CBS News camera crew working out of the Cape Town Press Centre. He has lived in Kwazulu-Natal, Johannesburg and London and has travelled to many countries around the world including Afghanistan and Iraq.
He has worked on the Amazing Race and South African Apprentice as a reality cameraman. He is currently involved in the exhibition which is being held at the ‘DuoTone Gallery’ at the CTICC and it will run for the duration of the Cape Town International Jazz Festival.

We then spoke to a group of teenage girls from Girl Child Movement.
We spoke about their programme called Co-op and we have heard that Co-op is aimed at supporting teenage girls in schools. For more information e-mail

top right:Shadley Lombard
Bottom right:Anathi Zileni, Nikie Geja, Anthea Velaphi, Nompumelelo Maphalala and Boitumelo.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Baxter Theatre

Today we spoke to Zenobia Daniels a musician; we spoke about their show called Lyrics, Legs and Laughter, which will be staged at the Baxter Theatre for one week only from March 25 until 29 March. The story is about Candy, a young and shy, but privileged girl (played by Jody Williams) who meets a group of guys from a less fortunate background than hers. So she solicits the help of her music teacher (played by Neesha Abrahams) and some vibrant dancers to help these guys attain their dream which is to perform on stage, in front of a live audience. Candy falls for David (played by Toerien), but loses him as soon as his dream becomes a reality. For more details you can call Fahiem Stellenberg on 021 680 3980.

Top right:Zenobia Daniels
Pic by: Anele Siwa

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Child Welfare South Africa

Today we spoke to Niresh Ranklass from Cape Town Child Welfare. We spoke about their programmes and we have heard they started their organisation with one staff member, it has grown into the second-largest child welfare organisation in South Africa, employing 150 staff and working in 95 geographic areas within the Cape Peninsula.They also have satellite offices located in six identified ‘hot spot’ areas, where they offer services vital for communities and vulnerable children facing the combined challenges of HIV & AIDS and poverty.
For more information you can call Niresh Ranklass on 021 638 3127.

Omphile Theatre Productions

We then spoke to Omphile Molusi and Paul Johnson from Omphile Theatre Productions is Johannesburg. We spoke about their production called Itsoseng and we’ve heard that Itsoseng is a scathing indictment of government indifference, cynicism and incompetence in the Itsoseng Township in North West Province. For more information you can call Fahiem Stellenboom 021 680 3980

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Living Heritage Jazz Festival

On the show today we spoke to Fitzroy Ngcukana from Ngcukana Brother’s Band. We spoke about their up coming event Living Heritage Jazz Festival and we’ve heard that for the first time the Living Heritage Jazz Festival is to be held at Artscape Theatre Centre and will be presented annually during the Easter weekend. Introducing a new concept with magic components to inspire and entertain audiences, the festival this year will be staged over three days from Friday 21 to Sunday 23 March 2008 in the Artscape Theatre. For more information contact Fitzroy Ngcukana 082 720 1665.

Joshua Galvin

We then spoke to Joshua Galvin – renowned hairstylist from London.
Galvin has been a central figure in shaping the hairdressing industry worldwide, in an illustrious career that has lasted over 50 years. He is known throughout the industry as the ‘Godfather of Hairdressing’. From the invention of rollers in the 1950s to the rise of the 1960s Afro, and the first geometric haircuts, when it comes to hairdressing, this honouree has seen it all.

Cape Flats schools get new sport facilities

We also talk to Mzonke Jacobs MEC for sport and cultural affairs in the Western Cape. We have heard that three Cape Flats schools will become proud owners of brand new sport facilities when MEC Jacobs officially hands them over in separate functions before the closing of 1st term of school on Thursday, 20 March 2008.

Zisukhanyo High and Luzuko Primary in Samora and Gugulethu respectively have rugby and soccer fields recently upgraded by the department from the funding allocation of the current financial year, while Manenberg High school boasts the acquisition of a multi-purpose court recently constructed.

The provision of school facilities is part of the annual allocation of the Sport School component of the department to sustain the development of sport in schools and to give practical effect to Wednesday School sport programme launched by Mr. Jacobs in January 2006. For more information you can call Mandla Yeki on 021 483 9804.

