Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Gabrielle shows off her vocal prowess in follow up single ‘Spaces’

 Gabrielle made her debut in April of this year with hit single ‘Nasty’. The song, which addressed issues around bullying, made headlines across South African media, as the 14-year-old made her voice known.

Her follow up single ‘Spaces’, is a little different. It is more of a deeply personal song, which speaks to the issue of unrequited love.

She says, “I wrote ‘Spaces’ as a way to channel the way I felt about a boy. What started as a friendship soon became more for me, but unfortunately not for him. He took my number and wrote it on his hand. We chatted for hours over the phone. I was the first to open up about how I felt, but he didn’t feel the same. I thought if I met the idea of his perfect girl, I would become his girl, but it never did.”

The heartbroken songstress put pen to paper and wrote what would form the lyrical content for her next track, producing not only a musical work of art, but learning more about herself in the process and coming to terms with inequities in life and love.

“The song helped me process,” she says. “I used the song to work through my feelings, coming to terms with the fact that sometimes you like someone who doesn’t like you back. I had to work on reminding myself that the situation doesn’t make me any less worthy of finding someone else in the future.”

Once again, Gabrielle’s song shares an important message about self-worth, about learning to love yourself first, before others.

“I feel that music is a way of telling your story, your growth and your feelings,” she says. “For me, it is very important to keep on writing and journaling my life lessons through my music, because I know that a single song can help someone else who’s going through a hard time or something similar.”

Though she addresses young love, all its pains and quirks and telling the story from a teenager’s perspective, the young singer believes that the song will be relatable to all age groups.

While her debut single was an upbeat pop song, Spaces is more of a ballad that shows off her vocal prowess. Trained by June Kraus at the June Kraus Julliard School of Music, the singer was trained in both pop and classical music equipping her with the confidence and ability to hit the high notes.

The aim was also to bring back feelings of nostalgia. This was beautifully captured in the music video (directed by SEVVEN) through the use of water and sunsets. Shot at the Vaal Dam, the video bares similarities to the Netflix series, Outer Banks.

Meet the Slahla[Koloi] hit maker

 Shonisani Maideledzha is a Venda-born singer and dancer. She was born in 1997 in a small village called Ha-Mashamba Mukondeni in Limpopo. She is well-known as Mukosi, Mukosi discovered her music career at the age of 8. She earned her name Mukosi during her primary school days when she led traditional music group for the school she attended. 

She went to Lotsha Primary School and Tshikhuthula Secondary School at the village she was born from. Her hit single Slahla (Koloi) made her a house hold name around Limpopo and the rest of South Africa, with her new 2021 hit BONUS being released under her new recording label LOKSHIN HUSTLE MUSIC, she is surely to take over the music industry and put not only Venda and Limpopo on the international map but also South Africa as a whole.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Resident Evil star pens down first novel

By Thomas Cedrick

 Vredenburg's own author and actor Milton Schorr (Vredenburg High School/St. Helena Bay) has just

released his first novel, titled Strange Fish.

Set on the Weskus, it tells the story of Jono, a lonely fisherman, who one day hooks a fish that changes his

life forever.

"Jono is a lonely fisherman who must work hard to pay the debt he owes. Uncle Mike is a factory owner

trying desperately to stay above water. The Baai is a tiny town, peopled with those who have fished the

same way for generations. And now there are no fish.

When a race of foreigners arrive with ships that stagger the ways of the Baai's simple folk, it seems the

village will be washed away by the tide of the turning world. But for one boy with an uncommon talent: he

can hear the thoughts of fishes.

For in the deep a secret lies buried, and through Jono’s line it must come tumbling out..."

Schorr moved to the Weskus as a 13 year old boy, starting at Vredenburg High School.

He had a difficult time adjusting until Uncle Gert Hibbert, his neighbour in Britannia Bay, invited him to go

fishing. For three years Milton went out on the boats, first with Mr Hibbert near Paternoster where they

fished for crayfish and hottentot, and later going out for snoek on ski and deck boats from St Helena Bay


Milton remained troubled, however, and due to a drug addiction was eventually expelled from Vredenburg

High School. He moved back to Cape Town, where he managed to both make it to and graduate from

University, and become sober at the age of 25. To date he has been sober for 15 years.

