Thursday, May 29, 2008

29 May 2008

Anti-drug seminar

We were joined in-studio by Ray Mandulo who is the Sports Promotions officer at the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sports. They hosted an anti-drug seminar yesterday. The aim of the seminar was to inform and educate all sporting stakeholders including sports federations and NGO’s. The seminar addressed the issues of substance/drug abuse in sport and drug/doping testing processes)

If you would like more info on doping in sport you can contact the South African Institute for Drug Free Sport SAID’s Drug free info hotline on 021 448 3888 or you can visit their website on

Child Protection Month and International Childrens Day

According to the Childrens Charter of South Africa, all children are created equal and are entitled to basic human rights and freedoms and that all children deserve respect and special care and protection as they develop and grow. Seeing that Child Protection Month starts tomorrow (30 May) and runs until 30 June we interviewed the National Director of Child Welfare South Africa Beatrix Marais about Child Protection Month and International Childrens Day which will be celebrated on Sunday 1 June

If you would like more information about Child Welfare Western Cape call 021 945 3111, fax 021 945 3123 or visit You can also contact the national office on 011 492 2888, fax 011 492 2884. For general enquiries email

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

28 May 2008

Fundraiser towards Carey’s Bone Marrow fund

We kicked off the show with Carey Boucher who is awaiting a bone marrow transplant. This 25 year-old Kenilworth resident was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia in November 2007. This followed a visit to a dermatologist when she noticed bruises developing all over her face. Tragically there is no match for her in the South African Bone Marrow Registry (SABMR). A search for a local donor in South Africa was unsuccessful and they had to turn to the SABMR Institute to search for possible international donors.

Leukaemia is a cancer of the white blood cells. Just as there are many different types of white blood cells, so there are many types of leukaemia.

If you would like more info call Carey on 079 420 8716. Other fundraising initiatives can be viewed at the website These include an SMS campaign where one can SMS the word HOPE to 38665 at R10 and proceeds will go to Carey’s fund. The South African Bone Marrow Registry website is, or telephone (021) 404 6445, or e-mail

Childline focuses on the Boy child for Child Protection Month

We then had social worker at Childline- Abigail Long regarding Child Protection Month. Childline’s focus for Child Protection Month is the ‘boy child’. With a focus on the boy child, the intention is to empower and encourage boys to talk. Statistically, one in six boys in South Africa will have been sexually abused before they turn 18. Childline Western Cape find that they do work with more girls than boys, who have been sexually abused, so it is important to empower boys to talk about their feelings and to understand the impact of the abuse on their lives and their emotions.

If you would like to utilise their services or want more info call 021 372 5591

Teenagers and Alcohol Booklet

Later we were joined by the Director of the ARA- the Industry Association for Responsible Alcohol use- Adrian Botha. Yesterday they launched the ‘Teenagers and Alcohol’ booklet. The booklet is a guide for parents and teenagers. The aim of the booklet is to assist parents in initiating conversations with their children about alcohol related issues and will be initially introduced as a pilot project into participating schools in Cape Town

For more info call ARA on 021 702 3032 or fax them on 021 702 2367

Masigcine Childrens Home

We ended off today’s show with Hilda De Beer from the Masigcine (Let us Protect) Childrens Home. The Home is a facility which offers a place of safety to abandoned and orphaned children. In 1989 Eddie Schaeffler form Kuilsriver and a welfare worker saw the need of the homeless, deserted and neglected children in the Mfuleni area. The Home can accommodate 30 children from 3 months to 6 years-old.

For more information call 021 909 1397 or 084 404 1296

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

27 May 2008

Ways to combat Osteoporosis by means of a calcium rich diet

We Interviewed CEO of the National Osteoporosis Foundation Tereza Hough. Osteoporosis is a silent but lethal disease, which often only makes itself known when the first fractures occur and is all too often underestimated as a disease. 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5men will be affected by Osteoporosis (at different stages and for different reasons) in their life times. This means that 4-6 million of South Africans are potential sufferers- many of them children who are purely nourished

Hence a calcium enriched diet is said to help combat Osteoporosis

For more information contact 021 931 7894 or 0861 102 265 or you can visit

Cape Town Refugee Centre

Later we were joined by Director of the Cape Town Refugee Centre- Christina Hender. The Centre caters to the interests and needs of vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers in the Western Cape. According to the Cape Town Refugee Centre- it must be stressed that refugees/asylum seekers are not illegal immigrants, but people who have legal rights to international protection in terms of the United Nations Refugee Conference, to which South Africa is a signatory. Refugees are people who have been forced to flee from war or persecution in their own countries. Many arrive in South Africa with nothing, as they have to flee leaving their possessions behind. The Centre plays an essential role in the transition into their host communities

For more information call the Cape Town Refugee Centre on 021 762 9670

Siziwe Nongawuza secures his spot at Shona Khona National camp

On May 18th hopefuls gathered at he Khayelitsha Stadium to try and impress Shona Khona coaches and Soccer Legends with their skills and hopes of earning a spot at a national camp to be held in July.

