Friday, November 28, 2008

Today on Backchat we spoke to Daphne Jansen from the Mitchells Plain Network Opposing Women Abuse. The organisation addresses the issues surrounding domestic violence against women. For more information you may contact 021 376 2780.

We also spoke to Debbie from Carehaven. Debbie is a social worker at Carehaven, which provides shelter and refuge for abused women and children. For more information you may contact 021 638 5511

We spoke to father-and-daughter team Mary and Joe Faragher. Joe is a South African artist who has 40 years experience in all aspects of ceramic art and he and his daughter Mary will be talking about Deadly Semantics-Boer War Ceramic Arts, which will be on display next month.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Today on Backchat we were joined on the line by Brian Dutlow. Brian is the Strandfontein Community Policing Forum chairperson and he spok to us about the crime awareness and substance abuse awareness programme to be held in Strandfontein. The programme will be held on Monday the 1st of December at the MEC hall in Caravelle Road. The event will start at 7:30 pm. Various guest speakers such as Ms Lynn De Bruyn, (a social worker of NICRO) and Mr. John Roberts, (a substance abuse field worker) will address the issues of domestic violence and the dangers of substance abuse. The Strandfontein CPF would like all the residents to get involved to improve the safety of the area. Major concerns for Strandfontein include the increase of house-breakings and robberies, due to drug addicts trying to feed their habit. For more information you may contact Mr. Dutlow on 082 388 6739.

We also spoke to Sophie Hobbs, the Head of Communications at GreaterGood South Africa. GreaterGood SA has been described as the first social online marketplace for people who want to make a difference in our country. Today we spoke about their Make Christmas Matter campaign, and Sophie told us a bit about the campaign since Christmas is approaching fast. The Make Christmas Matter campaign basically encourages South Africans to buy gifts that will make a difference in others lives. Hobbs said that the Christmas holiday has become so commercialised and all about money that we quickly forget that the holiday is about spending time with loved ones. So to sum it up, instead of buying your kid a PlayStation game of R250, you could buy a new school uniform for an orphaned child. Or instead of the normal soap-on-a-rope gift, why not spend the R50 on Vitamins for someone living with HIV or stationery for a rural school child. It’s these simple things that could make a difference. So go ahead and make the donation if you can. The number to dial is 021 794 0580 or simply visit Don’t forget to support International Buy Nothing Day on 29 November.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Today on Backchat we were joined on the line Elizabeth Appollis from Family and Marriage Society of South Africa (FAMSA). FAMSA provides marriage guidance and counseling. The family is considered the nucleus of society and when it is weakened, it falls apart. This is the sole reason why FAMSA was established. Health, functional family life form part of their core values. It provides the necessary guidance for marriage and counseling. For more information contact 021 447 7951 or visit

We were then joined in studio by Ingrid Graham from Khanya Projects. Now Ingrid is not new to the Backchat family. Today she spoke about the new projects Khanya projects has to offer. For those who don’t know Khanya Project is an initiative by the Western Cape Education Department to determine the contribution that technology could make a difference. And what a difference they are making! For more information contact 021 467 2223 or visit

We were also joined on the line Cindy Celliers from NICRO Mitchells Plain. NICRO is blowing the whistle against crime. At local, provincial and national level NICRO stages events to encourage crime prevention in addition to raising awareness and funds. For more information visit or contact 021 397 6060.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Today on Backchat we were joined on the line by Mr. Naidoo from Colleen’s Place of Safety. Colleen’s Place of safety is a home started by Colleen Naidoo and her husband (Mr. Naidoo) in Mitchells Plain. She runs the place of safety from her home in Beacon Valley with the assistance of 3 care-givers. For more information 021 376 1417

Monday, November 24, 2008

Today on Backchat we were joined on the line by Kholeka from the Rape Crisis Centre. The Rape Crisis Centre provides holistic, gender sensitive assistance, prevention and empowerment in all forms of sexual violence. The centre provides and support to thousands of victims who have fallen prey to the crime of rape. Rape Crisis aims to eliminate all forms of gender violence. For more information you may contact 021 361 9228

We were joined in studio by Rogeiro from Soccer 4 Hope. Soccer 4 Hope is an initiative by Hoops4Hope that supports youth and community development in our country. Soccer 4 Hopes’ aim is to stop the spread of HIV and address the issues that face our children on a daily basis. Soccer4Hope combines the joy of sports with research-based educational models. For more information you may visit or call 021 461 8250.

