Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Do not fear the NSRI is here!!

 On the Back Chat Show today, we had the CEO Cleeve Robertson of The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI).The National Sea Rescue Institute is a volunteer rescue organisation that is on call 24/7. Their mission is to save lives on South African waters. They are more than a rescue service. We educate communities and strive to innovate and constantly evolve and extend our water-safety initiatives through empowerment and visibility.

The National Sea Rescue Institute is 55 years old, it was established in 1967. There were 17 fishermen that drowned along the South Cape coast, then a Lady called Patti Price,who noticed these horrible incidents and started writing to the government and to everyone saying we should have a rescue service along our coast. 

About 5 years later they established 15 stations along the coast up to Mossel Bay, now they have about 75 stations along the coast, beaches and harbours. Ever since then they have extended their mandate to provide Drowning Prevention Educational and Skills Development, Water Safety Education for School Children and teaching them survival swimming.

They go through alot of challenges when on missions, it is becoming worse because of climate change, the conditions the rescue team goes through hectic rough and cold seas, The training and equipment that they use is quite expensive and since they are an NGO they are in need of funding.

The National Sea Rescue Institute has an application called Safety TRX, it is a smartphone application, how it works is that you log on the app when you are about to go on a boat, canno or fishing. Then if you come across an emergency while you in the sea, you can push a red button then it will alert them where your exact location is and they will be there to rescue you. It speeds up the whole search and rescue situation and in which I believe that is awesome.

NSRI is an excellent organisation They are doing such wonderful work in teaching young to old people to swim. Swimming is skill that can be taught and you will never forget and it is amazing to have organisations like National Sea Rescue Institute to be able to teach this skill and evens way more for free, if you would like to volunteer you can go to the nearest station and and do so. Please do show some support and like and follow their pages and if you can do more please go over their website contact them and donate or sponsor them. You could be changing alot of lives...

Their socials are :

Facebook: NSRI

Instagram: sereascuesa


Monday, August 15, 2022

Dane Isaacs on the social stigma of stuttering.


Statistics have shown that approximately 1% of the people worldwide stutter, and there is still many misconceptions about the speech disorder. During the show Back Chat on Bush Radio, Stellenbosch researcher Dane Isaacs interviewed to discuss the social stigma that surrounds the speech disorder.


With a speech trait such as stuttering, it can often be linked to negative social identity. There are many challenges for people who have the speech trait of stuttering, for instance it becomes linked with negative social identity. For someone who has developed the speech trait at an early age are often mocked, either in school or in the workplace. There are still common misconceptions, which surrounds someone who stutters, many people still endure discrimination and prejudice because of their speech trait.


As Dane Isaacs explains in an interview on Bush Radio relating to his experience, he explained that during his University years, he wanted to take up a course to become a Clinical Psychologist, a field that requires an intense process of doing interviews making oral assignments for the study to be a big thing. With Dane, even though being a potential candidate for the course, he unfortunately not accepted because of his stutter.


For kids in school who have this speech trait, it could unfortunately make teachers or students perceive them as an illiterate individual, reading a loud and presenting orals are often the challenges that kids in school deal with because of the speech trait. The approach towards stuttering, according to Dane should not be accepted, but to be accommodated as a way of speaking. If stuttering will be accommodated rather than accepted it will reach a breakthrough in society as it should not be seen as a problem that needs to be fixed.

 Presenter: Reece Adams

Producer: Reece Adams

Friday, August 12, 2022

Interview With Angus Prince




Angus Prince graced us with his presence on the backchat show sharing with us the 20 years of experience he has had with being a Salsa Dj, businessman  and also being on the technology side of things.


Angus started off by saying he does everything that he likes and if you love what you do then you wouldn’t be working a day in your life. He also shared with us that he runs a technology business, has a dance studio and production company that specializes in salsa dancing. He was asked if the things he does ever clashes with one another and his response was nothing short of thrilling. He said, if you can make it work than it doesn’t clash and that is why he works for himself.


He added that dance itself is very technical and it balances out by being a science before an art. He also stated that a lot of the more technical people are better dancers and that goes hand in hand without them realizing.


Amoungst other things Angus has worked with over a few thousand people who still bump into him on a daily basis still remembering what he has taught them. Being able to interact with people, he has also been involved in the television and radio scene as well. More recently has was on expresso with his dance company which he runs in and around Cape Town.


Angus also shares a birthday with the late Albert Einstein, which he found out about at a very young age, hence his love for the science as well. Being on this incredible journey this far, Angus’s hope and goals for the future remain intact and also he looks forward to a number of things from sending his dance groups oversees to compete in the world salsa championships and also the children’s dance programme he hopes will grow in the next coming months.