Shona Khona says that the stadium came to life when the youngsters took to the field- but it was Siziwe Nongawuza who came out tops to earn this spot at the national camp.

According to one of the Shona Khona co-coordinators Siziwe is an “energetic, accurate on the ball and communicated with team mates. He is a footballer in the making”.

For more info on Shona Khona call 0861 100 980

Monday, May 26, 2008

26 May 2008

World No Tobacco Day

We were joined by Peter Ucko of the National Council Against Smoking. World No Tobacco Day will be celebrated on Saturday 31 May. This year’s theme is Youth Smoking. The use of tobacco products in adolescence usually leads to lifelong addiction in nicotine.

According to the CANSA website ( recent evidence shows that about half of all persistent cigarette smokers who start young are eventually killed by their habit, unless they quit.

Tobacco is the leading preventable cause of death in the world. Tobacco use is said to be one of the biggest public health threats thee world has ever faced.

For more info on the National Council Against Smoking contact 011 720 3145

Computer and Life Skills training for the unemployed

We ended the show with in-studio guest Zain Nazier- Life Skills Facilitator and Computer trainer at New World Foundation

Their main objective is to make the unemployed more employable or self-employed through transferring information, knowledge and skills.

‘To equip the unemployed with life as well as hard skills to enable them to take charge of their own lives and in this process also empowering them with the skills and acknowledge to become employed and self-employed’

For more information contact 021 701 1150 or fax them on 021 701 9594. You can also email Zain at

Friday, May 23, 2008

23 May 2008

Christopher Tokalon

We kicked off today’s show with musician Christopher Tokalon. He is a saxophonist and flautist. As a solo musician or in ensembles he performs a variety of favourite jazz and African standards. Chris had been performing in jazz bands, musicals and theatre events since 1980. He is currently involved in the seven-piece band, KWASSA NKEMBA, which performs a selection of African jazz originals from their CD entitled One World Music. This Sunday 25 May 2008 at 1pm Chris will be live on stage at the Celebrate Life Festival which is taking place at Cape Town High School

Entrance fee for the Festival is R30 per person per day (R15 per day for students, pensioners and disable persons), or a 2-day pass option going for R50.

For more info on the Celebrate Life Festival call 021 683 7161

Vincent Kolbe

We ended off today’s show with Joe Schaffers from the District Six Museum who spoke to us about the tribute (and no he is not dead) that will be taking place on Sunday (25 May 2008) from 15h00 till 17h00 at the Museum for librarian, historian and musician Vince Kolbe.

Kolbe has been a social activist, friend, mentor, teacher and inspiration to Capetonians for many years. His musical gifts are said to be legendary. His encyclopedic knowledge of South African culture has been the wellspring for many academic and popular cultural studies. Musical and spoken tributes can be expected on the afternoon. Donations for a gift for Vincent will be accepted at the event.

For more info about the event call 021 466 7204

Thursday, May 22, 2008

22 May 2008

Bonteheuwel Education and Training Organisation

Today we were joined by Neville van der Rheede of the Bonteheuwel Education and Training Organisation (BETO). This community based organisation was founded in July 2007.

‘One of the aims of the organisation is to raise funds for bursaries to assist learners from three secondary schools in the Bonteheuwel area to embark on tertiary education’

Another of their objectives is to motivate learners from the area to make education their priority, ‘to encourage them to give principals, teachers and parents the necessary co-operation in order to pass their grades with excellent results in order to qualify for a bursary’

The BETO recently had a career exhibition in Bonteheuwel whereby different institutions showcased what they have to offer grade 11 and 12 learners from schools in the area, in terms of courses/degrees/diplomas. The Organisation also strives to give learners the opportunity to do job shadowing.