We were also joined on the line by Magrieta from United Sanctuary Against Abuse. The Sanctuary aims to assist women and children against all forms of abuse. The organisation is based in Atlantis and hopes to empower victims of abuse to walk tall! They would also like to increase the community awareness of the dangers of abuse. For more information you may visit or call 021 572 8662

Our last interview was with Christy from the Peninsula School Feeding Association. The association provides meals to hungry children in primary, secondary and special-needs schools. The association’s mission is to combat the predominance of hunger amongst our children. Christy spoke about the different kids they coma across on a daily basis and the different projects they have to offer. For more information you may visit or call 021 447 6020

Friday, November 21, 2008

Today on Backchat we spoke to Mlinde Kulashe. Mlinde is a 17-year-old ballet dancer from Nyanga who has received a scholarship to continue his ballet studies. This vibrant teenager is a wonderful example of someone who is determined and a hard-worker. Under the direction of Keith Mackintosh, Mlinde began his training with the Cape Town City Ballet’s Male Development Programmme in 1999. Mlinde has entered each and every year for the Royal Academy of Dance’s external exams. Last year he achieved and 80% distinction in Advanced 1. This made him eligible to travel to Johannesburg this year. This is one teen who has achieved a lot at such a young age. He was the first boy to be chosen to join the Cape Junior Ballet in 2005! The 17-year-old was awarded a scholarship which will fund his final year of training in 2009. Mlinde recently entered the final Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) exam, Advanced 2, the results of which we still await. If he passes this with Distinction he will be able to enter for the highest possible test of the RAD, the Solo Seal Award, the only exam at which an audience is allowed to attend. So best wishes to Mlinde!

We were joined on the line by Marieta De Vos from Mosaic Training, Service and Healing Centre for Women. Mosaic aims to help abused women putting together the pieces of their broken lives to become whole. Mosaic’s aim is to prevent and reduce domestic violence in the country. The organisation delivers a wide range of services for women caught up in gender violence and in more recent years because of the correlation, to those infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS. For more information you may visit or call 021 761 7585.

We also spoke to Dr. Chunga from the Thuthuzela Rape Care Centre. Thuthuzela is a centre for all of those who have fallen victim to the crime of rape.
The Thuthuzela Rape Care Center (TRCC) is a multi-disciplinary initiative by the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development, South African Police Services, the Health Department and the National Prosecution Authority. The service rendered by the project begins at the time the rape victim reports the case at one of the three participating police stations, namely; Guguletu, Khayelitsha and Mannenberg an follows through to finalisation of the case in court, while including counseling and support for the survivor. The centre is based in Mannenberg. The number for the centre is 021 690 1031 or 021 690 1011.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Simameleni Child Abuse Prevention Project
Today on Backchat we spoke to Nokwayiyo from Simameleni Child Abuse Prevention Project. Simameleni works to empower kids against child abuse. For more information contact 021 361 5246

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Today on Backchat we were joined in studio by Ed Coombe from Literacy for All. Literacy for All aims to combat our country’s terrible literacy rate by introducing books that teach children to read in their home language, as well as to teach the teachers how to use them. For more information you may contact 021 788 8125

LEAP (Science and Math School)
We were joined on the line by John Gilmour from LEAP (Science and Math School). LEAP is a privately funded Math, Science and Technology school. LEAP represents a solution to one of our country’s acute problems, and that is the shortage of skills, especially amongst the previous disadvantaged. For more information visit

We were also joined on the line by Duncan Clough from TeachOut. TeachOut is a tutoring project which aims to support the educational development of learners from Cape Town's previously disadvantaged secondary schools. For more information visit

Our last guest in studio was Isabel Meyer, a consultant from Mayaluga Consulting. Yesterday it was announced that Cape Town will host the Cape Town Carnival in March 2010. Isabel is the Program Manager for the Cape Town Carnival. The theme for the 2010 carnival is Rhythm, Roots and Boots. For more information visit

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Today on Backchat we spoke to Noncdeo from Empilweni. Empilweni is a community-based Mental Health situated in Khayelistha. For more information you may contact 021 361 7063 or visit

The Homestead (Projects for Street Children)
We also spoke to Interview with Sandra Morreira from the Homstead (Projects for Street Children). The organisation offers cost-effective services to street children. For more information visit or call 021 419 9763

