Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mandela Day Book Drive

Today Lee-Ann Roberts and Katie Horne from HWB Communications visited Bush Radio. They were talking about how they are going to participate in Mandela day and make a difference in their neighbourhood on Friday.

HWB Communications, which is a local PR and Communications consultancy, have partnered with the Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village in a drive to collect books for the Prestwich Primary School in Green Point.

The idea is that they will collect books during the week, and on the 18 July they will spend 67 minutes reading books aloud for children at a local school. In that way, they hope that they can build a culture of reading at the school and also inspire the kids to read for enjoyment.
Lee-Ann and Katie are asking everyone who wants do donate books, to hand them in at their office, or in cardboard collection bins placed around the Cape Quarter.
Moreover, the Bay Bookshop in the Cape Quarter is offering a 20% discount on any book purchased for the donation box in that store.

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