For more information or if you want to help call Neville on 083 326 9782

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

21 May 2008

UPDATE: Golden Arrow and SATAWU reach agreement

Yesterday we spoke to Golden Arrow spokesperson Vuyisile Mdoda regarding the recent bus strike that left hundreds of commuters stranded.

After meetings held yesterday an agreement was reached between Golden Arrow Bus Service management and the South African Transport and Allied Workers Union, Satawu to hold a series of meetings with the aim of resolving the controversial installation of surveillance equipment on certain of its buses. Mdoda says Satawu has agreed to not blockade any depots or disrupt bus services in the Cape Peninsula during this period. So as of today buses should be running as per normal

Youth Status Report

We Interviewed Chairperson of the Western Cape Youth Commission Vincent Domingo. The Western Cape Youth Commission was appointed by Western Cape Premier- Ebrahim Rassol in 2005. The establishment of a Youth Commission for young people of the Western Cape was long lobbied and struggled for by local political and civil society youth organisaitons. Today the Commission launched the Youth Status Report- the report wrestles with most issues affecting young people. The report proposes conductive “integrated youth development” concepts and exposes the surprising status of young people

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

20 May 2008

‘Faces of Delft’ exhibition

We started off today’s show with photographer Garth von Glehn regarding the exhibition of forced removals of Delft residents.

‘Public housing in South Africa is a problem clouded in confusion; allegations of corruption and misunderstanding, but in the midst of all this confusion are real people, people who need a roof to live under so they can begin to build a life. The exhibition focuses on the forced removals of the Delft Township

“Speakers from UCT and the evictees themselves will be there, so all ya'll get down to the opening night, check the flicks, sculpture, poetry but most of all…speak you're mind and hear another. Best of all it's as free as free as a slap in the face…only better. Art with purpose” says Garth. The exhibition starts on Saturday 24 May 24 and runs until Tuesday, 3 June 2008 at ShelfLife store, 119 Loop Street, Cape Town entry is free and it starts at 7:30pm

For more information contact Garth on 083 3711 342

PICTURED: Garth von Glenn

Bus strikes set to continue

We later interviewed Golden Arrow spokesperson Vuyisile Mdoda. The bus strike that began in Cape Town yesterday has spread to more depots of the Golden Arrow Bus Company and thousands of commuters were late for work again this morning.

The company has signed an agreement with Metro Rail that commuters who have valid weekly or monthly tickets may use them on trains after nine o’clock in the morning. This allowance will last until the strike has been sorted out. The trouble began when bus drivers affiliated to the South African Transport and Allied Workers Union refused to take their buses out of the main depot yesterday. The drivers say one of their grievances is that the company unilaterally installed surveillance equipment on certain buses.

Attempts to get hold of the Provincial Secretary of the South African Transport
Workers Union (SATWU) in the Western Cape Ivaan Abrahaamse- the union who involved in the strike that has left hundreds of people stranded- was unsuccessful.

Xenophobic Violence

We ended off the show with spokesperson for Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security Bongani Maqungwuna about Metro Police and the South African Police Services (SAPS) who are on alert to prevent the spread of Xenophobic violence.

‘The spread of attacks on refugees and foreign nationals from Alexandra through to Gauteng has prompted the City of Cape Town to make preparations to ensure that similar incidents are not instigated on a similar scale in our city’

The City of Cape Town’s Metro Police have developed a risk management plan in conjunction with the SAPS in preparation for any outbreaks of xenophobic violence of the kind that have occurred in Johannesburg over the past week.

Friday, May 16, 2008

16 May 2008

Ukuvuka Kwam Ekufeni

On this cold Friday in Cape Town, we were joined by Author of Ukwuka Kwam Ekufeni -Thembelani Ngenelwa. Ukuvuka Kwam Ekufeni is the first full-length adult title to be published in isiXhosa. It is the translation of Thembelani Ngenelwa’s heart wrenching and inspirational The Day I Died – now available in the author’s mother tongue. He started writing and performing poetry in his days as a student the University of the Western Cape (inspired by struggle heroes and his unique surroundings). He is passionate about telling South African stories through the eyes of the marginalized. In 2003, a near death experience prompted him to write The Day I Died, his first book, which was published in 2007. The Xhosa translation of the book is planned for release in 2008. Thembelani is a performing poet and does motivational speaking in schools and community gatherings.