Silent Voices

We concluded our show with Pieter Ngwenya and Phumzile Gwala from Soweto Youth Drama Society in Johannesburg. We spoke about their production called Silent Voices which will be staged at the Baxter Theatre on Wednesday. This is a story about most vulnerable men who are at the end of untold sufferings, abuse and torture from their loved ones.
For more details you can call Fahiem Stellenberg on 021 680 3980

Pics top right:Fitzroy Ngcukana from Ngcukana Brothers Band
Middle right: Phumeza Gwala from Soweto Youth Drama Society
Bottom right: Pieter Ngwenya from Soweto Youth Drama Society

Friday, March 14, 2008

Commission Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration

In today Backchat episode we spoke to Mandla Malgus from Commission Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA).
We spoke about the role of CCMA in terms of mediating the disputes between employee and employer. We also heard that workers from the farms are not well aware of their rights. For information you can call CCMA on 021 469 0125.


We then played two features; one by Backchat trainee producer Anele Siwa about Lactogen 1 that has been declared unhealthy because of it has excessive levels of iron, copper and zinc and other feature was put together by Henry Booysen Bush Radio’s trainee news reporter about the Joe Slovo’s pending evictions.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Women Unite

We started our show with Thandi Swaartbooi from Women Unite.
We spoke about their production called “Diamond out of Rubbish”.
This production features contemporary dance, traditional dance, gumboot dance, khwela dance the list is endless. This event will be held at Joseph Stone Theatre on the 20th March 2008.For more information you can call Women Unite on 021 556 5132

Paraffin Safety Association

We also spoke to Patrick Kulati Managing Director at Paraffin Safety Association. We spoke about “Paraffin Consumer Right” Campaign, this campaign will begin on World Consumer Right Day that will be held on 15th March 2008 at Sandton, Gauteng and proceed right through till 1 June, the National Paraffin Day. For more information you can call Patrick on 021 671 5767

University of the Western Cape

We then spoke to Dr Basil Julies from the Faculty of Science at the University of the Western. We spoke about the state – of -art Field Emission Transmission Microscope. We have heard that it is the first of its kind in Africa. For more details you can contact Dr Basil Julies at 021 959 3458

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Amanda Tiffin

Today we started our show with Amanda Tiffin - a jazz musician.
We have heard that Amanda, and her band organised a charity concert in aid of the Western Cape Rehabilitation Centre. This Centre will cater for the wellness needs of persons post discharge, thus especially the communities of Mitchell's Plain and Khayelitsha and will provide services such as watersafety/ swimming, gym, alternative therapies, access to wheelchair basket ball court and peer counseling. Amanda and her little Big Band, as well as Mamavox, Chris Engel and Sandile Gontshana and vocalist Nomfuno Xaluva are donating their time and talent to raise funds for this Centre.
For more information you can contact Alta at 021 3702313/ 0826038261.

Emlanjeni Production

We were also joined by Lucky Dibela, Thumeka Mzayiya and Thando Doni from Emlanjeni Production. We spoke about their play called Shadows of Love. This play showcases a love triangle and raises questions about love, using physical moments, monologues, poems and music. For more information you can call Ikhwezi Theatre on 021 680 3980.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Come Home Campaign

Today we spoke to Elena Bailey from Come Home Campaign (CHC).We have heard that CHC is a project of the civil initiative AfriForum which is directed at making a positive contribution to the achievement of the following three aims:
• To assist as many skilled expatriates to return to South Africa as possible;
• To retain and locally involve as many would-be skilled emigrants as possible;
• To engage skilled people still resident in South Africa who have withdrawn mentally and “emigrated” inwardly in the public debate and life once more. For more information you can visit

Ikhwezi Theatre

We then spoke to Bukiwe Menziwa and Nolufefe Ntsuntshe from African Seed production based in Khayelitsha. We spoke about their play known as Aunt Doris, this play showcases maids who don’t get credit for the work they do. The story tackles issues of respect they get neither at home from their children nor at work from their employers. For more information you can call Ikhwezi Theatre at 021680 3980

Pic:Nolufefe Ntshuntshe and Bukiwe Menziwa
Picture taken by Anele siwa

Monday, March 10, 2008

Backchat 10 March 2008

Ikamva Labantu

Today we started our show with Bridget Brookies from Ikamva Labantu project. This is a non-profit organization that seeks to redress the damages of Apartheid and support the promising South African democracy, by providing educational means, economic empowerment and self-sufficiency to South Africa's township communities. For more information you can call Bridget Brookies on 021 461 8338.

