Wednesday, October 31, 2007

31 October 2007

Ken Saro Wiwa Seminar

Today Barry Wuganaale, from the OSF Organisation (Ogoni Struggle in South Africa) joined us in studio.

He spoke about the activities that will be taking place at the Ken Saro Wiwa seminar.

‘The Ken Saro Wiwa Seminar: Being a two-day political education meeting to mark the 12th anniversary of the hanging of Ken Saro-Wiwa and 8 Ogoni activists’

For more information contact 021 447 7079

‘Words Worth Saying’

We were then joined by Natasha Tafari, the coordinator of ‘Words Worth Saying’ fundraiser. The event will be taking place on 2 November 2007.

The funds of the event will go towards a 16-year old talented instrumentalist.

A poetry session with music is to be expected: “A funny, political spiritual and lyrical event,” says Tafari.

For more information contact Natasha on 082 646 3514 or Brad on 078 706 9891

I Care Children’s Foundation -‘Samaritan Boxes’

We were later joined by Nashieda Salie a representative from the I Care Children’s Foundation, who spoke about the initiative of Samaritan Boxes.

“The Foundation is challenging all families, community members, businesses, and clubs, etc to come forward and donate a Samaritan Box for an underprivileged child, says Salie.

The boxes should contain toiletries, school stationery, sweets and toys. The closing date for these boxes is 14 December 2007.

For more information contact Nashieda Salie on 083 670 2880

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

30 October 2007

Men on the Side of the Road (MSR) Project

Today we were joined by the MSR Project manager Peter Kratz.

“The project addresses the challenges faced by our members in a multifaceted way; we recruit members to our intern programme on a volunteer basis,”

In the preparation for of a personal development plan they provide the following training:

Hard Skills which are relevant to the labour market
Life Skills (HIV, time keeping, understanding the employment environment)
Financial Life Skills
Communication and Language Training
Work readiness training in a work term for between 6-12 months

For more information you can contact 021 448 9000/1/2

The Cape Film Imbizo

We were later joined by the Commissioner of the Cape Film Imbizo, Lawrence Mitchell.

The Imbizo will run from the 06th to the 9th of November 2007 at various venues in Camps Bay.

“Fundamentally the aim of this Imbizo is to strategically align and comprehensively integrate efforts of the various key industry players and promote interactive dialogue to advance the production of film in the region,” says Mitchell.

The Imbizo will conclude with the launch of the First Cape Town Film Awards to celebrate the outstanding contribution made by those in the industry, those who are seldom recognised.

For more information contact Lisolomzi Nkitha
Tel: 021 483 9070
Cell: 073 952 1482

Triangle Project

We also spoke to Glen de Swart from the Triangle Project regarding gay and lesbian marriages.

‘The Triangle Project aims to develop visible and confident lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in communities that are in control of their mental, physical and emotional health. It provides a range of health and social development services that promote individual and community well being and pride, and build individual and community capacity’

Programmes include: Public Education and media, Public events and happenings, training and development programmes, community outreach and the gay and lesbian library.

For more information log onto their website:

Monday, October 29, 2007

29 October 2007

Backyard dwellers in Ravensmead

On the show today we had the Chairperson of the Ravensmead Police Forum, Tom Klein. He spoke about the backyard dwellers that are living in a dilapidated tent (unfit for anyone to live in) in Ravensmead.

“More than ninety percent of the dwellers have relocated to Happy Valley where they should be getting houses next year, but I feel sorry for those living under the tent as the conditions are unhealthy for children,’ says Klein.

Klein expressed his unhappiness about the situation...

LOGRA Civic Community Training Centre

We were also joined by Derek Daniels of the LOGRA Civic Community Training Centre.

The LOGRA (Lotus River, Ottery, Grassy Park Residents’ Association) Community Skills Training Centre was started in 2001 an as initiative of the LOGRA Civic Association. It started off with 12 trainees, and has since developed into training a maximum of 180 unemployed individuals per year.