The book is available at all major book stores

Cape Town Big Band Jazz Festival

We were later joined in studio by with Ann Barr who runs the Cape Town Big Band Jazz Festival. The Festival features music from the 1940’s played by primary, high school and university students. This is the 10th year the Festival will be taking place and to celebrate this- 3 concerts, will be taking place at the Baxter Concert Hall from 29-31 May (Thursday-Saturday). Funds of the concerts will go towards good causes. She was joined by Ross Johnson from Ana Ambush- a marimba project. Also five girls from Rustenburg High School who ended off the show with a performance

Tickets for the Festival cost R60 or R150 for adults for all three days. It’s R35 for scholars

For more information you can call Anne on 021 797 6657 or visit

Career, Skills and Bursaries Information Exhibition

Today more than 700 grade 11 and 12 Bontheuwel learners are expected to attend a Careers, Skills and Bursaries Information Exhibition at the Bonteheuwel Civic Centre. It started at 14h00 and will be open until 18h00

Thursday, May 15, 2008

15 May 2008

National Science Week

This week marks National Science Week (10- 17 May 2008). We were joined by Gillian Arendse Manager of the Science and Technology Awareness Programme at iTemba Labs.

‘National Science Week is an initiative of the Department of Science and Technology which aims to excite youth with science at an early age and to encourage them to develop an interest in studying mathematics and science subjects. While placing emphasis on our youth, awareness is also created among those sectors of society bearing an influence on the subject and career choices of learners’

For more information on National Science Week go to For information on iTemba Labs call 021 843 1000 or visit their website on

The Parent Centre

Later we Interviewed Jann Wotling from the Parents Centre. The Parent Centre was established in 1983 and provides education and training workshops, home-visiting programmes, community talks, support groups as well as parental counselling. Today also marks International Family Day

May 15 is celebrated as the International Day of the Family. This day highlights the importance of families. It aims at fostering equality, bringing about a fuller sharing of domestic responsibilities and employment opportunities. The programmes undertaken to commemorate the day, work towards supporting families in the discharge of their functions. They tend to promote the inherent strengths of families, including their great capacity of self-reliance, and stimulate self-sustaining activities”

For more information on the Parents Centre or if you would like to utilise call 021 762 0116

Disability Legislation

Last but certainly not least, we spoke to Law Professor Tobias Van Reenen of the University of the Western Cape about the Disability Legislation meeting that was held recently at the University Western Cape.

A sub-regional meeting on Disability Legislation-Decent Work for Persons with Disabilities Africa- was held from 12-14 May 2008.

Some of the issues discussed included non-discrimination law and the context of disability as well as current key concepts in disability discrimination legislation

For more information call the Luthando Tyhalibongo on 021 959 2625/2627

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

14 May 2008

Child Welfare

Child Welfare’s National Director Ashley Theron joined us today and spoke about the Child Welfare Organisation and International Child Protection Week- which will be celebrated next week.

Child Welfare South Africa (CWSA) is an umbrella body that represents 171 affiliates and branches as well as developing children’s organisations in communities throughout South Africa. Together with its members it forms the largest non-profit, non-governmental organisation in the country in the fields of child protection and child and family care and development

For more information on the organisation call 021 9453 111, fax 0219453 123 or email

Southern African Fraud Protection Services

Identity Theft and Impersonation are becoming a serious problem both here in South Africa and worldwide.

Executive Director of Southern African Fraud Protection Services (SAFPS) Pat Cunningham also joined us. SAFPS is a non-profit membership association solely dedicated to the prevention of financial crime.

If you believe you have been impersonated or your identity stolen then;

1. Register with our free Protective Registration Service by clicking on the button on the left of the screen "Lost or Stolen ID or Passport". They will circulate your details to all the major banks and retailers to try and stop the criminal use of your ID book. (Conditions apply)

2. Request your credit profile from the credit bureaux;

TransUnion - 0861482482

Experian - 0861105665

3. Don't give your personal details, credit card numbers, PIN numbers and other personal information over the phone, the internet or to anybody you don't know.

For more information either contact the SAFPS Help-Line on 0860 101 248. For a registration form – fax on demand to 082 239 2828, call them on 011 869 6460 or email

Colorectal Cancer

We also interviewed Celéste Naudé a Registered Dietician from the Nutrition Information Center at the University of Stellenbosch (NICUS) about Colorectal Cancer. This type of Cancer is a leading cause of cancer death in the western world.

