Tuesday, June 30, 2009

World Health Organisations Masters programme- Professor David Sanders.

Our last interview was with Professor David Sanders. Archbishop Tutu the Chancellor of the University of the Western Cape will launch the World Health Organisations Masters programme at UWC and also open the New School of Public Health Building. The Masters programme is the first of its kind in our country and will assist in the development of structured health systems throughout Africa

Wind Turbine-Peter Bekker

We were also joined on the line by Peter Bekker. Peter has designed and built his own wind turbine for household use and held a talk and demonstration of his wind turbine. He will also be running a course which starts July 24th. For more information you may visit www.windpower.org.za

Cape Town Carnival-Isabel Meyer

Today on Backchat we were joined on the line by Isabel Meyer, the CEO of Cape Town Carnival. The Cape Town Carnival was conceived as a community project aimed at bringing together the diverse communities of the City of Cape Town through music, dance, and cultural expression, culminating in a weekend of inclusive fun for Capetonians and visitors alike. Today we will be speaking to Isabell, who will be giving us an update. For more information visit www.capetowncarnival.com

Monday, June 29, 2009

New Cross Roads Clinic- Dr. James Campbell

Today on Backchat we were joined on the line by Dr. James Campbell. The University of the Western Cape, School of Natural Medicine in conjunction with SACLA Health Projects has opened a new clinic in New Cross Roads. For more information you can call 021 959 3886

Friday, June 26, 2009

International Travel Guide- Lutz Manzelmann

We were also joined in studio by Lutz Manzelmann Project Manager and Designer for the International Travel Guide. The founders of The International TravelGuide South Africa 2009 – 2011 edition, along with a team of more than twenty acclaimed photographers, authors and editors have launched a totally unique 520 page guide about South Africa to the public and industry.

Uthombo Wesizwe-Ruth Friedmann

Today on Backchat we were joined on the line by Ruth Friedmann from Uthombo Wesizwe. Psychologists and criminologists have reported compelling evidence to show that South African youth has not been equipped by society to function effectively in a post Mandela Rainbow Nation. Umthombo Wesizwe has been formed in reaction to this need - it comprises a volunteer group of researchers, psychologists and professionals that has teamed up to provide an antidote to prejudice, violence and xenophobia among South African children. For more information visit www.uwfund.org or call 021 434 0507

Thursday, June 25, 2009

iSign in C6- Mehrdad Gaziasgar and Nathan Naidoo

Today on Backchat we were joined on the line by Mehrdad Gaziasgar and Nathan Naidoo. They are students from the University of the Western Cape (UWC) and they will be representing Africa in the Imagine Cup world finals. The Imagine Cup is a technology competition for students and they have entered a project called iSign in C6. iSign is a digital phrase book that can recognise and render South African Sign Language gestures thereby allowing communication between hearing and Deaf people.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Give 5-Leigh Meinert

We also spoke to Leigh Meinert from Tertiary School in Business Administration(TsiBA). TsiBA offers emerging leaders an opportunity to study an enriched Bachelor of Business Administration degree that is focused on Entrepreneurship and Leadership. Leigh will be speaking about their Give 5 campaign. For more information contact 021 532 2750 or visit www.tsiba.org.za

Law24.com- Larsen Lockwood-Hall

A new comprehensive website providing extensive yet simple legal information, has been launched by LexisNexis. We spoke to Larsen Lockwood-Hall about Law24.com, which will offer legal services, expert opinions and free legal advice. For more information, you may visit www.law24.com

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We were also joined on the line by Rodrick from Collect-a-Can. Collect-a-Can is dedicated to ensure that used beverage cans and consequently tinplate, exist in harmony with the environment. For more information you may visit www.collectacan.co.za or call their Cape Town offices on 021 534 7010

Alliance for Children's Entitlement to Social Security-Sharon September

Today on Backchat we were joined on the line by Sharon September from the Alliance for Children's Entitlement to Social Security (ACESS). ACESS is an alliance of almost 1 200 children’s sector organisations. For more information on the organisation, you may visit www.acess.org or call 021 761 0117.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Observatory Junior School permaculture garden-Natalie Clayton and Margie Rosenberg

Today on Backchat, we were joined in studio by Natalie Clayton, an educator from Observatory Junior School and Margie Rosenberg. Natalie and Margie spoke about the school’s permaculture garden. Last year the school won a competition for the garden and today we will find out how they are preparing for the competition this year. For more information about the competition visit www.trees.co.za

Friday, June 19, 2009

Congress of Students and Angola Community-Joao Nascineto

We were also joined in studio by Joao Nasicento. Nasicento is an Angolan leader and will be peaking to us about how his organisation feels about the recent killing of an Angolan outside Nyanga Home Affairs. Backchat has tried to contact Nyanga Home Affairs as well as the National Department of Home Affairs, but were unsuccessful. For more information about Joao’s organisation, you may visit www.cecangola.org