They offer training in Basic Welding, Basic Plumbing and Basic Electrical.

For more information contact 021 706 7161

'The Chilli Boy' production to heat up the Baxter Sanlam Studio stage

If you are free this evening until 1 December 2007, you can go watch Matthew Ribnick in his one man show, The Chilli Boy. The show will be running at 8:15pm nightly at the Baxter Sanlam Studio stage.

“The Chilli Boy is the hysterical story of an old Indian woman reincarnated as a white gangster from Boksburg. At the age of 30, the gangster starts suffering flashbacks from his previous life as an Indian woman….” says Ribnick.

If you find this teaser interesting, please feel free to go and watch the show…

Book through Computicket on 083 915 8000 or the Baxter Box Office 021 680 3989. For discounted block, corporate or schools bookings contact Sharon on 021 680 3962, Sandy on 021 680 3991 or Ahmien on 021 680 3998.

Friday, October 26, 2007

26 October 2007

Fundraising for 4 month old baby’s cochlear implant

We were joined in studio today by Heidi Jones, mother of 4 month old Jorja Jones. They are raising funds for their daughter’s cochlear implant which cost approximately R200 000 per ear.

4 month old Jorja Jones
They are appealing to anyone who can help them financially, to please do so.
They will be having an event on Friday, 2 November 2007. The Electrical Express Disco will take place at the Protea Hall in Retreat. The price is R50; you can pay at the door as well.
For more information contact Heidi Jones on 082 880 0808
picture: supplied by Heidi Jones

Down Syndrome Association of South Africa

We were later joined by Theresa Smit, from the Down Syndrome Association of South Africa.

They are having an event in order to raise awareness about Down Syndrome. A fun walk and a music show will be held on the 3rd of November 2007 in Mitchells Plain.

For more information contact 021 919 8533

Thursday, October 25, 2007

25 October 2007

Sikho-Sonke Youth Development Agency

In the studio today we had Moegsien Jacobs and Abdul Kariem Basodien from the “Sikho Sonke” Youth Development Agency which is a Non Profit Organisation.

They train and educate young unemployed people through hard skills, developing and enhancing their skills so that they can become self-employed or employable.

Their workshops are based at Princeton Technical High School in Mitchells Plain.

For more information contact Abdul on 021 391 7414 or 083 749 4441 or Moegsien on 078 368 7536

Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Southern Africa

We were also joined by Nelmarie Du Toit of the Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Southern Africa who spoke about child deaths caused by "unintentional" accidents in the home.

An “unintentional” accident in the home is the leading cause of death in children.

For more information regarding their child injury prevention programme, you can contact them on 021 6855 208

World Water Monitoring

We were later joined by Natasha Davis from the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry who spoke about access to safe drinking water and about water monitoring awareness.

Departmental and Partnering Specialists have identified the need to train school learners around drinking water matters and in this way enhancing schools initiatives.

For more information on this matter you can dial 0800 200 200

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Backchat Update


Today on the show we had Kamen Desmore from the Westend Community Forum. They are starting an initiative called “BRING BACK THE COMMUNITY” (BBC in short).

The main aim of the initiative is to run programmes in the community that will stimulate rehabilitation and transformation. They want to empower the youth and make available guidance that would help them (youth) in their daily lives.

For more information contact Kamen Desmore at 073 122 8376


Academic Director at FEDISA, Allen Leroux also joined us. He spoke about what courses they offer at this institution and the fashion shows that will be taking place.

The programme has four major courses, namely: Visual Studies, Lifestyle Studies, Business Studies and Clothing Technology.

They stage two major shows per year, one at Canal Walk where the 1st and 2nd year students have the opportunity to explore their creativity within a prescribed theme.

Secondly the gala Graduate Collections, which this year takes place in the Whale Well of the Iziko Natural History Museum, where the final year students present their collections to industry and the media.

For more information contact Allen Leroux on 021 425 5810


We were later joined by Ivan Anthony, National Chairperson of the South African National Tuberculosis Association (SANTA).