The advice that he gave was also truly inspiring. He said, “write your dreams down. If you don’t then it won’t become tangible”. Those looking to join or get involved can follow him on social media. It is SalsationSA on Instagram, and

Presenter : Jamie-lee Fredericks
Producer: Jamie-lee Fredericks

Interview with Requel




Backchat was joined by the vibrant crew of The Leaky Shack Foundation. Leaky Shack was born out of a humane passion and love for the youth and mankind as a whole. The founder of the foundation, Requel, mentioned this to us during her time on the show.


Straight away Requel mentioned to us what the foundation focuses on, she said, “I think it’s important for me to build the kids mentality so they can think better than their circumstance”. She also shared with us that growing up in a leaky shack herself she knows how easily your circumstances can influence the way you think and how you feel about yourself. Highlighting that children go off what they see and sometimes that is what influences them the most, which gives outside negativity to be in the light, mainly gangsterism.


We were also joined by two young individuals that are part of the lifeskills programme at The leaky Shack Foundation, Ashlin Nel and Imtiyaaz Arendse. They shared with us what it’s like being a part of the foundation as youth.

 Ashlin shared with us that she has grown so much because of the programme and also one thing that has really stood out to her is her confidence that has grown a huge amount. She also added that her school report has improved and that’s something she is extremely proud of.


Imtiyaaz shared that the programme has taught him lifeskills and it teaches them about things that school does not. Some of the things that he mentioned that they learn is how to deal with stress at school as well as peer pressure. 

Both Imtiyaaz and Ashlin shared that one of their favourite things about the programmes in the excursions and also the friends that they have and share everything with.


Requel said that at the moment she has about 25 children that are part of the programme but she hopes that it grows in future and she also wishes that the space they use for the programme grows as well. Wrapping things up, Requel mentioned that one thing she is extremely proud of when it comes to the foundation was the graduation that took place not to long ago, where she actually got people in from universaties and catering companies but the kids wanted to do everything themselves saying that it was the way she had taught them to do and the self-confidence she taught them to have. 

Presenter: Jamie-lee Fredericks
Producer: Jamie-lee Fredericks

Tuesday, August 02, 2022




Founded in 2003 Ikamva Youth is a non-profit organisation and one of the leading after school programs that aims to uplift disadvantaged youth, equipping them with the necessary skills and resources to escape poverty to become agents of change within their communities and develop youth skills abling them to become employable.

Back Chat presented by Thomas Cedrick, interviewed the District Manager of IkamvaYouth; Delphino Machikicho, to find out more about the organisation and the impact it has on youth development.


The organisation aims to breach the inequality gap that kid’s from disadvantaged backgrounds face in school. As we know, schools within the townships are not equipped with computer labs and science labs compared to most schools outside of the townships and rural areas that have these academic essentials. IkamvaYouth provides disadvantaged kids exposure to computer and virtual learning allowing them to obtain the computer literacy skills they need to progress in their studies.


IkamvaYouth also creates opportunities for volunteers who aspire to become future mentors within their communities. Volunteers are given the opportunity to speak to the youth within the organisation, giving them guidiance, advice and also teach them and tutor them with school subjects, this also gives volunteers relevant experience to build their CVs to pursue a career in teaching.

Facebook: IkamvaYouth SA

Presented by: Thomas Cedrick

Producer:Reece Adams

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Community Social Angels

Community Social Angels


Backchat was joined by Community Social Angels, a non-profit organisation, is tackling abuse, teen pregnancy, unemployment, substance abuse and other social problems in Hangberg.

Their aim is to assist their community in all social aspect. Family strengthening workshops, swimming lessons and daily soup kitchens are among the initiatives the group has helped to run.

Although the organisation was founded in 2021, it is filled with people who have loads of experience up their sleeve. It was mainly started because they each had a common interest which is a community orientated social upliftment.


Wendy shared that they had their first community event recently and it was a big success for the organisation as a whole since it was started. She along with her team is looking to improve their presence all over.

 The programs they run include; early childhood development, family strengthening programmes, and also swimming lessons in Long Street Cape Town.

Community social angels is planning to have another project name the loss and grief, for those who want to speak or share about a loved one they have lost. They will also be bringing in professionals top assist and anyone is welcome to join or volunteer. They hope ton grow and create more awareness around suppressing issues.

Producer: Jamie-lee Fredericks
Presenter: Renato Van Scalkwyk

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Interview with Adele Sahldana from Bothasig AFC




Backchat was joined by Adele Sahldana who told us more about Bothasig AFC. As part of their 50th anniversary, Bothasig AFC hosted their second Back2Basics mini tournament. The juniors tournament hosted 16 teams of under-7s to under-9s. The tournament took a break due to the Covid-19 pandemic after hosting their first tournament back in 2019.


