Thursday, January 31, 2008

Backchat 31st January 2008

**Spier Contemporary Exhibition**
The Spier Contemporary Exhibition is taking place till the end of February.

We were joined Sanell Aggenbach and Brett Murray who are both artists in the Spier Contemporary 2007 exhibition.

They explain that the exhibition is the the biggest of its kind with only 120 artworks chosen from over 2137 works submitted.

The exhibition closes on the 20th of February at the Spier Estate, where the final winners will be announced. There are seven award winners all sharing R700 000.

**Willie Bester**
Willie Bester then joined us!
Willie is a resistant artist from the Western Cape who creates art from recycled waste he collects at scrapyards and waste places.

Willie is currently having an exhibition at the Iziko Museum and will later in the year have another exhibition in New York. For more information visit the Iziko Museum

**Jonny Cooper Big Band**

We were then joined by Jonny Cooper the mastermind behind the Jonny Cooper Big Band.

Cooper explains his love for swing music came when he was living in England and was exposed to it while attending Swing concerts.
The Jonny Cooper Big Band consist of 19 members and will be performing at the Spier Estate on the 8th of February 2008.

They have been inducted into the Glen Miller Big Band Hall of Fame, and are officially representatives of the Big Bands in Africa.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Backchat 30 January 2008

** Tree Of Life**

Today we started the show with the main performer of the play Tree Of Life Fahruq Valley-Omar. The play is based on the writings of Paulo Coelho and draws from various cultures, with the central theme being Faith.

The motivating factor is to create a greater awareness in the diversity of religion as practiced by the peoples of South Africa, thereby working towards a much needed tolerance.

It is presented in vignettes, each representing different cultures, themes and religions, which are insightful, sad, celebratory, often humorous and didactic in nature.

The play is directed by Zane Meas who is better known as "Neville Meintjies" from the popular soapie 7de laan.

It will take place at the Intimate Theatre, Hiddingh Hall Campus, Orange Street, Gardens.
For more information contact 084 426 1505

**Die Hendicks Familie van 80 Waterkloof Straat, Kimberley**
We then rounded up today's show speaking to Andrew Frank Hendricks the author of the Die Hendricks Familie van 80 Waterkloof Straat, Kimberley.

Andrew explains the book is an autobiography of his life and how he grew up. He explains that it took an extensive amount of research to compile the book as many sources have passed on.

He explains that he's family stretches across South Africa but are now mostly settled in Western Cape.

For more information on Die Hendricks Familie van 80 Waterkloof Straat, Kimberley contact Andrew Frank Hendricks on 083 756 4110

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Backchat 29th January 2008


We started off todays show chatting with Martine Joubert from the Heart and Stroke Foundation. They are appealing to all couples ato express their love for one another by sporting a Dress Red sticker for Valentine's Day.

They invite all people to purchase a Red Dress Sticker for R5 at all Mr Price Everyday, Home, Sport, Kids, Miladys and Sheet Street stores, and to wear something red for the special day of 14 February.

For further information on how to order your stickers vistit


We then rounded off the show with a chat to Cher Poznanovich who is the Fundraising Manager for the SPCA.

She elaborated that the SPCA will be having their 13th annual Horse Show on the 9th and 10th of February 2008 at the Milnerton Riding Club in Koeberg Road, Milnerton.

She says that the Horse Show is the largest charity horse show in the Western Cape and raises money specifically for the SPCA Horse Care Unit.

Entrance at the gate will be R10 per car and each ticket enters each person into a lucky draw.

For more information about the SPCA Horse Show and details about the SPCA Horse Care Unit contact 021 700 4141 or 021 700 4180

Monday, January 28, 2008

Backchat 28 January 2008


We kicked off today's show in a discussion with Local Government and Housing MEC Qubudile Richard Dyanti about the 1000 volunteer programme the department will be launching on the 04 February 2008.

He explains that the reason for the programe is based on the notion to fight against poverty and the housing shortage in the Western Cape.

This follows after the MEC made in his 2006/7 budget speech that his department will commit itself to embark on the 1000 volunteer preogramme to build 100-150 houses between 21 Janury until 30 June 2008.

The launch will be attended by Western Cape Premier Ebrahim Rasool, MEC for Local Government and Housing Qubudile Richard Dyanti and other officials of Government. The building of the Houses will start at 6am in Wallacedene near Kraaifontein.