SANTA offers home based care, workshops regarding TB; they also go to schools to educate them about TB Awareness.

They will be having a fundraising event on the 29th of October 2007 at the Artscape theatre. The production that will be on show is called ‘Christmas Carol’. All funds raised will go towards the improvement of the organisation.

For more information contact Ivan Anthony on 084 6300 025 or 021 391 3198

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Backchat update

St Luke’s Hospice

Sandy of St Luke’s Hospice spoke about the work that they do at the Hospice.
"Hospice isn’t about dying, hospice is about quality of living with an illness that can’t be cured,"

For more information you can contact 021 797 5335
or visit their website at or email them at

Centre for popular memories

We spoke to Renata from the Centre for popular memories around the subject of accessing the archives.

For more information you can visit their website: or contact them on 021 650 4758

Beyond Expectation Environmental Project (BEEP)

Lindela Mjenxane started the Beyond Expectation Environment Project use nature to conduct workshops for learners, and to help them to “escape the trap of poverty and the worst aspects of township life”, to educate about the environment and wise water-use.

He has recently been nominated for the first ever Inyathelo Philanthropy Awards; these awards recognise the efforts of those South Africans who are making a difference through their philanthropic giving.

For more information contact Khanyisa on 083 42 7064or email

Monday, October 22, 2007


We also had the director of the production Jukebox-an innovative musical experience, Boebie Hamza in studio. The production will be running at Baran’s Theatre. Hamza was joined by Wafeeq Saffodien (from Idols fame) and funny man Gary Naidoo (from Ghoema and Let’s mix it), who form part of the production.

Audience members decide which songs the performers will sing and are given a list of over 100 songs to choose from, thus making every evening's performance entirely different.

from left : Rhodé Marshall (trainee producer for Sakhisiswe), Boebie Hamza, Gary Naidoo, Anele Siwa (news intern), Wafeeq Saffodien and
Celeste Ganga (trainee producer for Backchat)

Tickets are R170 including a three-course Mediterranean buffet (R85 for show only). The show takes place from 25 October -1 November 2007. For corporate and block-bookings, charities and fundraisers call 021 426 4466. The show begins at 7.30pm. For more information or to book, call 021 426 4466 or visit

picture: Bassie Montewa

Heart and Stroke Foundation

In the studio today we had Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa’s Kholeka Bukani, who is the winner of the first Heart hero award. The awards ceremony will take place on 23 October 2007.

Bukani runs a project called Sow-a-Seed. The project teaches gardening skills and basic nutrition to members of poor communities (be they parents, teachers or volunteers) in order to provide healthy food for a dozen childcare centers.

Heart and Stroke Foundation dieticians consult with care givers to create meals that are nutritious and within budget. For many children the meal they receive at daycare is the only meal of the day.

For more information contact Michelle Kearney of the Heart and Stroke Foundation on 083 703 7768 or email at

Friday, October 19, 2007

Call the Rain

Today we spoke to Nicoline Rose - Innes Managing Director of Call the Rain.
We spoke about Call the Rain training programs which are aiming to empower people from all walks of life to be Leaders. These programmes include Health Communicator / Storyteller Training Course, HIV/Aids: Impact to Business Training course and Understanding HIV/Aids in the workplace.
For more information you can call Nicoline Rose – Innes on 021 919 4365

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Child Welfare South Africa

Today we spoke to Tinny Whitaker from Child Welfare, we spoke about child adoption. We have heard that it is illegal to attempt to become a child's "permanent" parent in any other way than through the adoption process. Becoming a child's foster parent involves another process and to pay a woman for her child is a crime.
We also heard that only children made available for adoption may be adopted. For example, a child whose parents are both dead or who has been abandoned is available for adoption. Where the parents are alive and can be found, they must both consent to the adoption. Any child under 18 years can be adopted.
For more information you can contact Tinny Whitaker on
021 638 3127 or visit:

We then spoke to Kathleen Dey from Rape Crises South Africa. We spoke about the rape trauma and we have heard that Rape Crisis believe that men and women need to take collective responsibility to curb violence against women and it is through this partnership that real change will take place in our society. We also heard that they believe that there must be a change in the behaviour of women, in the way that they protect themselves and insist on their rights in their personal and social relationships with men.
For more information you can call Kathleen Dey on 021 447 1467

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"Planting Water"

Backchat spoke to Sandile Dikeni the writer of the book called “Planting Water”.
We spoke about his book “Planting Water” and we have heard that this tribute collection binds together the many voices and visions of Sandile Dikeni – one of South Africa’s most gifted poets. Combining the best of his previous two collections with a dazzling display of original new work, it stands as a testament to the breathtaking talent of a poet who writes always from the heart.
For more information you can you can call Sandile Dikeni at 084 822 3920

We also spoke to Raymond Louw from South African National Editors Forum Media Freedom Committee (SANEF).
We spoke about Black Wednesday and we have heard that 30 years ago the National Party government imprisoned or banned journalists and closed some newspapers and publications.
Black Wednesday signaled total war on the media, Sanef hopes that the action against Sunday Times editor Mondli Makhanya will not convey the same message.

For more information you can call Raymond Louw on 011 646 8790

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

On Broadway

Backchat spoke to Jaco Norval from On Broadway, we spoke about their up coming show "Come Fly with me" which previews at On Broadwayfrom Tuesday 23 October 2007 as they are paying a tribute to Frank Sinatra. The show not only includes all his famous tunes likeFly me to the moon, Come fly with me and I've got you under my skin, butalso less known songs like I've got the world on a string and You makeme feel so Young.
For more information you can call Glenda Eberlin or visit

We then spoke to Liane Van Rooi from Baxter Theatre. We spoke about their season productions, which are Sister Breyani, Original Skin and The Black Psychiatrist all these three offerings will take place at Baxter Theatre from Sunday 21 of October, 4 November till 11 November 2007.
For more information you can contact Fahiem Stellenboom on
021 680 3971 or email

Monday, October 15, 2007

South African Institute of Advancement(Inyathe)

Today we started our show with a crew from The South African Institute of Advancement (Inyathelo). We spoke about Youth in Philanthropy Programme called YIPPSA, we have heard that this initiative and pilot programme was implemented in 2006, in 9 schools in the Western Cape.
Its primary aim is to assist youth and impart life skills education and the building of a culture of giving and service among high school learners.
For more information you can call Bradly Howland on 021 448 2020.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Women Beware Women

Today we started our show with Brian Heydenrech from Liquid Lime Studios. We spoke about their production Women Beware Women, which fuses the Renaissance masterwork of the Jacobean, Thomas Middleton. Cockpit Theatre in association with Artscape and the Little Theatre present this controversial play.
For more information you can call Brian Heydenrech on
021 448 4232.

We then spoke to Phumzile Nteyi from Paraffin Safety Association of South Africa. We spoke about his trip to Tanzania and we have heard that more than 100 bereaved family members of the fallen Heroes and Heroines who died in exile in Tanzania converged at the Burgers Park Hotel in Pretoria a month ago to discuss if their bones can be brought back to South Africa.
For more information you can contact Phumzile Nteyi at
021 671 5767

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Red Cross Children's Hospital Art Exhibition

Today we spoke to Maureen Shields from Red Cross Children’s Hospital.
We spoke about the Red Cross Children’s Hospital Art Exhibition that started on the 28 September 2007 and ended today.
Vanilla Canvas Art Gallery presented this exclusive exhibition of work by the courageous young patients and staff at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital. They are fundraising for purchasing medical equipment for the new Operating Theatre Complex.
For more information you can call Maureen Shields on 021 7112 2843