Milton has had a successful career in entertainment. He was born in 1981 in Cape Town, South Africa. He

attended the University of Cape Town as a student of theatre, thereafter creating theatre works across

South Africa. As a writer and actor he has received the Imbewu Scriptwriting award for his play The Heroin

Diaries, and both the ‘iDidTht Best of Reel for Direction Craft’ and ‘Vimeo Staff Pick’ award for the short film

detailing his youth, Surrender. His MMA based screenplay ‘Fight!’ is currently in development with Ntibah

Pictures, and he has appeared in blockbuster Hollywood productions such as Resident Evil: The Final

Chapter, Outlander, Tomb Raider, and Redeeming Love. He is a renowned travel and sports writer, with

credits in many of South Africa's major publications. Strange Fish is his first novel.

Today Milton is looking to focus on his career as a novelist, returning to the West Coast frequently.

'The West Coast will always be in my heart,' says Schorr. 'When I lived there I was a troubled child. I was

angry in my soul and didn't understand then how special the place is. Living on the West Coast gave me a

love for the sea, for the wildness of the West Coast, and most importantly gave me a childhood full of

freedom. I spent many, many days on the sea, or adventuring in the mountains, or hitch-hiking between

towns with friends. The West Coast taught me how to live fully. The West Coast is in my blood.'

Schorr is currently at work on his second novel 'A Man Of The Road', which tells the story of a young boy

who has to hitchhike from Vredenburg to Johannesburg to find his mother. It is scheduled for release early


watch here

Drip Footwear opens a new branch in Water Front

 By Thomas Cedrick

Mzansi’s top footwear brand, Drip Footwear is known for

always putting its best foot forward and redefining the sneaker game in the country.

This amazing piece of art that is Drip, tells a story using their bold sneakers and not being afraid

to push the boundaries through their famous tagline, The Township Dream.

Two years later since creating magic, it is time to switch up gears and open a whole new

pandora box of possibilities through their new tagline, LIVE YOUR GREAT!

LIVE YOUR GREAT is about allowing the ordinary person to tap into who they want to be and be

able to live and grow into the greatness they are. When we focus on living our lives, being great

comes naturally. Our eminence stems from being driven by our dreams and passion; to see

them through to inception. Drip has made it better to walk into your success and tell your story

the best way you know how to.

Founded by businessman and entrepreneur, Lekau Sehoana whose inspiring story and rise to

success has echoed the hearts of South Africans. Many aspire to be like him as he did not let his

back-round define who he was to become. Yet Lekau managed to Live his Great through his

hard work and passion, birthing his legacy, Drip Footwear.

The slogan reveal which took place at the classy BMW Midrand dealership set the tone for

more that is to come from the street wear canvas. Further advancing the frontiers, Drip will be

available for purchase at the same BMW dealership.

Talking about the new tagline, Lekau Sehoana said: “The best position one needs to be at in

order to work towards greatness is the position we're all currently in. Living your great means

making the most of what we already have, be it studying with a candle and producing a

distinction, or playing soccer in a gravel field until you make it in the big leagues.

“Our brand is the epitome of Living Your Great, from the informal settlements of Ivory Park,

came a sneaker brand that employs and builds the South African economy today. Had I not

realized the greatness within me, we would not have Drip today. Look inside you, there's a

fire burning, now go and get it. Live Your Great!”

LIVE YOUR GREAT comes bearing gifts as the Drip team recently launched the new slip-ons

adding a variety of selections within their catalogue.

Lekau added: “After we launched, a lot of people started taking their shoelaces out, we saw a

potential in just removing them for our customers and in a much more stylish way. So the

sleep-on’s are inspired by the Drip customer.”

You can listen here drip foot wear

Skywanda drops an EP

By Thomas Cedrick

 Multi-talented singer/songwriter Skye Wanda releases her long-awaited EP‘Eighty6’. The soothing  9-track EP includes the already releasedGugulami, Sukuma and Surviva. Skye Wanda explores her hip hop skills by infusing them into AFRO-POP in some of the songs such as “Dilika” featuring Beast & Zakwe as well as her insane raps on the outro.

        Track 1: Sukuma
        Track 2: Gugulami
        Track 3: Surviva
        Track 4: Jabula
        Track 5: Dilika feat Beast & Zakwe
        Track 6: Mali Yam
        Track 7: Nakupenda
         Track 8: Thula Mama
         Track 9: Outro

The EP truly ignites her beautiful authentic sound, strong vocals, and
ground-breaking production. Skye Wanda collaborated with Sakhile Manqele
who has produced for Award-winning artists such as Blaq Diamond, Sjava,
Cici,Lloyiso and Mafikizolo to name a few. The Second Producer ‘Xwise’
is known for producing award-winning Zakwe’s single ‘Sebentin’ and the
current top-charting single from Musiholiq titled ‘Gawulubheke’.