The relatively poor survival has prompted the emphasis on prevention of this devastating disease. CRC is one of the two major cancers, the risk of which is commonly agreed to be modified mainly by food, nutrition and lifestyle habits.

“In general, an astonishing 60-70% of cancer cases have been directly linked to our daily dietary and lifestyle habits,” says the NICUS website.

The website also says that smoking is thought to contribute to the development of 30% of all cancers and dietary factors to 35%. These figures effectively imply that the majority of human cancers are potentially preventable. Certain dietary factors are protective against cancer, while others can contribute to the development thereof. It’s thus clear that a series of small adjustments in what we eat and what we do can make a big difference.

CRC is said to be the second major cancer (after stomach cancer)- the risk which is commonly agreed to be modified mainly by food, nutrition and lifestyle habits.

For more info email

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

13 May 2008

National Consumer Forum

We continued the debate today on high food prices with an interview with Chairperson of the National Consumer Forum Thami Bolani. According to the Forum, a lack of leadership and profiteering by certain private sector organisations is leaving consumers at the mercy of high and rising food prices.

‘The lack of action on this issue has meant that poor consumers have been left stranded,’

"It is the democratic responsibility of government, and the moral responsibility of the private sector, to work with civil society and find solutions to this crisis," says Bolani.

For more information on the Forum call 012 428 7071

Energy City Summit

We were later joined by Sithole Mbanga, CEO of the SA Cities Network.

In the wake of limited medium term electricity supplies, steep increases in the cost of electricity, and the new tax on energy generated through non-renewable sources there is a Renewable Energy City Summit underway in Stellenbosch’

It is hosted by the SA Cities Network at the Spier Conference Centre today and tomorrow.

Farm workers Sports Day

We ended off the show with Deputy Director of Sports Transformation- Bennett Bailey who spoke to us about Sports development and transformation that was the drivers behind the Farm Worker’s Sports Day hosted by the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport in Robertson earlier this month.

Farm workers have been one group of the community that has always been marginalized- and in a bid to reverse matters and encourage transformation the event was created especially for them.

For more information call 021 483 9631

Monday, May 12, 2008

12 May 2008

Denver and Renee Andreas Youth Club (DRAYC)

We started off this weeks programme with an in-studio interview with Lynnecia Tities from the Denver and Renee Andreas Youth Club (DRAYC). The Club was started in 2004 and operates within the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town.

They are raising funds to build a youth centre where they would like to help rape survivors and educate people about rape. They also want to offer a facility whereby drug addicts can be rehabilitated.

If you would like to help them or would like more information contact Lynnecia Tities on 021 946 1505 or 084 381 6958 or email her at

pictured: Lynnecia Tities

Action Forum Against high prices, low wages and unemployment

Fed up with high food prices and your salary not matching the high cost of living?

Well the organisation 'Action Forum Against high prices, low wages and unemployment ' are also up in arms about the issue hence we interviewed Shaheed Mohamed from the Forum. They are inviting all members of the public to attend a meeting at Community House in Salt River tonight (Monday 12 May) at 17h30. The focus of the meeting will be the petition campaign as well as a programme of action especially on high food prices.

For more information call Shaheed on 082 202 0617

‘Caught Out’

We ended off our Monday show with Laurianne Claase- author of the cricket match-fixing exposé - 'Caught Out'.

Laurianne will host a talk at the Sports Science Institute, Boundary Road Newlands on Friday 16 May at 10h30.

‘The talk will explore the multi-billion dollar illegal gambling network that is the engine driver behind world cricket, expose the elements and patterns of the fix and reveal the cover-ups and collusions, the money and the murders that taint the ‘gentleman’s game’

For more information on the talk call Ross Tucker's on 021 659 8061

Friday, May 09, 2008

9 May 2008


Frank and Lisa Du Plessis of the company-Bands 4 Africa kicked off today’s show. They joined us in-studio and the aim of the company is to establish a formal platform where talent can be nurtured and developed, and existing artists can excel in a secure and ethical working environment.

A bit of background on our interviewees- Francois du Plessis is a well known, experienced and accomplished, solo entertainer. Assisting him with the company is his wife Lisa- who has an accomplished dancing background and has been involved within the music industry for the past 14 years. Together they are a formidable combination, focusing on the successful implementation of their combined visions in the Cape Town Music Industry.

Bands4Africa was formed to source and supply the appropriate Entertainment for your event or venue and to the continuous improvement, education and edification of their Artists within the Cover Music industry.