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Down Syndrome South Africa

Today we spoke to Tinaeka Boshoff from Down syndrome South Africa. We spoke about Down syndrome and we’ve heard that this is a condition in which extra genetic material causes delays in the way a child develops, and often leads to mental retardation. It affects 1 in every 800 babies born.
We also heard that the symptoms of Down syndrome can vary widely from child to child. While some kids with Down syndrome needs a lot of medical attention, others lead very healthy and independent lives.
For more details you can call Tinaeka Boshoff on 021 919 8533
or visit:

We then spoke to Briony Horwitz, Anelisa Phewa and Jason Potgieter from Baron’s Theatre. We spoke about Spice, a show that celebrates the art of story telling and cuisine. This show started on Tuesday 9 October and will run till 21 October 2007.
For more information you can contact Kelli Lakey 0n 073 225 1734

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Department of Labour

Backchat spoke to Trevor Bailey from the Department of Labour. We spoke about the disability and equality at the work place and we’ve heard that the widespread ignorance, fear and stereotypes causes people with disabilities to be unfairly discriminated against in society and in employment. As a result, people with disabilities experience high unemployment levels and, in the workplace, often remain in low status jobs.
For more information you can call Trevor Bailey at 021 441 8081

We then spoke to Dr Jennifer Edge a breast cancer specialist.
We have heard that cancer begins when one cell changes and starts growing and dividing rapidly out of control. This one cell divides to give two cells, then four, eight and so on until they form growing mass of cancer cells - called a tumour.
For more information you can call Jennifer Edge on 021 426 5335

We rounded up our show with Johan Minnie from the Disaster Management Services in the Western Cape. We spoke about International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction.We have heard that this awareness day falls on the second Wednesday of October to promote a global culture of natural disaster reduction, including disaster prevention, mitigation and preparedness.
The World Disaster Reduction Campaign 2006-2007 has been under way for a year. We also heard that various initiatives, such as making schools safer, developing educational materials, educating disaster risk reduction at schools, developing training manuals, have been carried out worldwide since the campaign was launched in 2006.
For more information you can call Johan Minnie on 021 597 5007

Monday, October 08, 2007

Shona Khona

Today we started our show with Stan Whiting the Marketing Director of Shona Khona, we spoke about the exciting soccer youth development programme, Shona Khona, which is returning to the football scene. In its third year, Shona Khona will provide more youngsters across the country with an opportunity to live their dreams and compete against their peers to be in-line for international training.
We also heard that regional soccer camps will be held in 20 different locations across the country incorporating all nine provinces.
For more information you can call Sthembiso Zikalala on
011 807 7559

We then spoke to Margot Mccumisky from Diabetes South Africa.
We have heard that diabetes is an issue that will affect everyone at one point in life, whether directly or indirectly. We also heard that a person with "adult-onset" diabetes (Type II) has high blood sugar levels because the cells of the body do not respond to insulin (they are "insulin-resistant"). Insulin is a hormone released from the pancreas and stimulates blood sugar uptake by cells of the body.
The cells then use this sugar for energy, however chronically elevated blood sugar levels can be unhealthy.
For more information you can call Margot Mccumisky on
021 425 4440

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Friends of Vista Nova

We interviewed Sandy from Friends of Vista Nova. The purpose of Friends of Vista Nova is to raise the necessary funds for the effective operation and maintenance of Vista Nova School. The organisation undertakes Corporate Social Investment fundraising drives, special events and mail appeals to raise the necessary funds needed for the school.

For more information call 021 689 4700

Friday, October 05, 2007

"Breaking the legacy of apartheid"

Today we spoke to Emiley Jansen from "Breaking the legacy of apartheid" project. We have heard that on Saturday October 06 they will be launching their new project called "Breaking the legacy of apartheid".
Their aim is to address the issue of racial tension in the Western Cape, family size, job opportunities, limited resources and self-distraction.
For more information you can call Emiley Jansen on 021 706 0481 or