**Gold of Africa Museum**

We were then joined in the second half of the show by Helen Joannides the Museum Educator at the Gold of Africa Museum.

She explains that the museum will launch a "Time Machine" which is an interactive school programme taking learners on a journey through time and space to different "destinations."

The main purpose of the programme is to help kids answer the question, Why Is Gold So Important In The History of Africa.

For more information contact Gold of Africa Musuem on 021 405 1540

Friday, January 25, 2008



Today we were joined by Peter Kratz the director of Men On the Side Of The Road.

Peter explains that Men on the Side of the Road Project was launched in 2001 aimining to help men standing on the side of the road waiting expectantly for contractors, homeowners, anyone who can offer them a job or some sort of employment.
He explains that they do this by providing a chain for members to pull themselves up on.
This chain consists of:
-member registration
-skills assessment
-skills development
and work experience.

They have offices located in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Nelspruit, George and Kimberley.

For more information contact 021 448 9000 or visit


We were then joined by Claire and Ryan Minnaar from

The explain that websites serves as a comprehensive directory of wedding related services and service providers for South Africa, and hence do not serve as a booking office for weddings and special events.

Examples of wedding services they provide are:
-antenuptial contracts
-honeymoon packages
-transportation and
-wedding venues
For more information contact

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Backchat 24 January 2008

**Quaker Peace Centre**

Today we spoke to the manager of the Quaker Peace Centre Martin Struthmann.
The mission statement of the Quaker Peace Centre is to build a non-violent society where diversity is celebrated, the energies of conflict are turned into a positive transforming power and where the democratic rights of every individual are respected, protected and pursued.

He explains that some problems they deal with at the centre is Youth at Risk which is a project which operated in prison aiming to assist young prisoners to develop respect for the rule of law as well as to develop pride in themselves.

Other programmes offered are:
Celebrating Diversity
Positive Discipline
Herbs and Food Preservation

For more information contact the Quaker Peace Centre on 021 85 7800 or visit www.


Lastly we spoke to Project Co-ordinator of Yabonga Yvette Rogers.

Yabonga is an organisation which aims to bring about change in the lives of HIV positive and their affected communities. Their objective is to promote positive healthy living. This includes improved self-esteem, prospects for work and the provision of food and better health for themselves and their families.

The organisation stated in 1998 and they provided support for educare centres that were operating informally in squatter settlements.

For more information on Yabonga contact 021 761 2940 or visit

Friday, January 18, 2008

Backchat 18 January 2008

*Western Cape Musicians Associations -Benevolent Fund*

We started today's show talking to an co-ordinator of the Western Cape Musicians Association about the Benevolent that they are launching.
He says that during 2005 the Cape Town cultural sector, in particular the jazz community was taken aback when legendary jazzman and saxophonist Robbie Jansen became seriously ill. Family, friends, fans, promoters, deejays, radio personalities, night club owners and live music venues united to contribute to Mr. Jansen’s hospital and medical bills.

It was then that their partners in Government realized that musicians and artists have no medical aid, insurance or life policies. Thanks to officials such as Dr Jean Benjamin and Mr. Rod Solomons (ex-Head of Department: Cultural Affairs & Sport) who motivated that Provincial government do something about the situation, it was decided that an association be established to protect the rights of musicians as well as educate our musicians and artists.

The WCMA Benevolent Fund will take place:
Venue: The G-Spot
Address: Shop 8/9, Viking Business Park, Showgrounds Avenue, Epping Industria.
Date: 28th January 2008
Time: 9pm till late
Donation: R20,00 or more
For more information please contact Kirsten Francis or Brad Van Sitters at 021- 421-7643 / 021-425 7680 or website: or email:
*Spirit of Africa*

We were then joined by Lynne Holmes from Desert Rose and Pretty Yende discussing the Spirit Of Africa CD.
The CD who is a tribute to Chief Albert Luthuli aims to unite South Africans through music consists of well known artists.
For more information contact visit alternatively e-mail

*Refugees in Cape Town*

During the 2nd hour of Backchat Marthe van der Wolf took over the show discussing the situation surroundingthe refugees in Cape Town. For the last few months they have made headlines numerous times. Braam and Ben of refugee advocacy group Passop (People Against Suffering Suppression Oppression and Poverty) visited the studio together with Steve and Marius. They are from Zimbabwe and DRC trying to seek asylum in South Africa.