Eighy6 loudly displays themes of inspiration together with
transformation as well as a smooth blend of RnB, Hip-Hop, and Pop. The EP
caters to everyone and relates to everyone’s lives and particular

‘Thula Mama’ shares appreciation for women and guardians who play a
motherly role to individuals and also explores the trials and
tribulations mothers go through in raising their children.
‘Jabula’ is another motivational song in which anyone can relate to as
Skye Wanda gives thanks to God for all that He’s done in one’s life and
the blessings He keeps bringing.

Skye Wanda recently released ‘Surviva’ from the EP which speaks about
loving your significant other and not being able to live your life
without them. The single ‘Surviva’ peaked at #17 on the Top 100 South
African RAMS charts on its first week of release.

‘Gugulami’ (My Treasure) talks about asking the one you love to come
closer and be with you. It’s a confirmation of love and expressing the
desire to build, live and grow together with someone.

Gugulami Music Video: https://youtu.be/bW1LyVqbNyc

This body of work allows us to experience Skye Wanda’s journey and
listeners will have a variety of favorite tunes to select from.
Eighty6 out now.

Friday, June 25, 2021

Holy Rey releases a new single


By Thomas Cedrick
The list of industry miles tones for one of Mzansi’ s favorite Independent female recording artist   Holly Rey keeps growing. In 2019 Holly Rey was the fi r s t female artist to win the ROTY SAMA in 20 year s and Holly feel s the weight of her achievement as a woman in an industry traditionally dominated by men. As the owner and driving force behind her independent label, Rey Mus i c (Pty) Ltd. thi s young woman has been labelled as “one of the hardest working women in the industry”. At jus t 25, Holly has al ready made her mark as a musician and i s now making waves with media production skill s honed during 2020’ s Lockdown Days . With an Honors' s Degree in Cultural Communications and Media Studies f rom UKZN behind her , the cum laude had the tool s at hand to expand her skill set. Lockdown was difficult but it al so gifted Holly Rey with the time to explore her pas s ion for content production. She created two shows which she scripted shot and edited during lockdown. The fi r s t "Baking With The Rey' s " is a cooking show produced with her little sister "Mimi Rey" gained phenomenal traction during lockdown and i s now in circulation on a local s t reaming platform Viva Nation TV. Rey, then conceptualized, wrote filmed and edited a t ravel series called "Ready Set Local" exclusively for Viva Nation TV. The series gave Holly the opportunity to t ravel the length and breadth of KZN and inspired the theme t rack "Home" which she released with a music video, showcasing the best KZN has to offer in the t ravel industry. “Music has opened door s I would never have believed possible,” smiles Holly. Mus i c remains her fi r s t love, and Holly continues to build on the success of her multi-platinum hit s ‘Deeper ’ and ‘You’ by dividing her time between content-production for various platforms and spending time in the recording studio. February 2021 saw the completion of her 2nd EP featuring the s ingle ‘Spend My Time’ . The EP is a master full-bodied of work show- casing the song-writing talent of a maturing artist and deceptively simple beat s c rafted into memorable House standards . It al so speak to the reflective, soul searching of a creative spirit caught up in the momentous event s of 2020 and retreating into a creative space during lockdown. To balance the depth of the song-writing, Holly’ s vocal stylings continue to reflect a growing maturity as she moves through themes of friendship, loss , love, heartache and joy. It i s the work of a strong, independent woman growing into her power as a creative artist and per former . The fi r s t s ingle i s set to drop on the 25th of Mar ch and the date for the full EP has not as yet been confirmed.

Friday, May 14, 2021

Fourteen year old pens song against bullying


Thomas Cedrick

 Talent is something that can be cultivated with passion, motivation, patience and practice. Armored with all

four, 14-year-old Gabrielle has spent most of her life developing and perfecting her skills in singing, acting

and modelling.

With no time to waste, the youngster utilized lockdown as an opportunity to write and record her debut

single, Nasty. As with Gabrielle, the track is no short of personality, and hits all the right notes. It is however

not just a groovy number, but comprises a crucial message around bullying.