We then spoke to Louw Venter the writer and the actor of "The Best Man’s speech". We spoke about this one man show, which will be staged, at Kalk Bay Theatre on 10 of October. Critically acclaimed and popular with audiences throughout SA, The Best Man’s Speech hones in on the stereotypical traditional wedding and the potentially awkward role of the best man. Audiences soon realize that they are guests at the wedding as Venter takes the idea of ‘the best man’s speech gone wrong’ and amplifies its cringe-factor with exponential abandon.
For more information you can contact Louw Venter on 021 424 0755

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Animal Welfare Society of South Africa

Backchat spoke to Julia Evans from Animal Welfare Society of South Africa.
We heard that 01 - 07 October marks the National Animal Week.
This is to highlight the importance and role that animals play in our lives and aims to remind people that animals matter, not only animals in the wild but also pets, farm animals, marine creatures, birds, butterflies and all.
For more information you can call Julia Evans on 021 886 4901 or

We then spoke to Mdu Kweyama from Baxter Theatre.
We spoke about their latest play "Karoo Moose" this play is coming to the Baxter Sanlam Studio from October 4 to November 3 2007.
Writer and director Lara Foot Newton scooped the Aardvark Award for the most innovative work while her 6-member cast collectively received the Best Actor Award. The play was also nominated for Best Production.
For more details you call Fahiem Stellenboom on 021 680 3983

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cape Town International Performing Arts Festival

Today we spoke to Yusuf Ganief the director of Cape Town International Performing Arts Festival (CTIPAF).
We spoke about all – new Cape Town International Performing Arts Festival including they way that they will benefit Cape Town communities. The event is currently undergoing a radical transformation that aims to place it among the world’s great community-based community-driven events.
Formerly a component of the Cape Town Festival, the CTIPAF now shifts from its previous annual March slot to a 27 June – 12 July 2008 showcasing, billed as "Gateway to African Arts & Culture" and bringing together the best of Cape Town’s dance, theatre and musical talents.
For more information you can call Greta Wilson on 083 491 7236 or e-mail:

We then spoke to Gavin Wright from Deli Trading, we spoke about the 15 kilometer race that they will host on 13th October 2007.
The annual Isostar/SANParks Forest 15 trail race will include runners from all over Cape Town gear up for a challenging 15 km trail run within the scenic Tokai Forest, in a effort to raise much needed funds for the Children's Ward at the Victoria Hospital.
For more information you can call Gavin Wright on 021 593 4515

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Cups Nkanuka Band

We started our show with Cups Nkanuka, Stoto Zibi and Fitzroy Ngcukana from Cups Nkanuka Band, this band will host jazz concert on Saturday evening at Johnson Ngwevela (Langa Civic Hall).
This unique concert introduces personalities responsible for some of the music that represented jazz bands and vocalists of the 1950s and early '60s – The Golden Age of African Jazz in South Africa and Cape Town in particular. It also pays tribute to 76 year old Cups Nkanuka.

For more information you can call Berniece Friedmann 0n 021 434 4951 or e-mail:

We then spoke to Daniel Tilling, Robert Ikiz and Trishim Lind from Swedish band/South Maxico.
We spoke about the workshop that they will host at UCT College of Music on Thursday at 13h00.
South Maxico’s hailed debut album 5 O’Clock Tea has made them one of the most noticeable new jazz groups in Scandinavia.

For more information you can call Carenza van Willingh 021 422 5651 or e-mail:

Monday, October 01, 2007

Molo Songololo

Today we spoke to Pamela Silolo from Molo Songololo, we have heard that hundreds of children experience severe trauma, abuse and human rights violations.
Children have gone missing, been abused, abducted, assaulted, raped and even murdered. There are also those who have been tricked, sold and bought for purpose of exploitation; including working in people’s homes as domestic workers.
For more information you can call Pamela Silolo on 021 762 5420

We then spoke to Jimmy Anderson Chiozo reggae musician and the man with the dream of walking form Cape Town to Cairo.
Chiozo is in Cape Town for this month to making the final adjustments to a long time dream. The 36-year-old father of one has been planning to walk from Cape Town to Cairo since April 2004. The mission has met with considerable delays including homelessness, robbery, illness and a car accident.
For more information visit: