Monday, June 30, 2008

30 June 2008

Help2Read- improving children’s’ reading skills by the using exciting and interesting programmes

Today in-studio we were joined by Edith Sithole from Help2Read. The organisation makes reading fun and in turn they help children love books. They have trained volunteers that assist the children twice a week for one year – this means that these children get priceless, long term, one-on-one care and support. Help2Read gives each volunteer a box full of every type of book, from African Tales to Fairy tales, sticker books to pop-up books, fiction to non fiction, science books to poetry, puzzles, jokes and games. Children choose to spend the half hour in whichever way they like. Children quickly find a book they love and learn to love reading

For more information or if you want to become a volunteer, contact 021 671 0824

Geneva Crisis Centre

We had an Interview with Geneva Claasen- founder of the Geneva Crisis Centre which is situated in Eerste River. Their mission is to help people better their lives. The Crisis Centre accepts all people of all races and genders. The Centre has links internationally, as there are many women and children from African countries. Geneva Crisis Centre is said to be a place of living, shelter, hope and a place for all

For more info call 021 904 9912 or email

Service rendered by the Office of the Ombudsman

We ended off today’s show with Malcom Fritz (Investigator) and Natasha Paulse (Project Officer) from the Office of the Ombudsman. They spoke to us about the services rendered by the office of the Ombudsman, which was created by the City of Cape Town as an independent office to receive and resolve and/or investigate complaints related to the City Council’s delivery services. Malcolm spoke about how they operate on a voluntary and informal basis to resolve complaints politely. Natasha briefly spoke about their advocacy and awareness initiatives and she’ll give some insight into the community engagement projects they involved in.

For more info call 021 400 5487 or fax 021 400 5952

Friday, June 27, 2008

27 June 2008

Cissie and I Claudia

We started off the show with Fahiem Stellenboom from the Baxter Theater. He spoke about the productions Cissie and I Claudia. Cissie explores the life and memory of Cape Town Activist Cissie Gool and I Claudia is a unique one woman play which maps the raw but beautiful interior world of an adolescent. Both these productions can be seen at the Baxter in July

For more information contact Fahiem on 021 685 7880 or visit

pic: Fahiem and Celeste Ganga (producer of Backchat)


We then interviewed Carolyn Holden, Jeremy Quickfall, Shaun Klaasen and Talia Alexis from the production TAPAS. Continuing to address the issues of social cohesion, job creation, skills development, pride and self-confidence in the young, TAPAS is the title of Artscape’s 2008 Youth Collaboration. Performances are from 3-5 July at 7pm at the Artscape Theatre

For more info call 021 421 7695

Ballet Mosaic

We ended off the show with Farouk Irving from Cape Town City Ballet regarding their production ‘Ballet Mosaic’. This ballet performance is said to feature scenes from ballets rarely seen in South Africa today

For more info call 021 421 7695

See you again on Monday between 2-4pm. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

26 June 2008

Vukuhame (Get Up and Go!) Youth Arts Project

We interviewed Nande Mancunga and Godfrey Luyt from the Vukuhame Youth Arts Project. A group of learners in the 2008 Development Practice Learnership at Fundamentals Training Centre (FTC) are organising a project which will coincide with Youth Month- where performing arts will be presented with messages of hope and power. The project is aimed at young people between the ages 18 -35 from various communities- which mainly include Bellville South, Gugulethu, Mitchells Plain and Belhar, but they welcome all youths from all communities. This project is a one day event which will run from12-6pm this Saturday

For more info call Nande on 082 067 9297

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

25 June 2008

Oceanics Brass Band in need of funds

We started off today’s show with Yusuf Sadan from Oceanview who is in need of funds for his brass band – the Oceanics

If you would like to help them call Yusuf on 021 783 0265 or 074 852 9138

Margarets House

Later we were joined by Suzette Samson who is the Manager at Margarets House. Margarets House is a children’s home that was established in 1987. It houses boys who are in danger of becoming street children. The Home doesn’t just supply a place for these children, but also offers a range of different preventative and rehabilitative services which aims to reintegrate the children into mainstream society