Gabrielle explains, “My debut single Nasty was written during lockdown level 5 during my first year in high

school. Communication was mainly online and I was trying to form new relationships with the other

students. This opened up a lot of opportunities for bullying. Cyber bullying rates across the world grew

tremendously during this time. Having been a victim of bullying since grade 4, I took this time to write the

song using my own experiences as material. I let it all out, expressing how I felt.”

With this song, Gabrielle has brought to light some pressing issues affecting children around the world and

wants to use her song as a means to open communication about the matter in social circles worldwide.

She says, “In my song, the message I would like to get across is that being nasty is toxic and should be a

tragic act. We need to do more to stop it. We should all stick together instead of isolating one another, we

need to help each other get through this poignant time in history.”

Nasty was produced by Gino Lee at River Road Records.

The multifaceted Gabrielle may be petite in size, but she is not short of personality and talent. Vibrant, feisty

and independent, the 14-year-old has achieved more than most girls her age, grafting every day to leave a

lasting impression on a very fickle entertainment industry.

A singer, actor, model and dancer, Gabrielle is open to a variety of faculties in the arts and she is equally

brilliant at each.

Her journey began when she was cast in the production Annie Junior the Musical at the Peoples Theatre at

the Joburg Theatre in 2018. She played the lead role of Annie and it was here that she learnt she could sing.

Wanting to pursue this venture further, Gabrielle sought out a vocal coach who could perfect her technique

and equip her with the tools geared to a promising career in music. She was trained by June Kraus at the

June Kraus Julliard School of Music, who recognised her ability to sing both classical and pop music.

A force to be reckoned with, Gabrielle embraced this prowess and went on to audition for the International

ARTS Talent showcase (IATS). At the audition she was awarded Best Overall Singer. In July this year, the

songstress will be heading to The International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) convention in New

York City where she will perform in front of 300 international industry professionals for a chance to receive

international recognition and possible job opportunities.

“This has been my dream from the first moment I could walk and talk,” says an enthused Gabrielle. “My goal

has always been to perform on an international stage and now I get to do just that. This will give me the

opportunity to fulfil my dreams, but also to come back and share my knowledge with others. I have a great

love for community service and it excites me to be able to offer some of my experiences with others. I have

never doubted this is my destiny.”

Not stopping there, Gabrielle went on to book a lead role in a MNet series titled ‘Reyka’. Here she acts

alongside award winning Scottish actor Iain Glen from Game of Thrones. The show is set for release in June


On the modelling front, Gabrielle competed in the International Junior Miss SA in February 2020, only a

month after joining a modelling school. Here she secured herself the Public Choice Award amongst others.

Not ready to retire just yet, the artiste re-entered the showcase and placed as a finalist for 2021.

She comments, “I believe in continuously preparing and being ready for new opportunities.”

In fall 2021, Gabrielle released her debut single ‘Nasty’. The cheeky pop track, penned by Gabrielle and

produced by Gino Lee at River Road Records, is just a taste of what the vocalist has to offer.

Gabrielle is already working on her second single.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

My dream is to work with Brandy "Skyewanda"


 Skye Wanda is a South African musician, taking the afro-pop genre by storm. She is not just

vocally gifted but she has the brains too as she is heading up a couple of business ventures that

will be sure to blow the industry away.

SKYE WANDA was bitten by the music bug very early in age. She joined the hip-hop community at

the age of 17 and went to be a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop game. During her reign asa giant in the hip-hop space she headed an annual event that went on for four years which was known as, “The Experience” which took place every January from 2016 to 2019. She has worked with a number of artists, namely – DJ Sithelo, Beast RSA, King Sfiso, DJ Vtoto, Zakwe, Benny Maverick, DJ Ganyani and DJ Gukwa, just to name a few.

Wanda has collaborated with various artists such as: DJ Sithelo on

Forever Beast RSA on Something Special (Afrotainment) and her latest collaborative

feature with King Sfiso and DJ Vitoto on Maqondana

Within the week of its early release, Maqondana successfully gained major airplay and reached

No 1 on The South African Top 100 Radio Monitor Charts. This spearheaded the single to hit a

number of 58 million impacts through the South African Radio Monitor Charts.

An unstoppable force within her musical journey, today we celebrate Skye Wanda's official

release of her Afropop Single Sukuma; taken from her upcoming album - Manjomane.