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Music Therapy Community Clinic
Today on Backchat we were joined on the line by Sunelle Fouche from the Music Therapy Community Clinic. This organisation provides Music Therapy services for the disadvantage and previously disadvantaged communities in Cape Town. For more information you may visit or contact
021 685 4155

Alive and Kicking
We also spoke to Rukia Cornelius from Alive and Kicking. Alive and Kicking is built on the principle that every young person has the right to life choices, health and education. For more information you may visit

Mitchells Plain Crisis Line
We also spoke to Geraldine Young from the Mitchells Plain crisis line. The line provides counselling for rape survivors and abused women and run programmes around drugs for teens at risk, HIV prevention programmes, paralegal services and employment services. For more information you may call 021 392 2000

Learn to Earn
We spoke to Candice Collins and Bongi Basela from Learn to Earn. Learn to Earn launched a new Graphic Design course which runs for a full year. For more information you may visit or contact 021 361 5972

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tafelsig United Aids Project
Today on Backchat we had an interview with Morisha Fortuin, manager of the Tafelsig United Aids Project. This project works with HIV positive people in terms of support groups and counselling. Contact 021 397 5268 for more information.

We were also joined in studio by Jurgens Smit from FavorSA. Faces and Voices of Recovery of South Africa focuses on the recovery from alcohol and drug abuse and they serve as a resource for the communities and of the well being of South Africans. For more information you may visit or contact 021 531 8340.

Let’s Run- Monica Mfengu
We were also joined in studio by Monica Mfengu. Monica Mfengu is being hailed by media as being a local SA musician who will take the music industry by storm!
Let’s Run CD Launch Programme
Pre-launch Function: 14th Novemberr 2008
Venue: Adderley Hotel
Time: 17h00
CD Launch: 05th December 2008
Venue: Seasons Launge
Time: 22h00 - 15h00 until late

Tertiary School in Business Education(TSiBA) and Education Conference

We were joined on the line by Leigh Meinert, the Managing Director of the Tertiary School in Business Education (TSiBA), which is a private non-profit provider of higher education will host an Education conference, addressing various issues related to the estimated R1, 2 billion that corporate South Africa invests in education annually. For more information you may contact 021 532 2750

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mamelani Projects
Today on Backchat we were joined on the line by Carly from the Mamelani Projects. The focus areas of Mamelani are health education and youth development. Mamelani believes strongly in South Africans providing solutions to their own problems. Projects are run locally by a team of South Africans who understand the complex needs of the people they work with. For more information contact 021 685 4608 or visit

Pregnancy Help Centre
We also had an interview with Rachel Liliett from the Pregnancy Help Centre. This centre provides a safe place where teenagers and women can come to receive pregnancy testing, counselling and information around issues of unplanned preganancy, enabling them to make an informed choice. The Centre numbers are as follows:

Observatory: 021 447 3630
Gugulethu : 021 638 7931
Muizenberg : 021 788 5844

Dance for All
We also spoke to Philip Boyd from Dance for All. Philip is the founder of the organisation. Dance for All is a non-profit organisation that teaches dance to the historically disadvantaged children and youth in Cape Town. For more information you may contact 021 697 5509 or visit

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Little Snow Drops
Today on Backchat we spoke to Ruwayda Solomons from Little Snow Drops. The organisation started as a result of the need for the children who do not have access to basic food and education. For more information you may contact 021 392 9770.

Place of Hope
We also spoke to Rozetta from Place of Hope. This organisation offers traumatised women and their children a place of refuge. For more information contact 021 697 2019 or visit

Monday, November 10, 2008

MaAfrika Tikkun
Today on Backchat we were joined on the line by Amanda Zar from MaAfrika Tikkun. MaAfrika Tikkun is an organisation that is working towards the transformation of communities in our country by caring for vulnerable children and orphans in the townships. For more information on the organisation you may contact 021 956 4365 or visit

Victim Support Room
We were also joined on the line by Veronica from the Victim Support Room. The Victim Comfort Room is an initiative by the South African Police Services. They provide trauma counselling and victim support. For more information you may contact 021 700 3952