For more info call Margarets House on 021 797 0233

‘The Stigma of Psychiatric Illness’

We ended off the day with Dr Ulla Botha who spoke to us about a talk that she will be giving tomorrow at Stikland Hospital in Bellville about ‘The Stigma of Psychiatric Illnesses’. These talks are an outreach to the community by the Health Facility Board of Stikland Hospital. The talk starts at 6pm till 7pm – it’s free of charge but donations are welcomed

For more info call Melanie Swart on 021 940 4591 or 082 434 7377

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

24June 2008

Improvision and TheatreSports

On today’s show we interviewed Megan Furniss from the theatre company- Improvision. She spoke about TheatreSports which is improvised theatre. Two teams of actors play out a series of improvised games. Because each scene is totally made up on the spot no one knows what to expect, but the result is said to be surprisingly logical, engaging and incredibly funny to watch. Once a year they run TheatreSports courses which are open to performers and non-performers that want to learn how to improvise. From Tuesday 1 July to 31 December 2008 you can watch their improvisers make up scenes on the spot in a variety of styles, accents and characters based on suggestions from the audience. The shows are said to be fun and is suitable for all ages. The shows will take place every Monday at the Intimate Theatre (across Labia) and every Tuesday at the Kalk Bay Theatre.

For more info call Megan on 083 440 3961 or visit


We ended off today’s show with musician Camagwini. She was nominated for Best Newcomer and Best African Contemporary album at the2008 SAMA awards. Her musical influence

and her soulful interpretations of Afro-traditional songs come from observing, part

icipating and interpreting Xhosa folklore songs. Her

debut album Zivile is traditionally laced with the melodic sound of the Maskandi guitar by Nothi Ntuli and concertina by

Zaba ‘Skhindi’ Zondi whilst Steve Zule and Joel Klein give the album a nice fusion of Afro-soul and jazzy played acoustic and electric guitars.

Monday, June 23, 2008

23 June 2008

Hope you had a great weekend and you ready for the new week. Lets take a look at what we had on the show today

National Credit Act

We spoke to Manala Botolo – Education and Communications Officer at the National Credit Regulator. She spoke about the National Credit Act and about the Workshops they offer to people to educate them about the Act. The Act is aimed at regulating the credit granting industry, curbing reckless lending and ensuring that consumers are protected from harmful business practices by lenders

If you have any queries email the National Credit Regulator at, you can call their call share number on 0860 627 627 or call 011 554 2600

Join us again tomorrow same time, same place

Friday, June 20, 2008

20 June 2008

I hope you kept yourself nice and warm on this bitterly cold Friday. But don’t worry; the weather office has predicted that it will clear up by tomorrow- so let’s hope that’s true. Enough about the weather…here’s what took place on today’s show. If you feel like you would like to join or help out any of these organisations, feel free to give them a call

Dance Crew… Director and Choreographer at Dance Crew- Amy Gould joined us. Dance Crew was started in 1993, they are said to be the only dance company in South Africa that uses dance as an educational tool to further concentration, communication skills, numeracy and co-ordination.

For more info on how you can help this organisation or you want to be part of it call Amy on 021 715 9510

Lyrical Base Projects
Bulelwa Basse from Langa township- who in 2006 started the Lyrical Base Organisation. The aim of the Organisation is to empower marginalised women and men from ages 15 and older in the Western Cape through the art of language, in which creative writing/poetry would form the main feature

For more info call Bulelwa on 073 142 7695 or email the organisation on

Catch Backchat again on Monday from 2-4pm. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

19 June 2008

Catering Workshop

Later we were joined by Tofeeq Hargey who is from the City of Cape Town’s Tourism Business Support Unit. Yesterday they held a 1 day free of charge community catering workshop aimed at prospective, emerging and current caterers at the Cape Town Hotel School

For more info call Racquel Barnard on 021 483 9016 or fax 021 483 9014

The Responsible Individual’ and Responsible Rehabilitation for South Afr

ican prisons programme

Joining us today was Author of ‘The Responsible Individual’ Karina Anderson. On Tuesday she launched her book at the Cape Town Book Fair. She is also involved in the Responsible Rehabilitation for South African prisons programme.