Association for the Advancement of Black Accountants of Southern Africa (ABASA)- Viresh Harri

Viresh Harri, chairperson of the Association for the Advancement of Black Accountants of Southern Africa (ABASA) in the Western Province joined us on the line today to speak about ABASA and the work they do. ABASA aims to promote interests of black men and women engaged in the accounting profession. For more information visit www.abasa.org.za

Peace Camp 2009- Chad and Bronwyn

We were also joined in studio by Chad and Bronwyn from Party with a Purpose Productions. Party with a Purpose Productions (PPP) will represent the city of Cape Town in Barcelona Spain at a Peace Camp to take place in September this year. PPP is searching for eight youth (4 boys and 4 girls) between the ages of 13 and 14 years old to participate in the Camp taking place during the school holidays, hosted by the Universal Forum of Cultures Initiative. The youth will be selected from all demographic and cultural backgrounds of Cape Town. Interviews will take place this Saturday June 20. For more information visit www.partywithapurpose.co.za or call 021 447 6567. You can email admin1ppp@gmail.com

3 Tons of Fun- Bulewa Cosa

Today on Backchat we were joined on the line by Bulewa Cosa from 3 Tons of Fun. The phenomenal 3 TONS OF FUN are back - in a BRAND NEW SHOW! 3 TONS OF FUN have emerged over the last 5 years as one of Cape Town's most loved all-female groups. They are in great demand on the corporate circuit and have performed at functions for top companies and at some of Cape Town & South Africa's top venues. Tickets will cost you R75. For bookings you may contact 021 424 1194 or visit www.onbroadway.co.za

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Addicted-2-Life Benefit Concert-Peter Harley
Today on Backchat we were joined on the line by Peter Harley, the Youth and Development co-ordinator from Frontiers. Frontiers will present a benefit concert next month at the Kensington High School Hall. The concert will take place July 25th and will start at 8pm. For more information you may contact Peter on 021 795 5500.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Friends Day Centre- Maria
Today we were joined on the line by Maria from the Friends Day Centre. Friends Day Centre, a non-profit organisation situated in Maitland, Cape Town, originated in 1959 under the name Jan Prins Centre. The organisation helps intellectually disabled learners who need specialised care in order to develop to the maximum of their potential and live healthy, happy and contented lives. For more information you may call 021 511-5801

Monday, June 15, 2009

South African Friends of Cuba Society (Focus)-Fatima
Today we had an interview with Fatima from the South African Friends of Cuba Society (Focus). The organisation is a non-profit, national, voluntary, solidarity organisation that aims to aims to promote international solidarity through dialogue, exchange and action between the people of South Africa and Cuba. For more information, you may visit www.focus-sa.co.za

Eyes on the Community-Heidi
We were also joined on the line by Heidi from Child Welfare. Heidi will be speaking about the Eyes on the Community project. The project helps the community accept responsibility for the safety and protection of their children. Ultimately, this project helps to prevent child abuse and neglect. For more information call 021 857 4689 or visit www.childwelfaresa.org.za

Friday, June 12, 2009

Debt Breaker-Reagan Allen
Today on Backchat we were joined in studio by Reagan Allen, a debt counsellor for Debt Breaker. Debt Breaker was established to answer the consumer’s basic questions about debt. Debt Breaker is an innovative mobile service where consumers can add the Debt Breaker contact to MXit, Google Talk, AIM, Fring, Nimbuzz, Migg33 and many other chat applications.

How to add Debt Breaker to MXit:
Add Contacts
Choose Google Talk
Google ID: debtbreaker
Nickname: Debt Breaker
Accept Contact

For more information visit www.debtbreaker.co.za

Kiss Waste Goodbye-Vincent Myburgh
Kiss Waste Goodbye began July 2008 with the selection of schools that serve Ward 64 residents to take part in the project and the design concepts of puppets to be created from waste products. With project funding secured for phase one, an interactive introduction about rethinking waste was held in August for Grade 4 learners at Muizenberg Junior, Levana Primary and Zerilda Park Primary to kick start collections household waste for craft material. For more information visit www.jungletheatre.co.za

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Uthango Social Investments-Dorette Steenkamp
Our first guest on Backchat today was Dorette Steenkamp from Uthango Social Investments. The organisation specialises in social innovation to implement best practices in sustainable development. They work in remote communities and in under-resourced urban areas to alleviate poverty in lasting ways and improve the quality of life for the most vulnerable in society. For more information you may contact the organisation on 021 783 5263 or visit www.uthango.org