The conversation was joined by Chairperson of the Home Affairs Committee Patrick Chauke and Captain Randall Stoffels of the South African Police Service. We discussed the problems at the Home Affairs office, how Capetonians thinks about refugees and the relations between the refugees and the police.

For more information you can visit the website of Passop:

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Backchat 17 January 2008

*Cape Town / Lydia Williams Opera Project*

Peter Voges the leader of the Cape Town/Lydia Williams Opera Project joined us today.

The first Cape Town Opera on slavery based on the life of Lydia Williams, working tile tammeletjie which is Lydia’s nickname.
Music is drawn from Cape Traditional music.
Hopefully it will be performed on the 23 August 2010 which is memory day. He says must add that the score will take two years.

For more information contact
Peter Voges
Cell 0733765411

*Library Business Corners*

Gail Jacobs the CEO of Library Business Corners then joined us telephonically today.
Library Business Corners (LBC) was established as a programme to help disseminate relevant business information to existing and prospective business enterprises in a cost effective way. The initiative started in 1999 when the Cape Metropolitan Council (now the City of Cape Town) funded the establishment of small business corners in initially twelve libraries.
Currently there are 89 LBC’s in the Cape, 53 in Cape Town and 36 in Western Cape provincial towns. There are already many more libraries that have adopted the LBC concept but have not yet been fully been incorporated into the support programme.

For more information contact
Gail Jacobs
Tel: 021-421 0049
Fax: 021-421 1025


Yusuf Ganief the founder of the Spirit of Africa Arts Foundation joined us today talking about their Spirit if Africa CD.

The Spirit of Africa produced by Lynne Holmes of Desert Rose Music has united some of the city’s and South Africa’s finest artists, offering an eclectic mix of classical, indigenous and world music sounds – from the African Cora, Bushmen Bow and other indigenous instruments played by Pops Mohamed; to the more classical tones of the guitar played by Alvin Dyers and percussion by Dizu Plaatjies. Other vocals range from the provocative operatic voices of Mamela’s trio, Aubrey Lodewyk, Given Nkosi and Pretty Yende, and the traditional powerful African voice of Nobuhle Ketelo. This distinctive blend of voices and instruments evokes a plethora of emotions that speaks of the colourful, dignified and the diverse talents of the Spirit of Africa.

The music album pays tribute to one of South Africa’s favourite sons, Chief Albert Luthuli, leader of the African National Congress from 1952 until 1967 and widely respected for his promotion of peace and self respect in the face of adversity.

The CD cover and art work design is a reproduction of the African heritage painting from Harrison’s Chief Albert Luthuli Collection, called the ‘African Madonna.’

For more information on Spirit of Africa visit alternatively, e-mail

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Backchat 16 January 2008

*Athlone School For The Blind*

We opened up today's show chatting to Fletcher Fisher the principal of Athlone school for the Blind.
He explains that the school educates informs and provide skills for the completely blind, and the visually impaired

The school is situated in Bellville South and not Athlone for more information contact
Athlone school of the Blind on 021 951 2239

*The Haven Night Shelter*
We were then joined by Hassan Khan the CEO from the Haven Night Shelter.
He says that they believe in:
-To make available temporary shelter, rehabilitation opportunities, social welfare services, family reunification services, physical care and support to adult people living on the streets who are committed to reintegration.
-To partner and co-operate with religious institutions, organisations, welfare bodies, service providers, businesses, government departments, local authorities and individuals concerned with the care and welfare of the destitute.
-To promote community awareness of the social problems arising out of destitution and to encourage the participation of the public in the alleviation of such problems.

-To reduce the opportunities for people to continue to live on the streets.

For more information contact the The Haven Night Shelter on 021 461 7830 or visit

*Dementia SA*

We then ended today's show with a talk to Karen Borochowitz from Dementia SA.

Dementia is a term used to describe various different brain disorders that have in common a loss of the thinking function. Its a progressive, degenerative brain syndrome that affects memory, thinking behaviour and emotion. A disease such as Alzheimer's disease is also another form of dementia.
For more information on Dementia SA contact 021 421 0077/78 or visit

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Backchat 15 January 2008

*IZIKO MUSEUMS OF CAPE TOWN - SUMMER SCHOOL*Today Wandile Goozen Kasibe joined us from the Iziko Museums of Cape Town discussing their Summer School programme which will be opening on Thursday 31st of January 2008.