They are currently busy with the 2008 New Talent search competition at Quay 4 with the aim of documenting every cover artiste/band performing in Cape Town and surrounding areas. There is a R20 000 cash prize and a 3 month contract to perform at Quay 4 for the winner as well as other prizes.

Entry is online at and there is no age restriction, on the competition. For more information call Francois on 082 578 6203

pictured: Francois and Lisa

Cape Town Book Fair

Director of the Cape Town Book

Fair Vanessa Badroodien also joined us. More than 200 authors will be at the Cape Town Book Fair- including international best-selling authors. With over 400 events on the programme this is set to be the biggest book fair yet.

“The Cape Town Book Fair has really captured the heart of the public,” says Badroodien, “three years ago when we launched it we wondered if people would attend it, but they did in their thousands and last year the festival broke CTICC records with 49 000 people streaming through the doors.”

The fair will wrap up a bouquet of events and opportunities for the public and trade alike as it promotes reading and publishing in South Africa.

The Cape Town Book Fair runs from 14-17 June 2008 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre


Thursday, May 08, 2008

8 May 2008

‘Move for your Health’ campaign

On today’s show we had Catherine Couper from the Sports Science Institute. As part of a global World Health Organisation campaign to promote and encourage regular physical activity for a healthy lifestyle, the Sports Science Institute of South Africa along with other partners have united to spread the campaign message “Move for Your Health”.

'According to the 2007 “Healthy Active Kids Report Card“, a scientific document that assessed the state of health of South Africa’s children, it was found that their most commonly reported leisure time activity is cell phone use, followed by sitting in front of the TV or computer. In addition, 40% of them are getting little or no moderate to vigorous activity each week. Clearly, the message “Move for your health” is one they need to hear and act on. '

They will be having two events- one on Sunday May 18 where a fun run/ walk will be taking place. From 19-24 May 2008 they will be having an Open Day at the Sports Science Institute - the Institute will open its gym facility to the general public.

For more info on the Fun Run/ Walk contact Leigh on 072 447 1600 or email

For more info on the Open Day call 021 659 5600, visit or

FAMSA- Western Cape

Later we were joined in-studio by the Western Cape coordinator and co-facilitator at the Family and Marriage Society organisation (FAMSA) -Mercia Marsh. They are offering a FREE13-day training course whereby they train volunteers to become lay counsellors to work not only for the organisaiton, but also in the communities that they live in.

Those who want to volunteer should be community orientated, be English/Afrikaans speaking, have good writing skills and show commitment to completing the training.

A certificate will be awarded to those who complete the training.

For more information call 021 447 0170/021 372 0022 or 021 361 9098

pictured: Mercia Marsh

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

7 May 2008

HIV/Aids Symposium

We kicked off today’s show with Professor David Dickinson- from Wits Business School- who is also involved with the 2nd HIV/AIDS Symposium which brings together researchers and practitioners in the field of HIV/AIDS in the workplace.

This year the symposium focuses on 3 important themes namely prevention, community and the second economy. These issues are said to reflect the current challenges in making workplace programmes effective. Other areas such as testing, discrimination and treatment will also be explored.

This Symposium is open to the public and will take place from the 29th to 30th of May 2008 at Wits Business School, Parktown- Johannesburg.

“We will be sharing at the symposium what we have learned about our efforts to combat HIV/Aids in the workplace and the challenges we are facing,” says Dickinson.

For more information on the Symposium please contact co-chair: David Dickinson call (011) 717 3572, email:

Lifeline/ Childline training courses

Lifeline/ Childline Western Cape are offering training for those who would like to become counsellors for the organisation or for those who would just like to know more about themselves. The organisaiton is said to be the province's leading provider of counselling services.Ruth Martin senior manager and facilitator at the organisation joined us in studio to speak about the courses.

They are offering training courses in Khayelitsha, Cape Town and Bishop Lavis throughout the year.

The next course in the areas mentioned above is set to start in July.

‘By completing the two nine-week courses (a personal growth course and then a counselling skills course) both comprising of one 3 hour session per week for the nine weeks, you become eligible for selection as a volunteer counsellor for the organisation’

Training courses cost R1 100 each and there are a few bursaries available upon application.

If you are interested in participating in any of the courses call 021 461 1113 for Cape Town, 021 934 4822 for Bishop Lavis or 021 361 9197 for Khayelitsha.

picture (right): Ruth Martin