Bothasig Club Secretary and event organiser Adele Saldanha whom we were speaking to, said this year they asked their participating clubs to take along items that would be donated to the needy. The club was established in 1972 by a committee led by George Clifton and turns 50 years old this year. 

 In 1973, a strong soccer supporter, granted the club playing fields in De Boerin Street.  The surrounding neighbours allowed the club to make use of their hosepipes and water to maintain the grass, which led to a greater sense of community. The club has just over 350 members, which includes 7 senior teams and junior teams in every age group ranging from under 7 to under 18’s.   

Adele said she pushes anyone to be strong or start their own change in their communities. Bothasig is a semi-orientated club, and she says that “anyone who comes down and enjoys a game will feel the vibe”.



Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Interview with Saint Claire


The Backchat show with Renato welcomed a very talented creative who goes by the stage name Saint-Claire, someone who has had his shot at almost every job in the entertainment industry such as acting, producing, directing, music and so much more. As an actor, you might have seen him on Arendsvlei as Christopher and as far as his music goes, he was nominated for a SAMA as part of a music group called Afro Z and has featured artist such as Mafikizolo , Mandoza , Brenda Fassie and  the internationally recognized artist Ja Rule.

Our presenter Renato kicked off the show by asking Saint-Claire to share his background and it is known that Saint came from humble beginnings, growing up on the Cape Flats, Lotus River Grassy Park to be specific. It is no secret that growing up on the Cape Flats is nothing but easy but Saint-Claire (real name, Ernest Stanley Saint-Claire) beat all odds and has definitely established himself as a talented individual. Saint-Claire continued to share some stories from his upbringing by mentioning that he attended Wynberg which is where his love for the creative arts was birthed. Saint-Claire then attempted woodwork and carpentry before finding his way back to the entertainment industry and the rest is history.

Saint-Claire also spoke   about his entrepreneurial ventures and told us about his charity called Grow and Sustain Africa, a charity focused on elderly sustainability. When asked what he does for fun, Saint- Claire answered “When I am not working, I love relaxing to some showmax as well as stepping out into nature with my family”. It is surprising that someone who is as busy as he is, he still manages to find time to unwind and relax.

Saint-Claire left the audience with some motivational words, this is what he said “no matter what anyone says, follow your dreams”. As simple as it sounds, those words are something we can all learn from

Interview with MMA fighter Toufeeq Khan


MMA Fighter Toufeeq Kan

Backchat was joined by Toufeeq Khan who is an amazing talented teenager that do MMA fighting and has been doing it for quite some time now. Toufeeq shared with us that MMA is a combination of all mixed martial arts and he started at the age of five years by doing karate but when he turned seven he made the shift towards MMA.


His hopes is to be able to travel and go compete in a MMA tournament taking place where he will be representing Western Cape at the MMASA Amateur Championship. The event will have various categories starting from age 12 years-old. Toufeeq also said that he does not feel intimidated by other fellow fighters in the sport and is very confident.

All these athletes have been through a trial process via their provincial federations before being chosen to compete at the Nationals in Abudarbi, where he says he hopes to bring home the gold.

The winners will not only walk away with Champion-status bragging rights and an early foundation to continue building their mixed martial arts brand for the future, but they too will have an opportunity to compete at the IMMAF World Championship in Nur Sultan, Kazakhstan in November/December later this year.

Producer: Jamie-lee fredericks

Presenter: Thomas Cedrick

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Mogammed Shukr Hartzenberg


Mogammed Shukr Hartzenberg

Back Chat was joined by, rugby coach, educator and mentor, Mogammed Shukr Hartzenberg. Born and raised in Mannenberg, he came from a very athletically influenced background, where he and his brothers fell in love with rugby.Mr Hartzenberg focuses on using sport as a way to unite communities and leave a legacy. He took up the mentorship to inspire young kids to stay in school and use sport as their gateway to a better life.


Growing up Mr Hartzenberg was a very shy kid; he had a speech problem with stuttering, aware of this he would often sit at the back of the classroom not answering questions in the classroom and he would not participate in group discussions. 

Mr Hartzenberg never let his insecurities stop him from wanting to pursue his dreams of becoming a role a model and inspiration. He started playing rugby, which would help him develop the voice, and confidence he needed, he had dreams of playing for the Springbok’s rugby team to inspire kids that anything is possible and that they should not limit themselves to any opportunity because of their backgrounds or insecurities.


During his under sixteen year, he suffered a head injury that would unfortunately put his dreams and goals of becoming a rugby star to an end, but this did not stop him either, he still wanted to inspire and motivate kids. He took up mentorship and became a teacher and rugby coach, allowing him to inspire the youth both in the classroom and on the sports field.

Presenter(s); Jamie - Lee Fredericks, Lydia Marwanqana, Riyaaz Semaar & Reece Adams

Interview with Khulisa Social Solutions

Khulisa Social Solutions


Backchat was joined by the amazing Mandy from Khulisa Social Solutions (KSS) which is a multi-award winning, Non-Profit Organisation (NPO). Its aim is to empower vulnerable children, youth, those who are marginalized, and the community at large to unlock their full potential in order to develop resilient pathways and skills that lead to a sustainable future.

They operate nationally, employ over 180 staff through 16 offices, and work in approximately 150 communities in collaboration with 350 NGO partners, impacting on the lives of close to 100,000 people per annum.


Mandy shared with us why they mainly focus on teenage mother or teenagers in general. She believes that they are the ones that are not recognised enough.


Khulisa’s initial focus was to implement South Africa’s first official rehabilitation programme, targeted at young offenders. They then expanded their activities, primarily through peace-making and restorative approaches, to holistic community development tackling a wide range of issues countering social and economic inclusion


Mandy also stated that one of the main things they lack is funds because they are a NPO, that of course has its struggles and challenges but they always remain hopeful for the future.

  Producer; Jamie-lee Frredericks

Presenter:   Jamie fredericks, Riyaaz Semaar, Reece Adams, Lydia Marwanqana

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Interview with Cassidy Wheelchair Dancer


Cassidy the Wheelchair Dancer

Backchat was joined by, Esnerelda a fantastic mother who has a daughter that has leg paralyses from her waist downward. However, despite her disability, she is also a wheelchair dancer. Currently, they are raising awareness about the art of wheelchair dancing are in need of funds.Today, they are joined with us in studio to tell us more about the art form.

 Cassidy is an excellent ballroom dancer that use to takes part in competitions. She does ballroom and latin dance and is a part of the Angelo dance company. She loves wearing fancy dresses and practices Monday to Friday. Unfortunately there is not enough wheelchair dancers in cape town so she is partly self-taught. Her mother Esnerelda, says that she has had up to 58 surgary’s, 8 of it being on her brain and even the doctor’s had given up but she did not believe it was her daughters time , and she is extremely proud of everything her daughter has achieved this far.

Cassidy’s amazing energy is what really captures people’s attention, besides ballroom dance, she has her south African colours for not only ballroom but for sport as well. She is looking for funding to be able to compete this coming September and Cassidy says that this is something she is really looking forward to doing alongside with her partner.

 Cassidy’s dream is to be able to go to Walt Disneyland as well as Amsterdam to be able to compete in a competition that takes place every year. Her mom encourages anyone that is disabled or those that aren’t, to always believe in their children and let them pursue their dreams no matter what.

Presenter: Renato Van Schalkwyk

Producer: Jamie-lee fredericks

Friday, July 08, 2022

Rahfeeq Abrahams



Back chat was joined by Rahfeeq Abrahams is a young fashion designer from Cape Town South Africa. After dropping out of college due to Covid-19, he decided to start his own clothing brand RAHF.


After dropping out of MEDISA College, Rahfeeq focused on his clothing brand, with all of his focus and energy driven towards his brand he realized that he did not need a tertiary education to be successful as long as your vision has a plan from the beginning to the end.

 Rahfeeq describes his brand more than just clothing but more as art. He also mentions that his brand produces only limited edition stock making the clothing more unique and authentic.


With the many challenges that Rahfeeq faces to develop his brand and get the exposure it needs he continues to produce the finest collection of luxury clothing.

Interview with Dela Gwala

Dela Gwala


The backchat show was joined by Dela Gwala a creative chameleon in many aspects of her life. With a background in writing and storytelling as well as music, she has plenty to share with us about what her journey has been like especially with the transition from writing to making music.


As a multidisciplinary storyteller who uses audio to heal, laugh and connect with people, Dela has been behind the radio mic as a host and is very involved with the act against gender based violence. Her work as a writer has been published in three books. “OUT GHOST WERE ONCE PEOPLE”, “ FEMINISM IS”, and “ THIS IS HOW IT IS”. Her journey to feminism and sexual violence was really important for her to voice. Her work has also been published in platforms such as "New Frame, Arts24, IOL News, Cape Argus"


Dela also shared that for her music, she loves starting off with weird sounds and taking it from there. She was able to bring the sounds to life via Ableton and its really grown ever since. She also added that it is quite challenging being a female and wanting to learn about production and how to produce, but nevertheless she pushed through it. Dela also completed a part-time music production programme at Cape Audio College and is currently a full time student at Bridges Academy for Music.


Producer: Jamie-lee Fredericks

Presenter: Thomas Cedrick