The theme of the programme which will consist of symposia, workshops, films and activities is Museums, Climate Change and Africa’s Indigenous Heritage.

The event will be opened officially by MEC for Environment, Planning and Economic Development Tasneem Essop.

The Summer school ends on the 29th of February with a poetry evening by Diana Ferrus at the Iziko Slave Lodge.
For more information contact Wandile Goozen Kasibe on 021 481 3804/13 or

We were then joined by Mark Alva from the Aquatrap Dripper System.
Mark explains that the system is highly efficient for 'small holding' farmers, nurseries and urban agricultural projects.
The system:
-requires no electricity
-ensures equal water distribution and improvement in crop quality and yields
-ensures fertilizing through the system which is diluted in the tank
-stands on a solid steel tank which is appropiate for any surface
-is eco-friendly and saves water
-easy to use and maintain
For more information on the Aquatrap Dripper System contact:
Mark on 082 974 0797
Paul on 076 192 5541 or
Sue on 082 440 2178

Monday, January 14, 2008

Backchat 14 January 2008

*Impumelelo Innovations Award Trust*
Mark Lotter from the Impumelelo Innovations Award Trust joined us via telephone today discussing what the trust is all about.

The Trust aims to enhance the quality of life of poor communities in innovative ways. The Trust distributes approximately R1 million to the most exceptional award winning poverty reduction projects.

The prize money that is allocated must be used for the following two purposes:

# to spread the word to others in similar situations so they'll be encouraged to replicate these projects

# to develop resources and build staff capacity within their organisations

For more information about the Impumelelo Innovations Award Trust contact 021 461 3783 or email -

*National Sea Rescue Institute*
Meriell Bartlett then joined us in the studio talking about the National Sea Rescue Institute and how occupied they were trying to save people's lives on our beaches.

The NSRI is a non-profit organisation that helps anyone at anytime free of charge. Sea Rescue depends only on highly skilled volunteers to keep the country's water safe. Donations and sponsorships cover the annual costs of the institute which is R10m.

They have 29 coastal and 3 inland stations. They also have a fleet of 72 rescue craft and 21 vehicles which is being operated by 840 highly skilled volunteer crew members.

To contact the NSRI contact 021 434 4011 or 041 374 8315.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Backchat 11 January 2008

Today we started the show off with an interview with Sonia Esgueira the comedian who wrote this comedy about Portuguese people in South Africa.

The show takes place at the Artscape Theatre from 8-27 January and at Monte Casino in Johannesburg in February 2008.

For more information contact Palesa Mokomele on 076 566 29 68.
Bookings can be done at Computicket

*People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA)*

We then chatted to Linda de Klerk from PDSA who told us about their organisation and what they are involved with.

The PDSA takes care of sick animals at various animal hospitals across the country.

The number of animals cared for by the PDSA varies from time to time, but at present we treat more than 240 000 animals a year. While it is costly to provide surgery and nursing, we continue to provide treatment of high professional standards.

For more information contact 021 638 5434 or visit

*Sunnydale Animal Sterilisation Health Association (SASHA)*
Dr Yvonne Robson joined us from SASHA discussing what they are busy to change the lives of animals in Fish Hoek.

In 1999 Dr Yvonne Robson, a concerned veterinarian, started helping an animal welfare organisation as a volunteer and in April 2004 she joined another welfare organisation full time and started a clinic in Sunnydale in order to assist with the needs of the animals from the underprivileged areas of the southern peninsula.
For more information contact 021 785 4748 or visit

*Woodside Special Care Centre*

We then rounded off the show with a chat with Cheryl Beaton from the Woodside Special Care Centre.
She explains that as a result of the enormous need for specialised care for the profoundly intellectually disabled, Woodside was established in 1976. The initial intake of residents was 20. This however grew rapidly to the present number of 90 residents, which is their current capacity. They are located on the corner of 7th Avenue and Lawson Road in Rondebosch East. They have been offering this vital service for 30 years.
For more information contact Cheryl on 021 696 2811 or visit

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Backchat 10 January 2008

*Sun Safe Awareness Month*

Today we started off the show talking to Dorothy du Plooy from the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA). She was emphasising that anyone that is exposed to the sun should be protected.