Friday, November 07, 2008

Dream for Success
Today on Backchat we were joined in studio by Ricardo Julies, Yaseem Ismail, Gurswin Nicholas and Michael James from Dream for Success. D4S is a group of young entertainers from Mitchells Plain, promoting the youths of Mitchells Plain to live a healthy and successful life. For more information contact Ricardo on 083 350 3032

We were joined by Raymond from Communicare. Communicare is an organisation that focuses on providing affordable housing for the economically disadvantaged in the Western Cape. For more information you may contact Raymond on 021 421 6008 or visit

We were joined in studio by Mathapelo Masilela. Mathapelo is currently rated as the next best thing in SA music. Mathapelo has performed in Germany and Hungary. Her music is a thin line between Afro jazz and Afro pop, which is enjoyed by all generation (young and old). Her debut album Sthandwa sami sold over 15 000 units and is anticipated to multiply within this festive season.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Artist’s Handbook: A Guide to the Business of the Arts
On Backchat today we were joined on the line by Mike Van Graan from the Africa Centre. The Africa Centre will see the launch of the Artist’s Handbook: A Guide to the Business of the Arts next week Tuesday. For more information contact Mike on 021 422 0468

Novalis Ubuntu Institute
We were joined in studio by Antonet-Nirvana Lange, the Marketing, PR and Events co-ordinator from the Novalis Ubuntu Institute. The Novalis Ubuntu Institute is a centre for development programs in education and culture and they want to promote personal growth and awareness. For more information visit or contact 021 797 1857.

Orion Community Outreach
We also spoke to Maria Dankers from Orion Community Outreach. Orion’s aim is to uplift the Woodlands community in Mitchells Plain and the creation of jobs. For more information on the organisation you may call Maria Dankers on 021 371 5952.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Today on Backchat we were joined on the line by Janice from Jireh. Jireh is a NGO that provides services and programmes to make a positive difference in the communities they serve. The organisation is based in Portlands Mitchells Plain and for more information, you may contact 021 371 2178 or visit

Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Southern Africa
We also spoke to Nelmarie from the Child Accident Prevention of Southern Africa. The foundation aims to promote optimal health and development of all children. For more information you may contact 021 686 6331 or visit

Jikeleza Dance Project
We were joined on the line by Edmund from the Jikeleza Dance Project. This organisation provides children from disadvantaged communities with a safe nuturing environment for them to express themselves. For more information you may contact 021 434 3100 or visit

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Cape Kidney Association
Today on Backchat we were joined by Rashieda Samaai from the Cape Kidney Association.

The Cape Kidney Association will have their Patient/ family support Awareness Campaign on Saturday 15th November. The campaign takes place at the Mowbray Town Hall from 2pm-4pm. Those attending the event will have a fun-filled afternoon with good entertainment, eats and goodies.
RSVP Molly Fabe by Wednesday 12th November on 021 448 0817 or 083 265 7490. You may also contact Rashieda on 021 691 4676 or 079 528 8019.

We were also joined in studio by Bron Villet, the Executive Director from the JAG Foundation.
JAG is a sports and education foundation.
JAG gives young people the opportunity to achieve their potential and to help contribute to our country’s social well-being. For more information you may contact the organisation on 021 702 7892 or visit

Dance for Aids
We were joined by Roxy Marosa from the Marosa Talk Show. Roxy spoke about Dance for Aids, which is in commemoration of World Aids Day.
For more information you may contact 073 230 3828 or email Roxy:

Monday, November 03, 2008

‘Can You Feel It’
Today on Backchat we were joined by the cast of ‘Can You Feel It?’. Can You Feel It is a tribute show to the Jackson Five and Michael Jackson and runs from the 1st to the 15th of November. Reyaat Tasriet leads the cast as Michael Jackson while Cheslen Junior, Lorenza Swartz, John Floris and Edward Eden play supporting roles. To book tickets visit

Oasis ‘Reach for your dreams’
We also spoke to Faaiq and Rochelle from the ‘Oasis Reach for Your Dreams’. Their aim is to raise awareness among youths within Grassy Park and keep them occupied with positive thoughts. They’re establishing a sustainable job creation programme project in Schaapkraal for underprivileged youth and adults. For more information you may contact 021 705 7351

Open Democracy Advice Centre
Our last guest in studio was Melvin from the Open Democracy Advice Centre (ODAC). The ODAC is a Cape Town-based non-profit organisation. ODAC’s mission is to promote and promote transparent democracy. For more information you may call 021 461 3096