For more info visit

‘Jou Ma se Comedy’ Club – Thursday Nights

We ended off today’s show with Comedian Kurt Schoonraad. He has grown in leaps and bounds and has become one of the most popular and requested comedians in South Africa. He recently started a comedy club in Cape Town called ‘Jou Ma se Comedy’ Club which runs at the eclectic Albert Hall in Woodstock and features South Africa’s top comedians as well as the upcoming stars. The Club runs every Thursday until 3 July

2008. Tickets are R70

For more info 021 447 7237

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

18 June 2008

Jazz artists… We had a full studio for this time slot. Joining us was Melanie Scholtz, South Peninsula High – SP Jazz Combo, Charles Banjatwa from Artscape and Guitar Mentor Keith Tabisher. All of whom are performing at the Jazz Festival on Saturday 21 June 2008 at the Artscape Theatre starting from 3pm- 6pm

Tickets for this 3 hour Festival costs R30. There are special rates for pensioners, students, scholars and block bookings. Book at Computicket, Artscape Dial-a-Seat on 021 4

21 7695 or book on line at

‘Train to Mitchells Plain… We ended off the show with Tyrone African Appollis. This Bridgetown born musician, sculptor, artist and now poet- launched his debut poetry collection entitled ‘Train to Mitchells Plain’ was launched this past weekend at the Cape Town Book Fair. This poetry book is said to depict but one journey of his life. He says that his writing is not just influenced by his past experiences, but also everyday things

A teaser of what’s in the book:

MY friend

the cape storm


the skeleton bridge


it fell


into the water

and SUNK


of crossing

over to you

who OWES

MY WIFE glorious

Trickle of MONEY

-Tyrone Appollis: ‘Train to Mitchells Plain

pics: Celeste Ganga

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

17 June 2008

Feeding Association turns 50 years-old

According to director of the Peninsula School Feeding Association (PSFA) Andy Du Plessis who we spoke to today - the Peninsula School Feeding Association was started in 1958 and with the generous support of the community – one less child will go home hungry today and one more child will be provided with the right to health, nutrition and education.

The Association provides meals to over 155 500 children in more than 600 primary, secondary and special-needs schools across the Western Cape each day. Andy says the success of the Association is a result of the commitment of volunteers and donors

For more info on the Association or if you want to help here are their contact details:

Tell: 021 447 6020



Monday, June 09, 2008

9 June 2008

CASE- Community Action towards a Safer Environment: Interview with Lane Benjamin from CASE (Community Action towards a Safer Environment) CASE works with children and youth directly, their families, schools, the police and supports other community workers. The organisation aims to equip the youth to make better choices for their lives through empowering the whole community and addressing the at-risk factors which affect unusual behaviour in youth

For more info on CASE call 021 691 7066

From the Hip- Khulumakahle (FTH:K): Interview with Company Manager of From the Hip – Khulumakahle –Tanya Surtees. The focus of this company is to offer access to theatre training for the Deaf community and to prepare both deaf and hearing performers for entrance into both the professional theatre industry and for integration into their company (From the Hip). Their goal is to open South Africa’s first Deaf and hearing Integrated Theatre Training Centre in Cape Town. One of the highlights for the Company was in 2005 when they won the Arts and Culture Trust’s Award for Cultural Development Project

For more info on this young, funky, deaf/hearing intergrated theatre company ‘From the Hip: Khulumakahle (FTH: K)’ call 021 448 2833, fax 086 612 96 49 or email

Friday, June 06, 2008

6 June 2008

‘I Am Cinnamon’ : Interview with Henk Opperman one of the performers in the production – I Am Cinnamon. The production opens at Artscape this month. The production is described as an exploration of dance rituals, both ancient and contemporary. The production's title is a culinary allusion to how different dance styles and genres can combine.