She advised that sunscreen be worn and umbrellas be carried as too much exposure to the sun's rays can lead to skin cancer.

#Ensure that if you are using a sunscreen that it has SPF15 written on the product

For more information contact CANSA on 021 689 5347


Ria Grant then joined us and spoke about the dangerous Xtreme Drug Resistant TB which is causing many deaths in the Western Cape and in South Africa.

XDR TB is caused by the development of TB bacteria, which becomes extremely resistant to the ordinary TB drugs.

South Africa has been ranked 9th in the world by the World Health Organisation who notifies the most number of TB cases every year.

For more information contact TB Care Association on 021 762 4934


Professor Phil Hockey the Acting Director of the Percy Fitzpatrick Institute at UCT then joined us explaining what ornithology is all about.
Ornithology is the study of the science of birds.

The Percy Fitzpatrick Institute is situated at the University of Cape Town

For more information contact the institution on 021 650 3290

*Peter de Villiers-new bok Coach*

We then rounded off the show chatting to rugby commentator and former springbok hooker Owen Nkumane about the new Springbok coach Peter de Villiers. The expert gave the man who now holds the most coveted job in South African sport a good review.

The coach who comes from Paarl has a healthy history of the game of rugby and was the coach of the Emerging Springboks last year.

He has been given a two year contract to take charge of the Springboks.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Backchat 9th January 2008

*Roaches invade Cape Town*

Today we spoke to Mark Enslin the chairman of the South African Pest Control Association on the cockroach problem in Cape Town.

According to Enslin the ‘roach’ problem is due to the increase of poor sanitation, urbanization, increased economic activity and global warming.
For those with cockroach problems should be aware that the grimy creatures breed faster in summertime under warm and humid conditions.

He has advised that those with cockroach problems should seek professional help or contact the South African Pest Control Association on 021 982 0466.

*Whisper Boat Building Academy*

This organisation is a Public Benefit Organisation which is based in Cape Town. For the better of the community the organisation uplifts and inspires deaf students by providing them the necessary skills in the Boat Building Industry. The deaf students who comes from Khayelitsha gets enriched with the skills and in so doing learn more about the building industry.

For more information on the Whisper Boat Building Academy visit or on 021 790 5905.

*Observatory Neighbourhood Watch.*

We then rounded off the show chatting to David Raphael wher
e they are appealing to Metrorail to close the fence next to Milner Road as the open fence pose a threat to society and an escape route for criminals. Good news is that Metrorail are busy with the matter and according to Raphael the railway giant has said they will be closing the open fence.
For more information on the Observatory Neighbourhood Watch contact their chairman David Raphael on 072 065 7223.
pictures courtesey of:
& obs neighbourhood watch

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Backchat 8 January 2008

The Khanya Project

Today we had Ingrid Graham from Khanya Project in-studio discussing the different developments surrounding Khanya.

Khanya Project is an initiative of the Western Cape Education Department focussing on rehabilitating children through teachings, technology and information.

The organisation focuses on:
*Shortage of teaching capacity
*Need for co-ordination of efforts
*Bridging the Digital Divide
*Preparing the Western Cape for the Knowledge Economy of the 21st Century

The organisation has received many accolades the latest being the Impumelelo Gold Award which it received in February 2007.

They can be contacted on 021 467 2223
or go to

Young Women's Empowerment Workshop

We chatted to Gabriella Havard who will be presenting a workshop on empowering women together with Bulelwa Basse who is a poet.

The idea of their workshop came after Gabriella attended a conference in New York and this inspired her to reach out to other young women around the world.

The conference will take place at the Guga S'thebe,Langa
Saturday 12 January 2008

"Hansie" the movie

We then spoke to Peter Morgan from Global Creative Studios discussing the developments around Hansie the movie which is about the late former Proteas captain Hansie Cronje.

For more information contact Global Creative Studios on 021 980 9300

Monday, January 07, 2008

Traffic over festive season

7 January 2008

Today we spoke to City Traffic spokesperson Searle Johannes about the situation on Western Cape roads.

Johannes said that although the death toll on the Western Cape's roads had decreased, many lives are still being lost.

The worrying factor the spokesperson said was that drunk driving was very popular over festive season and many arrests were made.

In the past week an accident occurred on the N7 near Mooreesburg claiming the lives of 5 people.

He says that the City Traffic appeals to all drivers to be vigilant and dont drink and drive.