Maryland Literacy Programme-Isabelle Oliver

We were also joined in studio by Isabelle Oliver from Maryland Literacy Programme, a non-profit organisation that deals with adult literacy. They have 40 satellite centers in the Western Cape. Since the organisation’s interception, Maryland has achieved quite a lot, including winning the Unilever Award in 2004 and being utilised by a number of hospitals. For more information you may contact the organisation on 021 692 1355 or visit www.adultlit.co.za

Fly the Flag 2010 Campaign
Bush Radio broadcasted the “Fly the Flag 2010 Campaign”. This 30 min broadcast aims at exciting South Africa for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Today marks exactly a year until the soccer tournament kicks off. At 3:55, citizens are urged to blow their Vuvuzelas or sing South Africa’s National Anthem.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ikhaya Lemidlalo-Anthony Julies and Pillay Mati

Today on Backchat we were joined in studio by Anthony Julies, the service coordinator for the Sport, Recreation and Amenities Council for the City of Cape Town and Pillay Mati. Anthony and Pillay spoke to us about the launch of the Ikhaya Lemidlalo sport for development program on Tuesday, June 16. The programme is the outcome of an agreement between the Principality of Monaco and the United National Development Programme, which has contracted Glocal Forum (an NGO based in Rome) to partner with the City in implementing it. It involves training unemployed youths (18 to 25 years) in Gugulethu to mentor and train younger children, using sport as a tool. For more information you may contact Anthony on 021 400 2231.

Problem Strategy Building- Alderman Brian Watkyns

We also played an interview done by Emory University intern, Darah Prota’s. Darah spoke to Alderman Brian Watkyns, the Chairperson of the Planning and Environment Portfolio Committee (Pepco) for the City of Cape Town. Alderman Watkyns spoke to us about the City’s pilot implementation of the Problem Building Strategy. The Strategy clearly defines problem buildings as structures and erven which appear to be abandoned, derelict in appearance, overcrowded and in a deplorable state or which pose a serious health or safety risk to the natural or built environment. These buildings are often unsightly, unhealthy and unsafe and being used for anti-social and criminal activities. For more information visit http://www.capetown.gov.za/

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

President’s Response to the State of the Nation Address debate
During the first hour of Backchat today, Bush Radio broadcasted the President’s Response to the State of the Nation Address debate.

The Kuyasa Fund-Christina Wiese
Today we were joined in studio by Christina Wiese, the marketing director from Kuyasa Fund. Kuyasa’s main program is its Housing MicroLoan Programme, which disburses loans to qualifying applicants to use to improve their houses, either through adding to the government housing subsidy at the time of construction, or for incremental improvements post subsidy house delivery. For more information you may contact 021 448 3144 or visit www.thekuyasafund.co.za

Monday, June 08, 2009

Best Man Awards-Ridwaan Bawa
Today on Backchat we were joined on the line by Ridwaan Bawa, the edito for Men’s Health magazine. Bawa joined us to speak about the Men’s Health Best Man Awards. finalists have been selected and will be acknowledged for the leadership roles in the respective categories of sport; business; science and technology; arts and culture; public service and media at a special gala event on Thursday, 11 June 2009 in Johannesburg.
This year’s finalists in each category are:
· Sport: Paul Treu; Giniel de Villiers; Hilton Langenhoven
· Business: Zibusiso Mkhwanazi; Justin and David Letschert; Abey Mokgwatsane
· Science and Technology: Arthur Goldstuck; Hennie Botes; Vinny Lingham
· Arts and Culture: Jimmy Dludlu; Mark Klein; David Koloane
· Public Service: Shane Immelman; Trevor Mulaudzi; Andrew Muir
· Media: Soli Philander; Jonathan Shapiro; Garwen McLuckie

For more information on this prestigious event and all of these extraordinary men, visit www.menshealthsa.co.za

SOMA Tribal Fusion Dance Company-Vlada Meyer
We were also joined on the line by Vlada Meyer from SOMA Tribal Fusion Dance Company. Vlada is a creative artist with Masters Degree in Creative theatre. For more information visit www.soma.co.za

One Year Kick Off Campaign- Mariette Du Toit-Helmbold
Our country is experiencing a growing sense of anticipation, as next year we will be welcoming the world with open arms for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. On Thursday June 11, it will be exactly a year until the world’s most famous soccer tournament kicks off. Since the award of hosting the World Cup on May 15 2004, Cape Town has been preparing itself for tourist arrivals. Cape Town Tourism has launched their one-year kick off campaign. On Thursday at noon, the Cape Town Tourism team will be kicking a ceremonial football off Table Mountain to the sound of the noon gun. We spoke to Cape Town Tourism CEO, Mariette Du-Toit Helmbold and found out more this exciting initiative. For more information, you may visit www.capetown.travel/2010.