The production runs at Artscape Theatre from 12-15 June 2008. Tickets are R95 and bookings can be made by calling 021 421 7695. For further info visit

‘Some Enchanted Evening’: Interview with Carrie Pittaway one of the performers in the production- ‘Some Enchanted Evening’. The production is said to pay tribute to all those amazing songs that we grew up listening to. Life is a Musical, and though you are not 16 years-old going on 17 anymore- you can still enjoy the sound of music that will inspire you to climb any mountain at any age!

Tickets are R75 per person and the show begins at 20h30. For bookings call 021 424 1194 or visit The production runs from Tuesdays to Saturdays from 10-28 June 2008

Thursday, June 05, 2008

5 June 2008

Conference on Cancer and the environment…We kicked off the show with Martha Molete from the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA). Yesterday CANSA hosted a conference on cancer and the environment. According to the Association- to date there has been only limited research in South Africa on the risk and impact of environmental exposures as a probable cause of certain cancers. Over and above smoking and asbestos, the Association is also focusing on man-made molecules, especially those linked to food.

For more info on CANSA call 021 689 1840 or you can visit their website on


World Environment Day… Today is World Environment Day. We’ll be speaking to Augustine Morkel from the South African National Bio-Diversity Institute. World Environment Day (WED) was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972. WED is hosted every year by a different city and commemorated with an international exposition through the week of 5th June

For more info on the South African National Bio-Diversity Institute or about World Environment Day- you can call their head office on 012 804 3211 or call their Cape Town number on 021 799 8899


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

4 June 2008

National Swimming Training Camp: We started off with Swimming South Africa CEO Shaun Adriaanse. South Africa’s swim stars gathered in Cape Town this past weekend for the final national swim camp in home waters, before they take up the challenge in a series of international galas prior to competing at the Beijing Olympic Games in August. Training is currently underway with the Olympic hopefuls at the University of the Western Cape

If you are an aspirant swimmer and live in the
Western Cape and want more info call 082 882 2617 or 021 959 3896 or visit Or you can call the Johannesburg Head Office on 011 404 2480

Animal Action Awards: We ended off the day with Lisa Cant Haylett coordinator of the Animal Action Week Awards and Nicholas Ndzube an animal welfare assistant with TEARS- The Emma Animal Rescue Society who won the welfare dedication award. The Animal Action Awards happened last week and was presented by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). Since 1985 the organisation has worked in Southern Africa to protect numerous species. IFAW has also contributed significantly to habitat protection and emergency relief efforts in the region

For more info on the Animal Action Awards call 021 424 2086. For more info on TEARS call 021 785 4482

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

3 June 2008

Call for an end to discrimination and stigmitisation of burn survivors

We started off the show with Phumzile Nyeti of the Paraffin Safety Association. According to the Association South Africa has an alarming number of burn survivors who find their issues and challenges ignored or forgotten by the general public and people in power. Most of them continue with their lives without proper support, counselling and therapy they deserve. Hence the Association held an Imbizo today for burn survivors calling for the end to their stigmitisation and discrimination

To get hold of the Paraffin Safety Association call 021 671 5767 - fax 021 671 0233 - email You can also call their sharecall number on 0861 22 44 22

‘Every year, Everyday I am walking’

Later we interviewed Faniswa Yisa – production and resident actor at the Magnet Theatre, she spoke about the production ‘Every year, Everyday I am walking’. The production traces the story of a young refugee in Africa who loses family and home brutally and irrevocably, is forced to journey to a new place through many dangers and uncertainties. It affirms the ability of human beings to heal and regain a sense of dignity and identity through the power of the imagination. All proceeds will go to a fund supporting refugees.