The opening line in the chorus personifies the message of the entire song stating: Sukuma

Bakubone Sthandwa (My Love Rise and let them see you).

The song is currently playlisted through various radio stations throughout the country and has

reached outer Southern Africa-- Zimbabwean Airwaves on Star FM.

As we enter Pre-Wedding Season Sukuma is most definitely the song to celebrate the spirit of

Love, Joy and Pride.

Skywanda also mentioned that she would like to work with Brandy

Monday, May 10, 2021

Q twins promised a single for their birthday


 Q Twins is a band made up of the singing sisters, Virginia and Viggy Qwabe. The 22 years old sisters came into the music scene as a result of their participation in the recently held South African Idol talent show. They have since the show gone on to collaborate with DJ Tira on a song titled Hamba. The Afro-pop singing duo who now go as Q Twins are beginning to make a way for themselves in the industry with their beautiful vocals.

Sunday, May 09, 2021

Nurse'musician' drops new single


Mbongeni Mavuso – Stage name ‘Moh Mavuso’ raised in the hearts of KZN – Emandeni; his

love for music started at the tender age of 5 Years, his granny used to hear him singing church

melodies, as he matured it started to sink in that he could actually sing.

With the influence he had around his community, he continued to sing and entered competitions,

one of the most memorable competitions was when the duo [ IZIQHAZA] competed at the

SABC 2’s competition, ‘X Factor’ and they came 2nd Runner Up.

Apart from being a professional nurse, his love for music and the music industry at large is Moh

Mavuso’s first love as he believes that it was a God blessed talent.

2020 – Moh Mavuso decided to embark on his Solo journey as he believes that one should grow

by creating one’s journey, he sees it fit for his voice and also to be creative without being

limited. He released his first single on the 14th of August 2021 titled, ‘Hamba Kahle’ featuring

Fey – One of the greatest Vocalists in KZN. ‘Hamba Kahle’ was dedicated to the families that

lost their loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemics. As a professional nurse, he saw patients

dying left right and center, families having to face difficulties of burying their loved ones.

2021 – He welcomes the year on a brighter note, he created a love song which encourages

couples not to listen to a third party but should be making their own decisions and also to

communicate more in a relationship. The single drops on the 5th of February 2021.

Moh Mavuso hopes to work with the likes of Black Coffee – Heavy K – Dj Euphonik – Dj Fresh

in the near future.

Emthonjeni launches film festival for local kasi film makers


By Thomas Cedrick

 With the assistance of The National Film and Video foundation (NFVF) Presidential Employment Stimulus

program (PESP) The Emthonjeni Heritage Film Festival will be hosting its first annual film festival from the 30th

of April to the 4th of May 2021 in Cape Town locations. The festival was established in 2020 due to lack of film

opportunities and platforms for township based filmmakers. Over the past years we have seen the rise of

filmmaking in the townships of Cape Town. These filmmakers do not have access to film festivals and yet have

continued to produce amazing films.

Emthonjeni is an IsiXhosa word loosely translates as spring natural source of water.

The aims of the festival is to create an awareness on the importance of heritage, issues of identity, language,

customary issues, leadership and historical relevant issues. Nothing can convey or affirm that message than

the medium of film, paying homage to all those who have prepared our future through sacrifice, sweat, and all

the memories that have shaped our consciousness. Emthonjeni Heritage Film Festival wants to magnify the

role played by heritage and history in our lives, and that we could use them as points of reference in changing

our condition for the better.

Lizo Makambi who is the founder and a festival director says the purpose of the film festival is to revive the

cinematic culture back into existence in our areas and create a viable township based independent film

industry, in assisting aspirant and emerging filmmakers to produce their own films, establish institutions that

will exhibit and distribute their own content.

We will be screening different genres of films across the board in the Western Cape. The films varies from

politics, culture, environment and social justice. These films are produced by emerging and established

filmmakers. Emthonjeni Heritage film festival’s opening will be in Gugulethu, J.L Zwane Memorial Church on

the 30th of April 2021. 1st of May 2021 will be in Langa Monwabisi Recreational Centre commonly known as

love life centre. 2nd of May will be at Makukhanye Art Room in Site B Khayelitsha. On the 3rd and 4th of May

there will be workshops seminars in which both will be held in J.L Zwane, Guguletu Township.