Prison Codes- Boebie Hamza and George Hill
Today on Backchat we were joined in studio by Boebie Hamza, director of the play Prison Codes and George Hill from Hip Hop Media. This fast-paced suspense drama opens at the NewSpace Theatre on 44 Long Street on the 8th June and runs until the 27th June after which it heads of f to the Grahams’ Town Arts Festival. Prison Codes runs at The New Space Theatre on Long Street from the 8th to 27th of June. Tickets costs R95 via Computicket on 083 915 8000 or at the New Space Theatre Centre on 021 422 5522. For discounted corporate or block-bookings, fundraisers and charities, call Hip Hop Media on 021-425 4770 during office hours.

Credit Crunch-Brent Palmer
We were also joined in studio by comedian Brent Palmer and he spoke about his latest show Credit Crunch. From 13 - 27 June 2009, Tuesday to Saturday at 8.30pm, you can laugh, cry and gnash your teeth with Brent as he ventures into the dark underworld of inflation, deflation, Cape flats sushi, corporate crooks, Third World debt and the real heroes who deal with the Big Issues… at the traffic lights. For more information visit http://www.brentpalmer.co.za/ or call

Trail of Hope- Tendai Sean Joe
Tendai Sean Joe joined us in studio to tell us more about Trail of Hope. Millions of children live and work on the streets, without food or education, adequate shelter, or a loving family or protection from traffickers, pedophiles, criminals and abusers. Tendai Joe, a Zimbabwean born former streetkid and his photographer friend, Albert Arcona from South Africa have decided enough is enough. They are embarking on a road trip by motor bike from Cape Town to London to raise awareness on the plight and taking on the challenge to raise the R10 000 000 needed to build the first Ubuntu Eco Village. For more information, visit www.trailofhope.co.za

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Kutheni! - Mamela Nyamza
Our first guest on Backchat today was Mamela Nyamza from the production Kutheni, which will be showed at Kwamlamli's Place, NY146, Guguletu from today until to Sunday. The play was inspired by the story of Sizakele and Salome, two women brutally murdered in Meadowlands, Soweto in July 2007. The performance takes place at Kwamlamli's Place, NY146, Guguletu from Thursday 04th to Sunday 07th June. Tickets are R30 per person. For bookings and please contact Mamela Nyamza on 078 215 2631.

Thokazani Brothers- Mhlangabezi Masizana
We were also joined in studio by Mhlangabezi Masizana from Thokozani Brothers. They started as a music group and have performed internationally. In 2007 the group established an after care center in its name. It is a place where children can come after school while their parents are at work. For more information visit www.thokozanibrothers.com or call 021 361 8158

Shapes of Me-Marlene Le Roux
We were joined on the line by Marlene Le Roux, the Artscape’s Director of Audience Development and Education, who spoke to us about a production called “Shapes of Me”. “Shapes of Me” is a journey through times past and present that celebrates the diversity and potential of South African youth. Tickets for the play cost R40 and will run from June 24th till June 27th. For more information visit www.artscape.co.za

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Spectrafoundation- Val Young
Our first guest on Backchat was Val Young from the Spectrafoundation. The organisation helps children affected by HIV/ AIDS, drugs/ substance abuse and hunger/ poverty. The organization has been around for 5 years and recently received a certificate from the police for their work. For more information call 021 979 2408

Jo Maxwell
We were also joined on the line by Jo Maxwell. Jo has been doing good stuff in communities for years; her latest project involves bringing nutrition to needy homes. For more information you may call Jo 021 685 4517 or email jmaxwell@iafrica.com

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Molteno Institute for Language and Literacy- Masennya Dikotla

Today on Backchat we were joined on the line by Masennya Dikotla, CEO of the Molteno Institute for Language and Literacy. Dikotla spoke about the launch of the country’s first national literacy campaign, the Yvonne Chaka Chaka – Molteno Institute Literacy Campaign. For more information visit www.molteno.co.za

Monday, June 01, 2009

Teacher’s Dream- Roxy Mitchell
Our first guest on Backchat today was Roxy Mitchell from Greater Good SA. She joined us on the line to talk about Teachers Dream, which raises money to help make teachers’ learning dreams come true when schools can’t afford to take students on outings or organize inspiring speakers in the classroom. For more information you may contact GreaterGood South Africa on 021 762 7944 or visit www.greatergoodsa.co.za

Artscape School Arts Festival 2009

We were also joined in studio by Margie Pankhurst and she will be speaking about the Artscape’s School Arts festival. The festival, which is held from August 11 to 28, is expected to attract nearly 3 000 learners from 90 schools throughout the Western Cape. Tickets cost R40 and are available from Artscape Dial-A-Seat at Tel: 021 421 7695 or Computicket at www.computicket.com.

We also played the third part of Darah Prota’s feature today. For more information, you may contact the organisation on (021) 419 9763 or visit www.homestead.org.za