Bambanani Social Development

We then spoke to Miriam Makhosana founder of Bambanani Social Development. This organisation helps training men and women sewing skills and they also have a substance abuse programme which is currently running in schools around the City.

For further details you can contact Miriam Makhosana at 021 386 1000.

Ikhwezi Theatre Festival

"Judas Affair"

We wrapped up with Sandie Banda from Ikhwezi Theatre. We spoke about their play called Judas Affair, Judas is a smart guy, journalist but, unfortunately his marriage become sour because his wife by the name of Patience is overwhelmed by her work and has no time for him. Confused and stressful he finds comfort in the arms of his workmate Tasila.

For more information you can call Ikhwezi Theatre on 021 685 7880.
Till next time, ciao.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Backchat 07 March 2008

Cape Town Heritage Trust

In today’s Backchat episode we spoke to Laura Robinson from Cape Town Heritage Trust (CTHT).
We spoke about their aims and objectives which are to conserve the architectural, cultural and natural heritage of Cape Town and its environs for the advantage of the inhabitants of the City and of the nation at large.
The CTHT is a non-profit organisation concerned with the conservation and enhancement of the man-made and natural environment and hence with the socio-economic advancement of the city and its people.
For more information you can contact Laura Robinson on 021 421 0287.

“ID Yourself”

We then spoke to Cleo Masana spokesperson of the Minister for Home Affairs. We spoke about the nationwide Youth ID Campaign that was held at Gugulethu Sports Centre on Friday.
'ID Yourself' outreach campaign aimed at motivating young people – especially 16 year olds and grade 12 learners - to apply for their identity documents (IDs).
This will be facilitated by the deployment of mobile units to schools allover the country to make available onsite application and registration assistance. For further details you can contact
0800 601198.

Friends of Cuba Society

We also spoke to Father Michael Lapsley from Friends of Cuba Society. We were focusing on Lapsley's experience and legacy of the former Cuban President Fidel Castro. We have head that during the apartheid regime Lapsley was forced to leave South Africa for Lesotho. Lapsley still believe that Castro played huge role in Cuban history. Till next week, ciao.

Pics:from left to right, Anele Siwa Backchat trainee producer, Father Michael Lapsley and Tina George Sakhisizwe trainee producer.
Picture taken by Junior.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Backchat 06 March 2008

Ikhwezi Theatre
“The Red Winter”

Today we spoke to Phumeza Rashe from Ikhwezi Theatre.
We spoke about their play called The Red Winter, and we’ve heard that Red Winter showcases around love, betrayal and politics and it has been set in the late eighties during the last stages of the apartheid era. In the story we see Mpho, an activist in love with a young pretty girl from his neighbourhood. Mpho is brutally murdered and the pretty girl is blamed for the death of this young intelligent and well-known comrade.

For more information you can call Fahiem Stellenboom on
021 685 7880. Till then, ciao.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

05 March 2008
Arts Cape
Khoi Khonnexion

Today we had a chat with Jethro Louw, Glen Arendse, Dizu Plaatjies and Garth Erasmus from Khoi Khonnexion group.

We spoke about their up coming performances which will be staged at Arts Cape from the 13 of March until 15 of March. Khoi Khonnexion showcases indigenous cultures of the Wespern Cape through artistic products.

For more information you can call Berniece Friedman on 021 434 4951.
Ikhwezi Theatre
Three Nights
We then spoke to Kim West and Leigh Tredger from Baxter Theatre.
The subject was their production known as Three Nights, which will be staged at Baxter Theater. This production is written by Kenneth Emson and directed by Leigh Tredger.

For more details you can contact Fahim Stellenberg on
021 680 3980
Pics: left to right, Glen Arendse, Dizu Plaatjies, Garth Erasmus and Jethrow Louw.
bottom: left to right: Leigh Tredger and Kim West.