Filmmakers themselves as members of society have a historical mandate and a cultural obligation to fulfil, play

a part in restoring the nation’s pride and unity also to influence positive moral, socio cultural values using the

film as the vehicle for change.

(Covid rules and regulations will be enforced and adhered to during the festival)


Name: Zozo Mohoto or Oscar Mabece

Organization: Emthonjeni Heritage Film Festival

Address: No’17, NY150, Gugulethu, 7750, Cape Town

Phone: +27-76-808-7307 or +27-72-803-4446

'Music is a healer ' Liam Majet

By Thomas Cedrick

 Liam Majiet comes from the ganglands of Cape Town, known as the Cape Flats, the birthplace of political freedom stalwarts, leaders, celebrities and diverse talent that is born in marginalized communities, from a life of inequality, struggle, hardships and the ever presence of gangsterism. Due to personal circumstances, countless less fortunate, diversely talented, skilled youth remain unknown, their talents, skills unseen, undeveloped and eventually, sadly lost to the world. Talents and skills that could have developed young lives into great role models, leaders and legends in the future, talents and skills that could have positively changed the hearts, minds and souls of countless people, uplifting communities and contributing towards eliminating countless problems marginalization creates, skills and talents that no nation, no community cannot afford to lose, skills and talents that could have achieved greatness beyond expectations, imagination and accomplishments for future generations of humanity.


(Nelson Mandela)


Within the Cape Flats, however, despite the struggles and hardships marginalization creates, the ever present crimes gangsterism creates and impacts upon its communities, there are talented, skilled youth who against all odds, despite their circumstances and lack of diverse support, struggles, unemployment creates and more, these youth are persistent, determined to keep their God's given talents and skills alive, seeing it as their 'way out' to a better life, a prosperous future and ultimately achieving success in life. Achieved success that will enable them to be able to help their families, help uplift their communities and to create opportunities for others they themselves never had, true 'UBUNTU'.


One of these talented, skilled youth is Liam Majiet, a creative and humble up coming music producer who creates lyrics and beats into 'works of art' which is captivating, inspiring, motivating the minds and hearts of those who listen to his authentically, original produced music, created from his life experiences, from his heart, described by many as truly brilliant only a good soul can produce. Despite his wife, kids and his own struggles, hardships they daily have to endure, he continues to strive to be the best father, husband, community member and music producing artist he possibly can be, bestowing kindness and empathy upon others and never giving up on his talent, skill, never losing faith and the belief in himself that he will become a successful music producing and performing artist someday, never losing hope that sometime, someday he will be 'discovered' and granted the opportunity to professionally develop his talent, his skill, become a recognised, established and esteemed artist.


Liam believes that music can heal the wounds that medicine cannot touch nor heal, it brings pleasure to especially those who struggle, people from marginalized communities, the impoverished and the less fortunate, music releases their suffering for a moment, a period or a lifetime, it has healing powers and the ability to take people out of themselves, make them feel, think and change for the better, he strives to create, produce what he calls healing music. 



(Liam Majiet)



Besides dedicating valuable time to his young family, he additionally supports his wife's home bakery business, I & M CAKES AND BAKES which provides his community with affordable home baked bread, cakes and pastries and often donating to the impoverished and homeless. Coming from a background of hardship and struggle he knows too well the pains of hunger, deprivation, how important having a birthday cake is to a child, a simple cake most people take for granted but to those who are less fortunate, its a "big deal", it uplifts the human spirit, brings joy to ones heart and can have a profound effect on a young persons life.


Liam and his wife never turn away a request to bake a cake for any child's birthday or providing, bread, pastries to families who simply don't have the means of acquiring food and in doing so they have become known as a "god send" to their marginalised community through their unselfish donations despite their own hardship and struggles. One such notable donation was when they specially baked a cake for a terminally ill young child dying of cancer, seeing the emotional joy in this young child's eyes, through the pain and suffering, realising that helping a person might not change the world, but it could change world for one person and that in fulfilling this young child's wish, greatly more so has inspired his wife to push harder with her baking skills and he with his music producing talent. to be able to do far more for others in need.  



