Thursday, August 30, 2007


Today we chatted with Faniswa Yisa and Jennie Reznetz from Maganet Theater.
For 20 years Magnet Theatre has brought South Africa vibrant and exciting physical theatre.

Their latest offering "EVERY YEAR, EVERY DAY I AM WALKING" traces the story of a young refugee in Africa who loses family and home brutally and irrevocable and is forced to jouney to a new place through many danger and uncertainties.

This contemporal story is told throgh physical images and music.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hope rises from the ashes

Today we chatted with Nomzamo Landingwe from Hope Africa a social development organisation.
The first of winter’s vicious cold fronts have already swept up from south of the Cape, bringing icy weather, snow and rain and its people have been harshly affected.
Living in flimsy shacks made from scraps of metal sheeting, plastic and wood, there’s no escape from the biting cold and damp.
Very often there is no electricity in homes like these and relaying on paraffin stoves to cook and keep warm brings with it the very real threat of runaway fires.
Thankfully, Hope Africa is able to provide some poor communities with a cup of hot soup, blanket or help when disaster like fire or floods hit.

For more iformation contact Syabulela Gidi at 021 674 5111 or visit

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

SA Red Cross Air Mercy for you

Today we had an interview with Sarhaad Hafejee from South African Red Cross Air Mercy.
The SA Red Cross Air Mercy Service is a non-profit organisation with bases in Cape Town, Oudtshoorn, Durban, Richard’s Bay and Kimberley.

41 years back a Cessna 205 single engine "six seater" aircraft was introduced to the country.
The primary focus was to provide transportation of critically ill and injured persons from remote areas where no medical facilities existed.
It soon became apparent that a two engine aircraft would be required to cover the long distances to provide a more comprehensive service.
From rescuing fishermen clinging to an overturned boat in stormy seas, transferring a critically ill baby from a regional hospital to specialised children’s ward or flying health specialists into isolated areas, the SA Red Cross Air Mercy is there.

For more information you can call Sarhaad Hafejee at 021 934 0916 or visit

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Baxter’s 3rd Dance Festival

Today we ended our show with Nicolette Moses project manager of 3rd Baxter Dance Festival.

As part of of its 30th anniversary celebrations, the Baxter Theatre Centre’s 3rd Dance Festival from August 29 to september 2 also hosts a cenematic delight with the addition of an International Dance Film Festival, Cinedans 2007, from August 30 to September 1.
This year 43 choreogrphers will showcase their work in Cape Town’s premier dance event featuring more than 100 dancers from 41 dance schools in the Western cape.

Venue: Baxter Sanlum Studio
For more information you can call Fahiem Stellenboom at 072 265 6023

Friday, August 24, 2007


We then rounded off the show chatting to Sarah Wurz who is the curator of the Beads: Ritual and Ornamental exhibition happening at the Iziko Museum.

This exhibition illustrates the use of beads as grave goods, ritual gifts and personal adornments as well as the role of beads in expressing social and cultural identity. Featuring prehistoric and ethnographic beads from southern Africa, the displays include shell beads from Blombos Cave dating back 77 000 years, and also artefacts such as bone tools for piercing beads, tortoise-shell cosmetic containers, necklets, neck ornaments and more.

Venue:Foyer outside TH Barry Lecture Theatre
Iziko SA Museum
Contact details:
Sarah (021) 481 3888 or
(021) 481 3800

BABS (Build A Better Society)

Today we spoke to Jo-ann Sampson the director of Build A Better Society.

The aim of Build A Better Society is to provide South Africans a sustainable developmental programme which encompasses educational, sport and recreation, cultural, religious and healthcare projects to enable change and behaviour patterns to improve the quality of life within the communities we serve.

For more information contact:

PO Box 271, Athlone, 7760
Aster Street, Kewtown, Cape Town
Tel: 021 637 9060/1 Fax: 021 633 5425


Today we spoke to American Jesse Lewis about the talk he will be having at the Iziko Museum about the first South African Vet Dr Jotello Soga.

Born in the Cape Colony, the 4th son of the Reverend Tiyo Soga, a Xhosa and a Scots mother (Janet Burnside), he was the first South African born man to qualify as a veterinarian. It is recorded that he entered the Royal (Dick) Veterinary College, Edinburgh in 1881 and obtained his MRCVS in April 1886. After qualifying he returned to South Africa and on 01.11.1889 he was appointed as Duncan Hutcheon's (P.V.O. Cape Colony) second assistant (J.D. Borthwick was the first) and served as a District Veterinarian in many places in the Cape Colony. The hard and dangerous work he undertook in combating Rinderpest by the "stamping out" process caused a deterioration in his health and he was forced to resign from the service in 1899. He died on 06.12.1906 on Mr A P Fitchett's farm, Amalinda and was buried there.

Tuesday 28 August 2007
Speaker: Jesse Lewis
Topic: Dr Jotello Soga
072 225 6895

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Today we spoke to Ann Gadd one of the New Big Five - women on the wild side exhibition.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Vanilla Canvas Art Gallery in Diep River, Cape Town, is proud to present the New Big Five – Women on the Wild Side Exhibition from the 24th to the 31st of August. For an exhibition with curves, curls and a very female touch, 5 of South Africa’s leading ladies of art, who have proven their abilities both nationally and internationally will be coming together as one, with each of their styles as unique and inspiring as the other. Hand selected by gallery owner, Maureen Shields, because of what each of these ladies represents, the New Big Five, like Africa’s Wild Big Five, are highly regarded in this male dominated industry with their works highly regarded and admired. Ann Gadd, Tanya Babb, Jenny Merritt, Sam Brown and Candice Dawn B, will be flaunting their talents as a pageant of female artistry and achievement in today’s art culture.

For more information on the exhibition and what to expect please call

Maureen Shields
Vanilla Canvas Art Gallery
021 712 2843.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Lastly we then chatted to Sam Gabula the artist from Lusikisiki in the Eastern Cape.

Sam Gabula will be having an art exhibition at the Waterfront Craft Market and Wellness Centre from the 20th of August until the 10th September 2007.

According to Gabula his paintings reflect the grandeur of the land and seascape, and grassroots women pursuing their cultural duties. My paintings contain impressionistic elements in their simplest forms, characterized by unhurried brush strokes and vibrant colours. Our exquisitely hand-painted fabrics product range comprises t-shirts, table cloths, wall -hangings, cushions, table runners, place mats and designs for dress making et cetera.

Sam is also very active in the community and runs a skills and development programme and in 2003 the Litha Arts Creations was established with just six people. The aim of the programme is to develop skills in oil painting, drawing, design, drawing and textiles. The idea is to promote, develop and conserve the artistic and cultural heritage of Lusikisiki within the framework of community development.

The operation is two-fold, not only does it promote skills training but there is hope that the sales of arts and crafts will promote local economic development. The V&A Craft Market are pleased to present Sam Gabula's art exhibition. A show with mix of pure brilliance, true talent and absolute inspiration!

For more information of the exhibition
VenueDate: 20 August 2007 to 09 September 2007
Location: V&A Waterfront Craft Market,
Cape TownCost: Free of charge
More info: The V&A Craft market is a small business intiative that promotes South Africa's most promising talents. We are situated next to the Two oceans Aquarium.


Today we spoke to Pippa Skotnes the author of the book Claim to the Country, which deals about the heritage of the San people in South Africa.

Claim to the Country - created, compiled and introduced by Pippa Skotnes - publishes for the first time, in book form and on an accompanying DVD, all the notebook pages and drawings which comprise the bulk of the archive. It also includes several contextualising essays by well-known scholars - John Parkington, Nigel Penn, John Wright, Anthony Traill, Anne Solomon, Roger Hewitt, Stephen Watson, David Lewis-Williams and Eustacia Riley - and a searchable index for all the narratives and contributors. The work sets out to present the reader with something of the experience of being in the archive: the archive is reflected and evoked in both the layout and the design of what is also a beautiful artbook.

You can get the book at leading bookstores or you can contact the office of Pippa Skotnes at 021 480 7112

Friday, August 17, 2007


Lastly we spoke with Nwabisa, Sindiswa and Elvis from the Etafeni Day Care Centre Trust in Nyanga.
The Centre deals with social problems ranging from domestic violence, to child safety to HIV/AIDS.

The Centre also has a range of different programmes such:
-After school care
-Music Therapy
-Income Generation
-Food Garden and grounds
-Child Services
-Counsellor Programmes
-Non-Medical and Voluntary Counselling and Testing
-Training and Capacity Building

The centre will be hosting a training testing and youth event at the centre tomorrow from 10am until 4pm, there will be many prizes and competitions and a dj will be keeping the crowd entertained with lively music

For more information contact:

Etafeni Day Care Centre Trust
Sihume Road, Nyanga, 7750
Sihume Road, Nyanga, Cape Town
Tel: 021 386 1516 Fax: 021 386 2560


We then spoke to Anton Kannemeyer a visual artist or cartoonist who will be launching his artwork at the Spier Wine Estate on Saturday 18 August 2007.
The exhibition by Anton Kannemeyer is an exciting part of the Beam Gallery’s programme, raising important questions in the debate about racial stereotypes. Working in the irreverent tradition of Bitterkomix, Kannemeyer continues to use the visual arts to make powerful and often darkly humorous commentary on South African society. In an important series entitled "Alphabet of Democracy", Kannemeyer, annotates his view of a post-apartheid South African political and social environment. The series is a work in progress with letters being added to reflect a society in flux. He also delves into the fears of middle class South Africans and questions who and what plagues their nightmares as well as exploring his own psyche with a series of entries taken from his rich visual diary

For more information contact

Farzanah Badsha
Visual Art Manager
Africa Centre
021 881 3116 (T)
086 516 0813 (F)


Today we chatted to Mr Cheslan America the Executive Manager of the South African Board for Sheriffs.

The S.A Board for Sheriffs is the regulating board which deals with sheriffs and with the community. The role of a sheriff is to execute instructions from a court or attorney in their respective geographical district. The Board for Sheriffs on the other hand deals with complaints and matters regarding the behaviour and performance of a sheriff.

For more information contact:

South African Board for Sheriffs
021 930 2249(office)
021 930 4047(fax)

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Today we spoke to Frank Rousseau one of the founders of Faces and Recovery South Africa (FAVOR)

FAVOR SA was set up by people in recovery from addiction, together with their friends, families and volunteers. FAVOR’s main objectives are to:Show by example that recovery IS possible, and encourage others to enter into treatment programmes;End discrimination and stigma against addicts and people in recovery;Gain support from public health authorities for improved treatment programmes and facilities.
By joining and supporting FAVOR SA, recovering addicts, their families, friends and workmates, can stand up and speak out in order to educate the public and influence the policymakers.FAVOR SA is completely interdenominational, respecting all religions while emphasising the importance, inspiration and power of the spiritual dimension in the struggle for recovery.

Please visit their website if you want to help change those lives around you.

To contact Faces and Voices Recovery South Africa:

Telephone us on: O21 531 8340FAVOR SA
Board:Lawrence Sims - 082 9040 807
Frank Rousseau - 021 - 531 8340
Christine Gordon - 082 850 3173
Boris van Apeldoorn - 021 - 434 5530


We then spoke to Veronica Smith and Randall Bester from the Belhar Outreach Forum.

The Belhar Outreach Forum works from a container in Chestnut Place in Belhar where they offer different services such as soup kitchens, work with pensioners, recycling, gardening training and a reading room where they give the youth the opportunity to touch up on their reading skills with reading and with books.

The organisation also aims to expand in the near future and is getting regular assistance from the different local government departments and the city councils.

For anyone who can assist the Belhar Outreach Forum to make Belhar a safer community for all can do so in the following way.

Veronica Smith of Randall Bester
021 952 0665


Today we chatted to Bonita Daniels from the Centre For Early Childhood Development discussing what they are doing at their organisation.

The centre believes that young children must be put first in society. Their focus is to increase the capacity of individuals, organisations and communities to deliver early childhood development services. This is pursued through a range of programmes, projects and services.
They work with communities providing technical assistance to early childhood development projects
They work with organisations enhancing organisational efficiency and effectiveness.
They work with individuals to develop skills and increase their capacity.
They work with parents providing information on the development of children.

For more information contact

Centre for Early Childhood Development
P O Box 2363, Clareinch, 7740
Phone +27 21683 2420

Fax +27 21683 5838


Wednesday, August 15, 2007


We then rounded off today's show talking to Michelle Kearney from the Heart and Stroke Foundation discussing their Go Red For Women Wellness Week.

Go Red for Women is an international movement aimed at increasing awareness amongst women of the risk factors and signs for heart disease. The Heart and Stroke Foundation SA will be hosting a Go Red for Women Wellness Workshop on the 23 August (07h30 for 08h00) at the Vineyard Hotel & Spar in Cape Town, to raise funds and awareness of this campaign.
“We are very excited to host the very first Go Red for Women event in Cape Town”, said Hugo Coetzee, Marketing Manager, The Heart and Stroke Foundation SA. “Women still see heart disease as a man’s disease, so it is my hope that this event — while being fun and entertaining — will also be eye-opening and educational for all who attend.”
Renowned Cardiologist Dr Adrian Horak will provide important information about how heart attacks present differently in men and women, and much loved Women.24 Editor, Sam Wilson will share her pointers on how to juggle the demanding aspects of work and personal life.

For more information contact
Michelle Kearney
Heart and Stroke Foundation
Tel 021-447 4222


Today we spoke to John Litten From Action Soccer Leagues, discussing what action soccer is and how it works.
Indoor soccer is a fairly common sport in South Africa and is contested at various playing levels from professional to amateur leagues or friendlies and children's birthday parties. An important thing to know about indoor soccer is that it is a completely different sport ti indoor soccer as the 2 respected sports are played under different formats and completely different rules. The sport is growing rapidly and South Africa even play international matches against other countries using the action soccer format. It is all about controlling the ball and your opposing team, because if they do not have the ball, they cant score!!

For more information contact
John Litten
Action Soccer Leagues
021 552 3165


Today we spoke to Liesl Dreyer who is the Founder of Hands to Aid South Africa.

Hands to Aid South Africa works to provide children affected or infected by the HIV/ Aids virus (or any vulnerable child) with an opportunity at education and sport. Children whose parents have died of the virus or are suffering from the virus would get an opportunity to complete school and participate in a sport of their choice. Those who excell in school or in sport would get a bursary to continue in that vein and have the opportunity to improve their lives this way.

For more information contact:
Liesl Dreyer
Tel: 021-393 4060
Fax: 088 021-393 4060

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Today we spoke to various artists and youths who will be performing at the Artscape Youth Music on Saturday the 18th of August.

The festival which will feature groups such as Affrocentric from Kensington, The Settlers High Jazz Combo from Bellville, Cappucino from Stellenbosch, JazzItUp! from Muizenberg and the Belhar Music Collective from Belhar.

Each of the groups will be under the mentoring of Cape Town music legends such as Alvin Dyers, Frank Paco, Camillo Lombard, Lucas Khumalo, and Melanie Scholtz.

Each year the Artscape hosts the Youth Jazz Festival which aims to develop young musicians into mature well rounded artists.

For more information contact:

Bernice Friedman
021 434 4951
082 892 5877


Today we spoke to Wanda Baloyi a recording artist who has been on the music scene for some time now, Wanda is a former member of SAMA award winning group Ghetto Luv and is currently a solo artist who released an album in 2006 named So Amazing.

Ms Baloyi will be performing in Mossel Bay in the next few weeks and then will be travelling to Mozambique where she will be gracing the arenas with her soft elegant smooth jazz voice and presence.

For performances you can contact:

Wanda Baloyi 082 495 9873

Monday, August 13, 2007


Today we spoke to Rodney Johnson the CEO and a councillor at the Family Life Resource Centre.

Family Life Resource Centre is committed to bringing about positive changes in families, marriages, and the lives of individuals. We believe that all children should have the right to an education and a loving relationship with both parents.
We believe every husband and wife has a significant role to play in the development of marriage and family life and must accept responsibility thereof. We are committed to being of service to youth and individuals from dysfunctional families including single parents, widows and divorcees.

For more information contact:

Rodney Johnson
Tel: 021-859 5308
Fax: 021-859 4941


Today we spoke to Theresa and Owen Davids who run the Faith Dance Group in Lotus River, Grassy Park.

At the Faith Dance Group the believe in making a positive contribution to uplift our community by empowering the local youth, by tutoring dance skills to them. We render our services to surrounding areas. We want to keep the children busy and away from the negative elements of drugs and gangsterism, they are daily exposed to.
To educate, motivate and inspire the youth into the arts of dancing thus raising up leaders. This organisation reaches any child no matter the religion or cult.

Friday, August 10, 2007


We spoke to Jane Moleleke who is the Director at the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and Sport discussing the annual Youth Memorial Lecture which will be held at the University of Western Cape on Saturday August 11th.

She explains that the lecture, themed Youth Solidarity and Promotion of Democracy in the Western Cape, was initialized at MEC Jacobs Budget Speech where he pledged to honour the contribution made by the youth of 1976 in the struggle for liberation. It commemorates the young heroes of the Western Cape who risked their lives and freedom in their battle against the apartheid system.

The Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport invites all youths and students to attend and celebrate the youth of yester-year with the Department, the South African Heritage Resource Agency and the University of Western Cape.

Date: 11 August 2007
Time: 10H00
Venue: UWC Auditorium, Bellville


Today we spoke to Sharon du Plooy from Sive Nathi.

Sive Nathi's mission statement is to establish, maintain and conduct a homely environment for children with profound and severe intellectual and or physical disabilities irrespective of race, colour or creed. Only children between the age of one year and eighteen years old will be accommodated after the required reports are submitted. Each child has to be in need of care.

Sive Nathi is a home for severely and profoundly physically and or mentally disabled children. The home was originally started by a domestic worker from Khayelitsha in 1997. Since then she has given a home to disabled children whose parents have died, no longer want their sick children or simply cannot cope with their disabilities. The home grew from a couple of children to 42 in just a few years. There are now sixty two children living at Sive Nathi.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Today we spoke to Cherine Arendse from Valley Development Trust

Valley Development Project’s (VDP) mission is to facilitate a creative process enabling communities to take responsibility for their own sustainable development. With the vision of a healthy self-reliant community with sufficient resources and the confidence to make their own informed choices.


Today we spoke Mishka Alexander from Sisters Incorporated

Sisters Incorporated is a shelter for abused women and their children and young, single, pregnant women who are considering putting their babies up for adoption. We aim to help every woman, teenager and child who comes to us in crisis to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. We offer help and hope regardless of race or religion, offering a hand up as a form of empowerment and not a hand out because we care.

SCORE (Sport Coaches Outreach

Today we spoke to Lucinda van der Heever and Betty Lallie from SCORE

SCORE recruits and trains international volunteers, who are placed in mainly rural communities in South Africa, Namibia and Zambia where they live with host families for six months to a year implementing SCORE's programmes in the community, achieving the transfer of skills and development.

Friday, August 03, 2007


Today we spoke to Benita Britten from Equip and Empower Women's Forum

The main objective of the forum is to work with women of our nation from all different backgrounds, and do as many self assessment awareness and personal development workshop style sustainable programme.
Executive Summary
Women are generally on the back foot in many aspects of their lives. Our surveys show that about 1 in every 4 women are not literate enough to handle their situations clear minded. They are not able to articulate well and have little or no self confidence. They live their lives from day to day- from hand to mouth. Even in the medium classed areas, there's a general trend that women are not able to cope well at all. Most are battling to do something constructive with their lives and some are just slogging along day after day. Equip and Empower Team comes alongside such women and brings the best out in them.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


We then spoke to Clive Jacobs who is the CEO of the Lavender Hill Sport and Recreation Projects.

The organisation works with communities on the Cape Flats helping with counselling and social problems. They mainly help children who come from backgrounds which are influenced by problems such as drug and alcohol abuse.

Lavender Hill Sport and Recreation Projects are just one of the many Cape Town organisations which are assisting makin our society a better and safer environment.

For further information contact
Clive Jacob
Lavender Hill Sport and Recreation Projects
073 410 1141


We then spok to Jean Williams from Biblionef South Africa which is an organisation which donates book and articles to leaners and schools who are in need.

Biblionef is a book donation agency specialising in providing new or unused books to children and adolescents where they have no access to a library or relevant reading material. Biblionef SA is unique in that it donates books in all eleven of South Africa's languages.
The triggering factor behind Biblionef's creation was the realisation that without books, the doors to knowledge, progress and freedom remain shut. Biblionef has therefore set itself the goal of providing deprived children with new story books from childhood through to adolescence, creating a lane of reading, thus stimulating their curiosity and desire to learn. Books convey ideas, in return fostering hope.
Biblionef is a not-for-profit organisation, with a very small and dedicated staff. It raises funding from the Corporate as well as the Private sector, from Government and Individuals both in South Africa and Abroad. The money is used to buy books and pay costs for shipping, warehousing and administration.

For further information contact
Jean Williams
Tel: 021 531 0447
Fax: 021 531 0455


Today we spoke to Nobuthembu Iululu and Margareet Elsworth of the African Scholars' Fund, discussing their projects and what they are busy with in society.

The fund works with about 600 schools every year and is in touch with nearly twice that number. Personal contacts with our scholars and the staff who teach them are invaluable and give us some idea of the conditions of the schools where our children are enrolled. Visits to our schools, therefore, are arranged whenever possible, but without disrupting classes. Reports on these visits are available. Most recent visits have been to the Northern Cape, as far as Kuruman and Ookiep, and to the heavily populated areas of Whittlesea and Alice areas of the Eastern Cape .
The Fund received the Education Africa award in 1997 and 1998 and the Ithemba (Hope) Award in 1997. The work has been honoured by Rotary Clubs and the Lions.

For further information contact

M Elsworth
Tel: 021-689 9094
Fax: 021-689 9095