The production will be on show on 3, 4 & 5 June. That’s today, tomorrow and Thursday and starts at 20h00. The Age suitability of this production is 13 years and older, tickets cost R100. For bookings and more information call the Magnet Theatre office on 021 480 7170 or Jennie on 082 469 2560. Tickets can also be bought at the theatre before the show

Monday, June 02, 2008

2 June 2008

Voluntary counselling and testing centers that will be opening in different parts of the Cape Flats

We started off today’s show with Mpho Modise who does HIV/Aids and lay counselling in Khayelitsha. She’ll be talking about the voluntary counselling and testing centers that will be opening in different parts of the Cape Flats. This non-medical community VCT and TB site is available to the general public,

-To men who use general health services less frequently than women -To youth- through the establishment of youth –friendly VCT services

-To couples, as current VCT are not geared towards the counselling and testing couples

-Through outreach services in the community

If you want more info about the service you can contact Mpho on 021 361 9197. You can also call 021 638 0913 or 082 221 8032.

FREE HIV Testing and counselling at the Bellville long distance taxi rank

Staying on the topic of HIV testing, we’ll be interviewing Xolani Bendlela from New Start. Free HIV testing and counselling is available five days a week at the New Start HIV counselling and testing centre at the Bellville long distance taxi rank. The Centre offers anonymous testing and counselling to all members of the public and HIV test results are available in 20 minutes. You can get yourself tested from Monday to Friday from 8 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon (8am-4pm)

FOR MORE INFO ON THE FREE HIV Testing and counselling at the Bellville long distance taxi rank call 078 040 0637

Youth Skills Imbizo and Open Day

We were also joined by spokesperson for the Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works- Eric Ntabazalila.

MEC Marius Fransman will be hosting a Youth Skills Imbizo and Open Day on Tuesday (tomorrow) for 3000 individuals from local surrounding areas.

The Department’s vision for the Youth Skills Imbizo and Open Day is not only to provide a showcase of skills programmes, employment opportunities and the opportunity for individuals to engage with government on key issues pertaining to skills and employment, it's also an occasion to celebrate the untapped potential that the youth symbolise.

30 May 2008

PANSA concert in aid of Xenophobic violence in Cape Town

South Africa has been plagued in the last weeks by gruesome attacks, and so many people are asking what can be done. In light of this, PANSA (the Performing Arts Network of South Africa) will bring together artists from all over Africa to make themselves heard at the Baxter Thearte on Sunday (1 June 2008) at 15h00 in the ‘We All Benefit’ concert that will celebrate the rich diversity of our continent, and prove that whilst there may be hate in this country, there is still plenty of love to go around. We were joined in-studio by Erica Glyn-Jones who will be talking to us about the concert

Tickets cost R50 and is available at Computicket. Form info contact Erica on 083 567 8989 or Karen Jeynes on 083 946 8526. To join PANSA visit for more info

City promotes dance talent on the Cape Flats

We ended off today’s show with Acting Manager of Arts and Culture at the City of Cape Town- Albert Webster. The youth of Mitchells Plain will get the chance to strut their stuff and learn new dance moves when “Dance Extravaganza”, sponsored by the City of Cape Town’s Urban Renewal Programme starts Friday (6 June) at Spine Road High School. The City’s Arts and Culture Department hopes the project will provide aspirant dances an opportunity to highlight their talent. They will get the opportunity to perform in front of a live studio audience and will also get the opportunity to attend workshops presented by Cape Town’s top dance professionals. A variety of dance styles will be on show from Latin to Hip-Hop, Ballet and Gumboot dancing. Saturday (7 June) is Community Day and the programme includes workshops from 11:00 and a dance spectacular from 15:00 till late. A panel of dance performances and the best groups have the chance of winning R10 000

Persons wishing to participate must obtain the necessary application forms from Natalie Harper at the Cape Town Civic Centre. Contact her on 021 400 2033 or email