(Liam Majiet) 



Liam believes that it starts with oneself, through support for others, a simple unselfish act of kindness towards others and in having empathy towards others, it can greatly inspire others to follow by example. Through producing good, clean, homegrown music and in writing lyrics that not only will captivate the attention of its listeners, lyrics others can relate to in regards to their own circumstances and experiences together with creative harmonious beats, ones music could not only inspire, motivate others but can heal deep spiritual, emotional scars and pain, it can create peace, uplift communities, change the mindsets, hearts of people, create success in fighting marginalisation beyond expectation and imagination, but is only possible through support.


As in all up coming young artists, support helps to give them the desired necessary exposure they all crucially need, it creates, develops their talents and skills into job creation, employment, empowerment opportunities, personal and social upliftment resulting in creating young role models of today, leaders of tomorrow, without any support no matter what, this all is not possible.


This artist needs your support, listen to his tracks available on several music media platforms, be inspired to support this up coming, young Hip Hop, R & B artist, a humble, true, original home grown and proudly South African who needs support in developing and growing not only his music producing career and in reaching, creating greater audience, affording him an excellent music production and performing platform, but also in growing his and his wife's home confectionary and bakery business which will enable them both to expand their business, create employment and greater increased support for the "have nots", support what he critically needs is as listed below.

  • Funding for studio music recording equipment for advancing and further developing his music career talent and in helping develop other young potential artists.
  • Opportunity in having his music aired on radio, vital for exposure, increased listener, audience reach and public support. 
  • Confectionary and bakery equipment for developing, growing, expanding his and his wife's home confectionary and bakery business.

All that is needed is support, to be given a break, to be granted an opportunity to establish himself as a recognised music producer, recording and performing artist, creating and producing what he calls "healing music" which is desperately needed to help keep kids, youth off the streets, away from gangsterism and succumbing to crime, additionally to develop and run together with his wife a successful home business in supporting, serving and uplifting his marginalised community within the Cape Flats, the heartland of gangsterism in Cape Town.



(Nelson Mandela)


Ekaapa Jo hit maker collaborates with Emtee on new single

 By Thomas Cedrick


Themba Jekubeni born in a small village in Eastern Cape called Ecala currently based in Capetown previously known as Timo Abdul Aziz now known as Weedy T is a rap artist, disk jockey and founder of Black Saturday   Hip Hop group , one of the biggest movement in the mother city. To date Weedy T has 2 studio albums namely The smokers section volume 1 and the 14 carat gold 

Weedy T is a versatile artist who is well known for his unique rap and linguistics style , from Xhosa, to English and Afrikaans

Weedy is flying high with his brand new track called Blessed which he featured Emtee the rapper

Friday, November 13, 2020

Meet Mavo Jokazi [Maveriq]

By Thomas Cedrick


Maveriq (Mavo Jokazi) have started composing his own songs from primary school level where I developed a tendency of walking alone to home after school so I can sing about anything that comes into mind. It was in 1990 where I decides to go learn music at MAPP Jazz Academy playing acaustic guitar which was bought as a birthday gift by my mother. I the later revert to bass guitar after engaging with a Khayelitsha based reggae band, Originals. As the band grew I also did backing vocals while playing the bass guitar. Later the band changed it name to Joint Effort, the group that composes the song, Cape Town 2004, which landed us a performance slot in thee campaign for 2004 Olympic Games. While touring around SA with the band I also thought of continuing my studies as a teacher focusing in arts and culture so my Jazz diploma can have weight. After the band, Joint Effort disbanded I started my solo career as a bassist and backing vocalist, playing with the likes of Mpho noVimba etc. My present vocalist platform started in 2006 which later released a first album (Igubu) consisting of 8 songs with two smash audience proven hits, Dali ( which was used as a sound track for the SABC sitcom, Nomzamo produces by Akin Omotoso) and Igubu, which was also featured as a sound track in the documentary produced by Kekeletso Khena, Jo'burg Rising. The album was released under Coffebeans Routes , a company which I also did Cape Soundz (available on YouTube) with the vision of interviewing different artists from different genres and showcase what Cape Town has, musically. My second album was released in 2010, Tshuz Mazkhethele still under Coffee Beans Routes and has to videos on YouTube, Qhoqhoqho and Le Ngubo. After a long break in performing, Maveriq brings you his latest single, Izinyembezi Zam ft Samkelo Siba, published by his company, Events and Moments. The single is released under the project, Positive Mindset, whith a concept of compiling 12 artist around the world singing upon one rhythm. Izinyembezi Zam, is a chapter one version of such. The single was released in October 15, 2020 and available for download in major digital platforms only.

Red Rose spotted by Prince Kaybe

By Thomas Cedrick 


 Known to her industry peers as RedRo8se, Tshegofatso Sekwati is a Film and Television Production Graduate from the North West in Rustenburg. The young media mogul in the making is a producer of Mzansi's long-standing teen variety show YOTV and holds the title of a junior producer of the number 1 gossip show in Mzansi, The Real Goboza (RGB).


Being passionate about music and dance at a young age attracted RedRo8se to the entertainment industry "I was involved with everything that said arts and culture at school, I spent most of my school career being in the choir. Making it into the entertainment industry in 2017 and being an intern on music shows such as The Voice South Africa and Live Amp on SABC 1, was an affirmation that was perfectly aligned to my dreams. I love music and dance, that's how I got exposed to house music"- comments Redro8se.


After years of trying to get her big break, RedRo8se demonstrated her passion and musical skills, which caught the attention of The club controller and fetch our life hit maker, Prince Kaybee who announced on social media that for 5000retweets, he will produce a track for a female because of its woman's month .This opportunity ended up opening up the industry by producing 9 tracks andRedRo8se being one of the vocalists involved in #ProjectHope who will take the music industry by storm. 



·        Wrote and recorded a song called Uthandolwayo (2019) for the number drama series onSABC 1 Makoti,

·         A guest performance on Isidingo (2019) the new year special,

·         Guest performance on the he opening bumper on YOTV Live Blue Couch (2020).


Nhery Sisters Foundation

 By Thomas Cedrick



Nhery Sisters Foundation is a Non-profit organisation that works on empowerment in all its various forms. Our focus is on creating an ongoing culture that focuses on bettering knowledge, facilitating fundraising schemes that provide finance for the underprivileged and orphaned.





To provide empowerment through academic programme that reach out to widen the scope of knowledge, facilitate diverse fundraising schemes that seek to eradicate poverty, rehabilitate and instil a culture of love.









To empower the underprivileged by providing for them by any means possible.


Ø  To be a distinct and unique organisation that stands to create a new dispensation on how young people think and value themselves.

Ø  To create a generation of knowledgeable and intellect woman.

Ø  To provide a full package of emancipation to youths both in thought and doing.

Ø  To eradicate poverty through diverse fundraising schemes.

Ø  To create and foster a culture of giving through social networking.

Ø  To interlink African societies as one, through social networking and interconnecting on one goal of creating a better future for African children.






Ø  Integrity

Ø  Culture diversity

Ø  Transparency

Ø  Accountability

Ø  Honesty

Ø  Compassion

Ø  Result oriented

Ø  Respect









1.       NSF assists individuals beyond the boundary of race, gender, nationality, religious beliefs and culture.

2.       We relentless not only on eradicating poverty but also on improving skill and talent for future self-sustenance.

3.       We have intently observed that the socialisation that education offers overlooks the day to day social dilemmas children face. These problems include drug abuse, sexual violation, forced marriages, stigmatization based on health, gender, background and so forth. In this light, these social problems will be curbed through social networking, awareness campaigns and social programmes facilitated by NSF.

4.       NSF creates opportunities for children to speak out, stand up for themselves by engaging them in programmes that empower them academically. The organisation, furthermore, delegates young children in different schools to be part of the NSF unit where they fetch out children grievances which the organisation will represent and take pride in addressing.

5.       From generation to generation, African women have suffered, they felt trapped by the various circumstances around them. Child marriages are rampant, and statistically there is an increase in the number of single mothers. Due to these social problems facing particularly women, NSF creates programmes that concertize teenage girls on how to face life and subsequently avoid the above-mentioned dilemmas. Our focus is to “Catch them young” and deal rather with the source, where most problems begin.

6.       NSF educates young people on how their destiny depends on their knowledge and skill rather than circumstances around them.

7.       We foster a continual culture of giving in communities regardless of the absence of a charity organisation in a society for NSF has learnt to give not because we have many or much, but we know what it means to have nothing.


NSF has facilitated a couple of events that have been a great success.


                                    MARSH MEMORIAL CHILDREN’S PARTY

The children’s party at Marsh Memorial Children’s home in Cape town, South Africa. This party was coordinated by NSF to engage and give children a good time to relate and socialise as children. We believe children in Children homes need to be remembered and cherished, its through such events good relations are maintained and a bond created.

                                                     THE HERITAGE DAY EVENT